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Best Mosquito Repellent For Camping (100% Natural)

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Mosquito what a wonder that exists to challenge you mentally and physically when spending some time alone or in family camping. Do you like to be covered with 1000s of mosquitos? If the answer is no then welcome to this article because I am going to share the best mosquito repellent for camping

There are 100s of ways to resist misquotes entering your camping region. I am only talking about avoiding and resisting misquotes instead of killing.

mosquito vs superman fight cartoon comic style

Is there any way to kill all the mosquitos? Yes, there are ways but when you get into it then forget about enjoying camping because there are more than 10000s of mosquitoes. Some are orphan and old and some who betrayed their wife is flying like mad to find another mate.

Some are thirsty to drink your blood and some are there to kill your ears by their buzzz…

I am not an enemy of any mosquitoes, but I begin to feel like a helpless doll when they crawl on me.

That’s why in this article I am sharing some working methods to resist these tiny creatures to ruin my adventure.

All that I am sharing here are the natural ways to avoid mosquitoes.

Before starting I want to confess something – I don’t advise anyone to use any type of kill chemicals on your clothes and skin in fact if you trust me then please don’t use any chemical-based products on you and your surroundings. You are allowed to use one to clean your toilets.

5 best natural mosquito repellents for camping

Neem smoke for mosquitoes (Azadirachta indica)

Neem is one of the trees that I like most. There are various reasons to put the neem on this list, and It deserved the article focused only on it. But today we are talking about mosquitoes, so how neem can defeat misquotes?

Directly coming to point. It is good if you can find a neem tree on your campsite, but it is even better to pack some leaves of neem before leaving your home and then burn them close to your tent or wherever you sit and sleep.

Let the neem’s smoke do their work for a minimum of 5 minutes near every place you sleep, sit, and eat respectively.

You can easily find some neem on frost-free zones of California and Arizona. My healthy advice is – buy a neem tree or seed and plant it in your garden then for sure you will have much better air to breathe. You can also buy a mini tree if you have less space.

If you have time then read this scientific research on neem smoke as a mosquito repellent.

Neem oil as mosquito repellent

Neem oil and neem smoke are the best natural mosquito repellent I found.

I agreed that DEET based repellents are more efficient than neem oil but also 100% harmful whether you know this or not in a way or other, in a small or a large proportion DEET is harmful. But whether you eat neem or apply neem to the body is 100% harmless and 100% good for health.

Now it is your choice whether you want 100% effective but harmful mosquito repellent or you want 70% effective as compared to DEET but 100% harmless than DEET. The choice is yours.

To use neem oil as repellent apply some neem oil from top to bottom then it will protect you from mosquitoes for around 3 hrs. Warning – keep neem oil aside from the tongue of infants and small children.

If you have time read this study on the effectiveness of DEET vs Neem oil. Spoiler the DEET is a winner but again I don’t recommend you to use it.

Neem essential oils are available for purchase online.

Aloe vera gel

How about aloe vera gel as a mosquito repellent. Aloe vera is known as a homemade solution for glowing skin but it can also protect you from mosquito bites.

You can apply aloe vera gel or cream on your body and it will keep mosquitoes away for some hours.

Find some aloe vera gel and cream online or at local grocery stores.


Do you know a simple peppermint essential oil can protect you from mosquito bites for around 150 minutes? The study of April 2011 clearly gives honor to peppermint as a dengue mosquito repellent.

Just apply some peppermint oil on the body where you are not covered with clothes and be free from mosquitoes bytes for 150 minutes.

You can easily find peppermint essential oil in the online store and in some grocery and food stores.

Lemon eucalyptus

Lemon eucalyptus is another best mosquito repellent. The essential oil of lemon eucalyptus contains 85& citronellal, and it is a popular product in the cleaning industry and has a good reputation in the cosmetic industry due to its fresh fragrance.

A study of 2014 clearly shows that a solution containing 32% lemon eucalyptus oil can give you at least 95% protection from yellow fever mosquito and malaria-carrying mosquitoes for about 3 hours.

You can easily find a good lemon eucalyptus essential oil on Amazon.

Next step

You can easily protect yourself from mosquitoes by using easily available natural repellents that you just read. But it is good if you take the next step toward your protection.

I have shared some easy steps in this article which you can take to protect yourself from the bites of mosquitoes.

I am very sure if you use any of the above repellents with the basic yet very powerful ways that I am going to share in this article then for sure mosquitoes won’t dare to touch you.

Next step: Ways to keep mosquitoes away.

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