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Hi! I am Uddeshya (Michael)

Hello, I am Michael… another boring intro. Let’s not do that again. Let me share my vision. Back in 2020, I developed a strong passion for the outdoors, mainly traveling to soak in natural beauty. Hiking is one of my favorite activities as it gives me a sense of union with nature while I’m on the trail. Trust me; I am neither a professional hiker with heavy equipment nor a luxury traveler.

Currently learning more about traveling, natural places, camping, hiking, plants, and wildlife to become a better outdoor man (just 21 years old, though :)). Another interest developing within me is sustainable fashion – I don’t know why, but I naturally lean toward it. So join the community of those who love nature and prefer sustainability and receive exclusive news, expert articles, resources, and much more exclusive to the outdoors and sustainable fashion.

Michael - owner and founder of enjoying the scenic view of a state lake

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