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Best Camping Cots For Bad Backs & Back Pain

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Back pain nowadays becoming more normal in old age but it should not be like that. The only reason you’re experiencing back pain is you hadn’t take care of your body when you’re young. However, it’s never too late to accept your mistake and start practicing yoga. Okay, but yoga takes its own time, what about now? It’s good that you want to do camping and some outdoor activities to reconnect with nature.

Usually, backpackers like me preferred to use sleeping bags instead of cots because of some reasons, most common is we don’t have much space to carry everything and secondly we can’t afford unnecessary weight on our shoulders.

But if you’re here for the best camping cots for bad backs then I assume you’re not a backpacker instead of this you may be a car camper. If you’re a car camper or something like that which allows you more space and strength to carry heavy weights only then you can have a good cot for your bad back because the most comfortable ones are generally above 15 lbs in weight.

If you’re in hurry then these are my best recommendations for you:

Try these camping cots for bad backs

best camping cots for bad backs

I can not recommend a more comfortable and luxurious cot than this one as this is the most comfortable cot I have found under 20 lbs for bad backs especially

Coleman uses its own ComfortSmartTM coil suspension which will not give you a chance of complaining about its bed-like feel. With this cot, you don’t need to buy a separate mattress or pad because you get a fixed foam mattress in it.

This Coleman cot comes in two sizes – Normal and Deluxe cot. The normal one is 14 pounds and can accommodate most people up to 5 feet 7 inches tall where their weight should not exceed 275 lbs.

Another is the Deluxe variant which is 19.6211 lbs where it can accommodate 6ft 6in of max height and 300lbs of max weight.

However, it has a downside which you may have already guessed. Yes, this is not for backpackers due to its heavyweight. You may also take more time to completely pack this in a carry bag. This is made for carrying in a car or trunks and to use not far away from your vehicle. Why am I saying this? You know, it is its heavyweight which does not allow a normal person to carry for long on his/her shoulders. Excluding gym boys & yogis.

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If you’re looking for a one-person tent and a cot that can fit inside then you should take a pause and look for Kamp-Rite because they’re providing two things in one bundle.

Heavy-duty 190T nylon provides a good level of durability to satisfy its price. This version is wider than the original tent cot and hence provides more space for a bad back to rest in comfort.

This 32 lbs tent cot stands 11″ above ground to ensure that no harsh element can destroy your sleep & can hold a max 350 lbs men/women without any lag in comfort.

You’ll get enough strength and space to fits a sleeping bag or mattress for additional comfort to your back.

Due to its unique multifunctional hinge design, you can convert this into a lounge chair or a cot. Moreover, it has no-see-um mesh on all doors and windows, has interior storage pouches, and has a heavy-duty powdered coated aluminum steel frame to keep it steady all the time.

For easy carrying it comes with a heavy-duty 600D carry bag and a waterproof rainfly to protect you from getting wet.

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Its name is already declaring itself as the lightest camping cot for bad backs in this list. With 5 lbs weight, it can hold up to 300 lbs man/woman. Generally, I saw that when any company tries to make things lighter they are not much comfortable but it ain’t with this cot.

Ready lite uses shock-corded poles for easy setup and carrying. It has 420D polyester honeycomb ripstop fabric and a 7000 series aluminum frame which makes it very durable. It can last a lifetime with little care.

However, on the downside it is made with polyester which is not as effective as nylon because it is inherently stronger than polyester on a weight-for-weight basis, also it is not ideal to use this cot inside the tent by some recent users who found that its legs are sharp and can damage the tent’s floor.

For the bad back, I recommend using a light foam or soft mattress or pad with this cot for maximum comfort. Remember your weight + pad’s weight should not cross 300 lbs.

It is 28″w x 78″ l x 6″h in dimension which means you can carry this cot in a 7″ x 17″ bag.

Overall if you have back pain you can use this lightweight and comfortable cot outside the tent with a bug net and a lightweight sleeping pad.

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This is an all-steel camping cot made with reinforced steel and its bed is made with heavy-duty 660D poly canvas.

Teton adventurer cot is very durable but keeping bad backs in mind you should not use it without any good camping pad or mattress and so for this, it can pair with Teton’s adventurer camp pad. Ya, you can use your creative mind to use your previous pad with this.

I recommend you to look for a pivot arm cot for quick and easy setup. It is 75″ x 25″ x 17″ in dimensions when using and it turns to 38″ x 8″ x 4″ in dimensions when you pack this inside its 660D canvas carry bag which comes with cot on purchase.

Wait man, you’re telling too many specs, just tell me its weight, how much weight it can handle, and is it good for bad backs or not? Ok, it’s 20 lbs and can handle up to 400 pounds. It is only good and comfortable for your bad back if you’re using a good sleeping pad beneath your back.

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