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Are Superdry Jackets Waterproof Or Water Resistant?

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Superdry offers jackets for both moderate rain and heavy downpours. Although as we’re going to see the number of waterproof jackets that Superdry has for women’s are a lot less than the men’s including insulated and pure raincoats. Yet, none of the Superdry jackets can handle the heaviest downpour possible.

So it kind of pushes us into confusion when deciding to buy a good waterproof Superdry jacket. If you’re hanging on the fence too then hook on with me and I’ll tell which Superdry jacket can keep you dry and which not even when Superdry claims it to be.

Are Superdry Jackets Waterproof or Water Resistant? (Analyzing)

For convenience, let’s divide it into two sections – Rain Jackets & Winter Jackets.

Superdry Rain Jackets


For women’s Superdry only has three waterproof jacket collections that can withstand light and heavy downpours. That is their Harpa, No Excuses, and Hydrotech Stealth.

Among three, the No Excuses jacket is the only one that is best in waterproofing as it has a waterproof rating of 15K/mm which means water will not seep in until it crosses the 15k mm range.

Thus it is intended to work in the heavy downpour for short hours (20+) and will be fine in moderate or steady rain for long hours (30+ min) [These are just average estimations because waterproofing of outerwear subjects to pressure applied such as crashing in wet snow, kneeling and sitting down, or a heavy pack {Source}].

Nevertheless, if you need a jacket for the light rain then go for their W’s Essentials or Base Harpa (water-resistant) as they have less than 10,000mm rating which means they are good for lighter rain for longer periods.

And, in case you need a little more assertion for those long hours (30+ minutes) in moderate rain than women please lean toward the Superdry Hydrotech Stealth jacket and you won’t regret it.

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For men, it is unlike women’s collections because there are so many choices on your feet and all of them are great for moderate to heavy downpours.

The best one that I got is the Men’s Ultimate Rescue Jacket which is capable enough to keep you dry in the heaviest downpour because of its 20,000/mm waterproof rating & dynamic water repellency. Not only that it is the most breathable jacket that Superdry can offer with 20k/mm breathability rating.

Although, don’t buy the Rescue jacket if you don’t need that much power, instead buy the Men’s Train Asymmetric Jacket that has a 15k/mm waterproof and breathability rating and save $190+. Also, it will be a more value for money option because still it can withstand heavy rain for a sufficient amount of time unless you got a defective piece as the seams can allow the water penetration.

HydroTech Ultimate, Train Ultra Waterproof, and Run Waterproof Jacket are also good options for heavy rain. And for moderate rain opt for Hydrotech Waterproof Parka Coat. There are some options for light rain but those that look promising are Superdry Alpine Pro Jacket (3-in-1) and Hydrogen Waterproof Jacket.

None of them feature any type of insulation which makes them lighter and easily packable though they all are breathable so you won’t get sweaty.

Superdry Winter Jackets

I think Superdry is niche-specific because none of their winter jackets that I have looked into are waterproof or water-resistant. The only insulated jacket that claimed to be water-resistant is the Men’s Clean Pro Insulator Jacket.

I am very sorry to say but even after doing my best, I have to say that for women’s there is not even a single insulated jacket that claims to be water-resistant.

Thus, if you want to buy a winter jacket that can withstand rain then either go for other brands like Marmot, Helly Hansen, Spyder, Arc’teryx, and The North Face or first get one of the Superdry rain jackets mentioned in previous sections and use it as an outer layer.

If you do any of these things then for sure you’ll remain dry in winter rain and snow.

Most Important Things That A Waterproof Superdry Jacket Must Have

It is not mandatory that all the good waterproof jackets from Superdry must tick every single box but it’d be great if it ticks at least half of them so you end up with the best waterproof jacket from this brand. The top items are more needed, the priority reduces as the list goes down.

  • Waterproof rating should be more than or equal to 15,000 mm
  • Brethability rating should be atleast equal to more than 10,000mm
  • Fully taped seams so that water don’t penetrate from stiching.
  • Coated zips, superdry coat their rain jackets zips with PU (polyurethane) to make sure water don’t get in through zips.
  • Dynamic water repellency to repel the water firsthand before letting it interact with the fabric itself.
  • Adjustable hood and cuffs to get more coverage when needed.
  • Internal pockets to store things that are prone to get damage when wet.
  • If you need a jacket for survival adventures then either look for one that has recco reflector or atleast reflective detailing for easy navigation in case you get lost.

Is Superdry Windcheater/breaker Waterproof?

Superdry offers a range of windcheaters that are also known as windbreaker jackets. However, they may protect you from the wind but it is not 100% true that they will save you from downpours or even average showers.

Yes, because the way the windcheater/breaker’s fabrics are constructed can offer some protection from light and brief rain but are not at all waterproof so there’s no need to believe in them unless they are constructed technically by keeping waterproofing in mind.

Some Superdry windbreakers that can go to a certain limit in rain are Men’s SD Wind Yachter Jacket & Men’s Hooded SD Windbreaker Jacket. Unfortunately not found any windbreaker for women that I can recommend you for at least light-brief showers

Is Superdry Parka Waterproof?

Women’s Everest Down Snow Parka is the only jacket that claims to keep some amount of water & snow out but it is not waterproof. Other than that none of the Superdry Parka claims to be water-resistant or waterproof.

I haven’t tested Superdry parkas as it is not possible due to more than 100+ parkas available. That’s why I’ve personally checked all the parkas ranges on the Superdry website and none of them are described as rain jackets or waterproof.

Are Superdry Cagoule Waterproof?

Superdry Cagoule is not waterproof but because it is made with polyester so it may offer some water resistance in brief rain yet don’t expect much.

However, women’s sport cagoule can keep you dry in brief lighter rain more easily because of having 100% nylon shell.


Is superdry elite jacket waterproof?

Neither Superdry elite nor padded elite jacket is waterproof but because it has a polyester shell so it may offer some protection from light rain.

Are Superdry Fuji Jacket Waterproof?

No Superdry fuji jacket is not waterproof.

Is superdry rookie down parka jacket waterproof?

No Superdry men’s/women’s rookie down parka jacket is not waterproof at all.

What are Superdry coats made of?

There’s no certain answer because I’ve seen Superdry coats/jackets being made of 100% polyester, 100% nylon, Poly-nylon blend, 100% cotton, poly-cotton blend. And if they have fur then it can be of Modarcylic, acrylic, polyester, or the blend of two-three materials.

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