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Best Portable Hot Water Shower For Camping In 2023

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Best portable hot water shower for camping
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If you’re in hurry and looking for the best portable hot water shower for camping trips then no need to look forward because this (Hike Crew Portable Water heater with shower pump) is the best hot water shower system I have found.

When we talk about sleeping comfortably during camping, a hot water shower helps a lot because it relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation, and lowers blood pressure, and helps to asleep faster.

But this does not mean that you should shower only in hot water every day. Warm water is good to bathe at night but I recommend to shower in tap water in the morning because cold water wakes up your brain fastly, increases circulation, and gives you glowing skin and hairs.

We’ll talk about the benefits of bathing in cold water and warm water during camping on some other day but today let’s together find out some best portable hot water shower that you can use for outdoor purposes.

My Best Recommendations:

Models Remarks Price
Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Shower Overall best and has most attachments Check on Amazon
Gasland BS158 This shower doesn’t require to preheat before showering Check on Amazon
Mr. Heater Basecamp BOSS-XCW20 Best battery powered hot water shower Check on Amazon

Features of the hot water showers


Every camper search for gears that are value for money and durable enough to satisfy the price tag. So all the hot water shower recommended in this article is durable enough for your camping trips (need very little care).

Portability and Weight

All the water heater showers are portable for car and RV camping trips and weights between 5 kg to about 8 kg.

Hot water system

Obviously, every hot water shower in this article needs to be capable of raising the water temperature.


Safety is another most important factor in deciding the best water heater shower for camping because you’ll not like a hot shower which not automatically shut off when the temperature reaches the desired point. So please look for what features the portable water shower is providing for your and the device’s safety.

Best portable hot water shower for camping

Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater with shower pump

You can say the Hike Crew portable water heater shower is an all in one hot water shower system for you as it comes with all necessary adaptors while you can also power it from your car battery with 12V Cigarette Lighter or any other working ways to generate electricity for Instant hot water for your camping and hiking.

You can raise the water temperature with the help of the temperature control knob to 125 degrees F and when it reaches 125 its smart technology will automatically shut off the gas burner. The Hike Crew portable water heater has 3 modes of spray patterns: for showering, rinsing tents, and rinsing equipment so you don’t have to buy a separate pressure washer for different things.

However few customers complaints about its design and water pressure which is not a big issue if you’re looking for hot water shower only as it does not require high pressure.

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  • LCD display
  • 3 unique spray patterns
  • AC/DC adaptors included
  • Carry bag
  • Gas regulator included
  • Showerhead attachment
  • Pump hose with power adaptor
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Temperature control
  • Auto shut off system


  • Propane not included

Gasland BS158 Water Heater with shower

The Gasland water heater is CSA approved which means it is safe to use according to Canadian and US standards. This water heater shower is absolutely worth spending money on due to its Flame failure device, anti-freezing protection, and overheating protection to ensure family safety.

This avoids water to freeze in cold areas and it also has an automatic shut-off system under unexpectable flameout. A very compact water heater shower that is ready for your next camping trip.

With 41,000 BTU/hour output power you’ll get hot water (up to 167 degree F) supply where you don’t need to preheat before using the tankless water heater so you’ll get hot water as soon as you turn on the shower.

However, it is not made for elevations more than 3300 feet and some customers also complain about its leaving and heat control issue.

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  • Flame failure protection
  • Anti-freezing protection
  • Overheating protection
  • No need to preheat
  • Portable device


  • Installation takes time.

Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM 

The Camplux hot water shower is the same as the Gasland water heater shower with only litter differences. Like with this system you can only increase the temperature up to 114.8 degrees F maximum and 44.4 degrees F minimum and has a maximum output power of 28,000 BTU/hours.

As same, this is also a flame failure device and have anti-freezing protection. If you’re planning to camp in high elevations then I don’t recommend this hot water shower because it is not made for elevations above 2000 ft. Overall you can call this a baby version of Gasland BS158.

>> Read real reviews about Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM on Amazon <<


  • Flame failure device
  • Anti-freezing protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Portable


  • Build quality is not impressive

Mr. Heater Basecamp BOSS-XCW20 Battery Operated Shower

The water heating system is good which can raise the temperature of the water to 35-37 degrees in about 20 minutes which can go up to 116 degrees. Mr heater XCW20 is as good as a home water shower system with a flow rate of .66-1.18 Gallons per minute.

On using this with propane gas you can easily increase source water temperature up to 45 degrees F. Yes, you can use this water heater shower in mountains (work good up to 9000 ft, above that, I have no idea) however it takes a little more time to heat water in such elevations. The only downside of this is it gives only 45 minutes of runtime after charging it for 8-10 hours.

>> Read real reviews about Mr. Heater Basecamp BOSS-XCW20 on Amazon <<


  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Best battery operated water heater shower
  • Included AC and DC adaptors and a carry bag


  • Expensive
  • Only 45 minutes of runtime per charge


I think now you know which hot water shower is good for your needs. If you’re asking me then by seeing all the metrics and pros and cons the Hike Crew Portable Hot Showeris best for your all coming camping trips.