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Are Arc’teryx Jackets Good & Worth It? (Must Read)

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Are you going to buy an Arc’teryx jacket?

If yes, then please wait for a few minutes because in this article I am really going to provide some valuable information and tables that will help you a lot in making the purchase decision.

Let’s start the journey together with our first question.

Are Arc’teryx Jackets Worth It?

Yes, the Arc’teryx jackets are worth it because their jackets are more resistant to abrasion and the ease of movement you’ll get in Arc’teryx waterproof jackets are much better than any other jackets on market.

However, the quality of Arcteryx jackets is really great but they are expensive because they tend to be 15-20% better than any other jacket for 100% more cost.

Like the Arc’teryx Atom LT and Beta, SL will cost you a little bit higher than the same thing in the competition but the quality they provide and the comfort offered in the mixed condition is also much better.

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Are Arc’teryx jackets warm?

Yes, Arc’teryx jackets are warm and they have a whole category for insulated jackets that can keep you warm from mild cold temperature to extreme cold temperature.

The warm jackets they provide are either insulated with Coreloft™ synthetic insulation or European goose down.

Arc’teryx allows you to choose the suited insulated jackets for multi-use (Camping, Hiking, picnic, etc.), alpine & rock climbing, and for everyday uses.

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However, they don’t provide the temperature rating because they say that the amount of warmth a jacket can provide depends on wind chill, temperature, humidity, activities being performed, and your core body temperature.

To save your time selecting the warm jackets, I’m providing you a table for all the insulated jackets available in the Arc’teryx store with insulation type, fabric, and a relative temperature rating (this is just a presumption because Arc’teryx doesn’t give ratings).

I hope this little effort may save you time.

IndexArc’teryx JacketInsulationFabricTemp (ºC)
1Atom LTSynthetic (Coreloft™ Compact 60)Tyono™ 202
2Atom SLSynthetic (Coreloft™)Tyono™ 20 8
3Atom ARSynthetic (Coreloft™)Tyono™ 30-8
4Cerium SLDown (850 fill)Arato™ 75
5Cerium LTDown (850 fill)Arato™ 10-2
6Radsten InsulatedSynthetic (Coreloft™)NP100d nylon/poly blend 2L GORE-TEX -10
7Radsten ParkaSynthetic (Coreloft™ Compact)NP100d nylon/poly blend 2L GORE-TEX-4
8Proton FLSynthetic (Octa® Loft)Fortius™ Air 205
9Proton LTSynthetic (Coreloft™ Compact 80)Fortius™ Air 20 -3
10Nuclei FLSynthetic (Coreloft™) Arato™ 10D ripstop-5
11.Magnus CoatSynthetic (Coreloft™ 80g) N60p GORE-TEX 2L-13
12Thorium ARDown (750 fill)Arato™ 30 nylon-14
13Patera ParkaDown (750 fill) P75d GORE-TEX 2L-6
14AndessaDown (750 fill)Gore-Tex 3L-14
15Fission SVSynthetic (Coreloft™ Continuous 65)N80p-X GORE-TEX 2L-17
16Camosun ParkaDown (750 fill)N150p-X 2L GORE-TEX-11
17Therme ParkaDown (750 fill)P75d GORE-TEX 2L-14
18PiedmontDown (750 fill)Arato™ 10 – 100% nylon-15
19Thorsen ParkaDown (750 fill)N90p Gore-Tex 2L-18
20Dually Belay ParkaSynthetic (ThermaTek)30D Nylon-19
Arc’teryx insulated jackets temperature rating and insulation type

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Where are Arc’teryx jackets made?

Most of the Arc’teryx Shell jackets are made in China and most of the insulated jackets of Arc’teryx are made in Bangladesh.

In all terms, they ensure that their products are made great and also the labors working in their factories are taken care of well.

To make my statement trustworthy I’ve created separate tables for Arcteryx Shell Jacket and Insulated Jackets.

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Where in each table you can clearly see the locations where the jackets are manufactured.

Where Arc’teryx shell jackets are made?

Here’s the table for Arc’teryx Shell Jackets According to the country they are made in:

Beta ARZeta SLHeliad Jacket Men’sAlpha SVGamma MX Jacket & Hoody
Beta SVSawyer Coat Men’sIncendo SLSolano Hoody & Jacket
Beta LTGamma LT HoodySquamish HoodyTrino SL
Alpha SL AnorakGamma LT JacketIncendo HoodySawyer Softshell Jacket
Alpha ARZeta AR Jacket Women’sStowe WindshellGamma SL Anorak
Norvan LTCodetta Cinch Coat Women’sCita Hoody Women’sWynd Softshell Coat
Beta Long JacketStowe Windshell Rebird Women’s
Sandra Coat Women’sCita SL Hoody Women’s
Fraser Jacket Men’s
Rush Jacket Rebird
Gamma SL
Codetta Cinch Heather Coat Women’s
Venda Anorak Women’s
Andra Coat Women’s
Arcteryx Shell Jackets

Where Arc’teryx Insulated Jackets are Made?

Now, let’s see where Arc’teryx Insulated Jackets are manufactured:

Fission SV JacketKoda JacketPiedmont CoatCerium LT Jacket & HoodyCamosun Parka
Therme LT JacketPiedmont VestThorium AR HoodyTherme Parka
Radsten InsulatedAtom AR Hoody & JacketCerium LT Vest
Radsten ParkaAtom LT Hoody & JacketPatera Parka Women’s
Cerium SLAtom LT VestThorium AR Hoody Women’s
Atom SL Hoody & Vest
Nuclei FL Jacket
Kole Down Jacket & Pullover
Proton FL Hoody
Proton LT Hoody & Jacket
Nexis Jacket Women’s
Gaea Jacket Women’s
Seyla Coat & Vest Women’s
Prema Down Coat Women’s
Arcteryx Insulated Jackets

Which Arc’teryx jackets are made in canada?

You’ll be surprised by the fact that only Arc’teryx Alpha SV which is a shell jacket is made in Canada.

Instead of the Alpha SV, all their jackets are made in China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

Among the manufacturing countries, the majority of Arc’teryx jackets are made in either China or Bangladesh.

To know more read the tables provided in the previous section.

Are all Arc’teryx jackets waterproof?

The answer is No.

Not all Arc’teryx jackets are waterproof. Only the jackets which have Gore-Tex Layering are waterproof.

Although, Nearly all their jackets have DWR finishing which means you’ll at least get water-resistant jackets.

And, the amount of protection from the rain you’ll get will depend on the number of Gore-Tex layering.

Apart from protecting you from the heavy rain, Gore-Tex layered jackets can keep you warm in fast-moving chilled winds and the textile layering can maintain breathability by offering protective environmental shelter.

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You can also find the jackets that have WaterTightTM Zippers which are highly water-resistant though they are not waterproof thus keeping the items in the pocket that may be damaged by the moisture is not recommended.

If you’re just looking for a completely waterproof and warmest jacket then Arc’terys Fission SV will not disappoint you.

You can also see a very powerful table provided in the section of ‘Are Arc’teryx jackets warm?’ to know jackets that have Gore-Tex membrane

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Why are Arc’teryx jackets so expensive?

Arc’teryx jackets are so expensive because they are so high quality in terms of the material they choose, manufacturing, and above all their jackets are more technical than other brands in this niche.

As the manufacturing of Arc’teryx jackets is expensive the market value is expensive.

During the research, I accidentally found that among all the insulated jackets, the parka jackets are the most expensive.

If you want to get a deep insight on ‘why?’ then here is a list of factors and technical details which are not cheap to buy or create.

  1. The most important thing Arc’teryx value is the safety of customers and the environment that’s why all their jackets follow the bluesign® criteria which ensure that the textile products are sustainably produced and free from hazardous chemicals to satisfy the highest consumer safety.
  2. All the jackets from Arc’teryx have DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish to repel the moisture. It is a thin layer of liquid applied to the outside surface of technical garments to repel oil, dirt, grease, and water.
  3. In Beta SV, Beta AR and all the alpha models of shell jackets which is some of the most expensive jackets from Arc’teryx you can find they all have RECCO® reflector embedded to improve the searchability in emergency situations.
  4. In all Arc’teryx Alpha and Beta jackets excluding Beta AR you get the StormHood™ which is designed to give the full coverage and protection wihout blocking the lines-of-sight.
  5. Some of the jackets have DropHood™ which offers warmth and quick storm proection by being compatibe to helmet.
  6. The weather jackets offers Gore-Tex layering which protects youfrom the rain and high speed wind without loosing the breathability.
  7. In some of their jackets such as Atom SL, Radsten Insulated/parka, Beta SV, Alpha SV etc. are dope dyed in which colors are added directly to the yarn polymer which prevents color fading from UV exposures.
  8. In all famous Arc’teryx down jackets have the Down Composite MappingTM where they combine the goose down insulation with panels of Coreloft™ synthetic insulation in the areas that are most vulnerable to moistures. This includes collar, underar, hemlines, and the hood.
  9. Arctery’s waterproof jackets have taped seams and technical zippers that are resistant to water.

All the above reasons clearly justify why Arcteryx jackets tend to be so expensive than any other brand in the market.

Can you wash Arc’teryx jackets?

Yes, Arc’teryx jackets can be washed using a washing machine or hands in warm water (30°C). However, a front-load machine wash is recommended.

The only tumble dries the Arcteryx jackets in low heat and not iron in any case.

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How long do Arc’teryx jackets last?

If the jacket is really expensive like a $700 jacket you’ll get the practical lifespan of 10-15 years.

This means if the Arcteryx jacket is damaged under the practical lifespan they will replace it for free or will repair it at a reasonable price.

However, if the jacket has crossed its practical lifespan then in most cases they’ll offer you a good discount for your next purchase which I think is fair.

What is better than Arc’teryx?

Arc’teryx is excellent in making jackets but for any other gears in terms of price-quality ratio REI, MEC, and Outdoor Research offer much better value for the average customer than Arcteryx

In terms of environmental safety, Patagonia jackets are leading the game.

Arcteryx really does provide great quality gear as it tends to be 15-20% better for 100% more cost. However, 15% matters but the people with a tight budget can ignore this if they are getting nearly the same thing at less price.

Also, in terms of breathability of climbing and touring shells. Jottnar and FLylow Gear are few points (here and there) better than Arcteryx.

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So, I hope this article helps you to know whether the Arc’teryx jackets are made for you or not and if you find them worth your price then the tables provided in this article may help you narrow down your searches.

If I have to conclude everything into few lines for the question – ‘Are Arc’teryx jackets worth it?’. The answer is Yes the Arc’teryx jackets are worth the money because no other waterproof jacket in the industry can match their ease of movement.

Other factors that help Arc’teryx stand out are their lamination technologies, their seam taping is more resistant to abrasion because their size is half the size of the industry average.

However, because Arc’teryx has changed their return policy their products are falling more to repairs and less to replacements.

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