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Are Uniqlo Jackets Warm? (Answered)

If you’re here after looking at the Uniqlo catalog then the jackets presented in their ‘jacket’s category’ are not warm enough for winter but they can be worn as the sole outer layer in spring and fall cold days.

Now the remaining are Down, Blazers, Coats, and Fleece. Among all these, you can go for fleece jackets for early winter days, down are good for mid-winter to near freezing as an outer layer or mid-layer.

Go for down coats instead of plain coats because the plain ones (typically made up of 100% polyester, without filling) are intended for rain and wind rather than cold.

Let’s check out other details which will help you to choose the best warming Uniqlo for your needs.

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What Is Uniqlo Doing To Keep Their Jackets Warm?

Uniqlo manufactures jackets not only for men & women but also for kids.

To make this study more comprehensive let’s break down all genres.

Down Jackets:

There are plenty of down jackets and coats available at the Uniqlo store but one thing that I don’t like is the lack of transparency, in their product description they only said that it is made up of 90% down and has a fill power of 640 or higher.

Meaning, no exact fill power, although they guaranteed it to be at least 640 which does not have an as good warmth-to-weight ratio as 800 or 900 fill power down.

Thence will be less compressible and tend to be heavier thus Uniqlo jackets need more down fibers to get the equivalent warmth of higher fill down.

This statement is true in all their downs’.

So now we only have one thing that can distinguish the warmth of one Uniqlo jacket from another is – the thickness of it.

Make a note, the thicker the Uniqlo jacket the warmer it will become.

However, the Hybrid’s like Men Hybrid Down Parka and Men +J Hybrid Oversized Jacket is the warmest option you can avail because of high-quality down and bio-warming, moisture-absorbing padding.

On a technical aspect, the Uniqlo Hybrids are incredible warm because of using all the down in the body which gives it a good fill weight, which is possible by using polyester filling in the hood and sleeves


Uniqlo uses synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex in a range of jackets and coats.

If you work from home then you would love to wear their U Flannel work jacket because it is brushed for the extra warmth.

If you don’t find filled or quilted jackets in their synthetic outerwear section then at least you should go for the one that is lined with polyester fibers or fleece.

For example, Uniqlo’s Balmacaan has a polyester lining that will keep you warm on the early winter days. Though, you can also wear heavy sweaters underneath it as the winter progresses.

In fleeces, I like the fluffy yarn fleeces because of the long fibers that provide the best heat retention.

But, the con is none of their jackets currently uses any technical insulation like PrimaLoft and so on that insulate much better than just polyester fibers.

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Yes. they use HeatTech and AIRism but that’s for pants and tops, not for the jacket.

In short, don’t expect Uniqlo’s synthetic jackets to keep you warm in extreme cold without any added layers.

Are Uniqlo Coats Good For Winter?

It depends if you’re purchasing a Uniqlo trench coat then you’ll not remain warm on winter days but if the coat is quilted with down or at least lined with fleece or polyester then depending on the thickness of the coat, can keep you warm even in really cold nights to late fall.

Are Uniqlo Puffer Jackets Good?

Yes, go for it all Uniqlo puffer jacket will provide a good amount of warmth but go for the puffiest for the harsh cold nights and comparably thinner for early to mid-winter.

Verdict: Are Uniqlo Jackets Warm Enough To Worth The Price?

Not all Uniqlo jackets are worth the price if you’re thinking of buying them for the winter season because of the lack of innovation in their jackets.

But still, most of the simple Uniqlo jackets are good for the spring and fall days as casual wear.

For outdoor activities like camping or hiking, you’ll be good to with Uniqlo’s down puffer jackets.

And their fleece jackets and coats are also worth the money in the real sense when it comes to warm wear for early winter days.

Though depending on person to person, additional layering may be needed as the temperature starts to drop.

In a nutshell, a comparably thicker jacket with padding or lining can be rewarded as a good purchase.

But, I would lean to go for Noize jackets because they are vegan and can even be worn in sub zeroes without lacking the style.