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Best Stove for Motorcycle Camping in 2023 [Buying Guide & Review]

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Every gear for motorcycle camping needs to be durable, robust, and efficient. Yes, I agree that your motorcycle backpack may have a lot of space for everything, and your motorcycle may be strong enough to carry a heavy load. But there are some points you should consider before naming any stove – the best stove for motorcycle camping. This means looking at what you need, not what the furnace needs.

That’s why I consider simple but quality things over complicated gears.


If you don’t have time to read the in-depth reviews, then these are the stoves that I am going to review:

  • MSR WhisperLite Universal (Overall best motorcycle camp stove because when you are running out of fuel, you can also use kerosene, white gas, and even your motorcycle fuel to keep your stove running)
  • Jetboil Flash (Best stove for dehydrated meals because it can boil 0.5 liters of water in 100 seconds)
  • SOTO WindMaster (Best to use in high-windy areas because it is dedicated to running smoothly in high winds)

What turns a motorcycle camping stove into the best stove for motorcycle camping?

Let’s see the things that I consider before deciding and concluding them as ‘the best’ among all currently available stoves.


This seems simple because your motorcycle carries your backpack, not your back. But you’ll regret it if you’re an adventure rider who knows for traveling under challenging terrains.

If you’re that kind, you need a lightweight stove for camping or balancing your motorcycle on uneven plains, and why only a furnace? You might want all the gears to be as light as possible. Remember my above words if you’re going to ride next to on zigzag narrow roads.

Under a pound when empty is an excellent weight to count on.


Would you like to have a cheap stove that you found broke or disintegrated before trying it once? Most cheap stoves are made using cheap materials because the companies also want some profit left in their pocket.

That’s why I think it is not harmful to invest in a highly durable camping stove which could be a little expensive due to the strong material used in manufacturing this kind of gear.


I wouldn’t say I like stoves that take twice the fuel in their canister to cook enough meals for a group of 4. Do you think it is a good stove? I don’t think so.

And you can’t fill your bag with just cans of fuel. I like to have a stove that is at least fuel-efficient, which means stoves that use less energy to cook more and boil more.


What does the term ‘safety’ mean regarding liquid fuel stoves? Let’s see this with an example, you brought a stove after doing some research but forgot to look at its safety terms means the canister or the burner may be made of low-quality poor-grade materials.

So there is a chance that when you pack the stove in your backpack, it gets broken or generates a hole when driving through rough paths.

So the liquid in these cans started leaking, and when you turn your stove on for cooking, your stove becomes fiery due to the liquid spreading on its surface. In this example, can you imagine what severe damage it can cause? Imagine before buying a weak motorcycle stove.

By keeping the above things in mind, I have selected some best stoves for motorcycle camping.

MSR WisheperLite Universal Stove – Best Fuel Support

MSR is always known for making quality stoves which are widely popular among motorcycle campers. There are many reasons why this model of MSR stove I am mentioning.

The first and foremost thing is that this stove is best for long trips because it is a multi-liquid fuel stove that can handle isobutane-propane, kerosene, Auto, and white gas efficiently.

This means you can use your motorcycle fuel or diesel when your canister runs off power in the middle of the tour and wants some flammable liquid to calm its thirst. In a word, any flammable fuel can be used.

The only thing is that this stove is not the most ultralight, but it is one of the most lightweight stoves for motorcycle camping. I don’t think 0.72 pounds without fuel is considered heavy.

One thing I want to make clear is that it is not coming with a canister. Yup, the image shows as it has a canister in the package.

But it is not valid, and you have to buy a separate canister, which is not a problem because if talking about a stove, this is the best multi-fuel supported stove I found.

Have doubts: Read the Q&A or ask a question about MSR Wisperlite Universal on Amazon

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Jetboil Flash – Best Stove for Dehydrated Meals

If you like to eat healthy dehydrated meals and want a system that is the fastest boiling stove to rehydrate meals, then I don’t want to do a sin of not telling you about the Jetboil flash.

Before knowing about this stove, I want to disclose something – this stove does not work best in windy conditions. If you use these, you have to do something to prevent the high winds from reaching the flame of this stove because if the wind is high, the pet can move around and melt the 1-liter FluxRing cooking cup sitting on its head.

So it is better to use this stove in normal air conditions.

This is the fastest Jetboil ever; it can boil 0.5 liters of water in just 100 seconds, which means you can see the bubble bursting in just a few seconds. This is the ultimate camping stove for preparing soup, coffee, and dehydrated meals.

Have doubts: Read the Q&A about Jetboil flash or ask one if you didn’t find the answer to your question

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SOTO WindMaster Stove – Best for windy areas

Let’s read an unbiased soto windmaster review. An uncomparable SOTO stove that can be used for cooking and boiling. This is one of the fast-boiling fuel-efficient stoves which can boil 2 cups of water in under 2 minutes.

As the name says, this is an extreme weather stove that can easily handle fast-blowing wind. The kit includes the 4Flex that supports large-size pots, and you can use TriFlex, which is sold separately, to use smaller cookware on it.

Its canister function well with butane, isobutane, and propane gas.

The burn time is approx 1.5 hours with 250g of the canister. I like this stove because it is affordable, lightweight, and great value for money. I recommend this to those who want something straightforward but effective.

One thing I want to clarify is that it is not the fastest boiling or the most-fuel efficient stove, but whatever it offers under this price range is worth looking at.

Have doubts: Read Q&A about this WindMaster or ask one if you can’t find your desired question

>>Read real users’ reviews about SOTO WindMaster on Amazon<<

My tip

If you are facing difficulty sorting the above 3 to choose the one that is best for you, then here is my tip: Take a 5-minute break from your screen and think about your need. Go for long adventure rides where sometimes you are staying in a remote location and running out of stove fuel. It would be best if you bought MSR Wishperlite Univeral because it can smoothly run on any power, including petrol, diesel, and kerosene. So you can borrow some fuel from your motorcycle to prepare your meal.

If you mostly pack dehydrated meals and want a stove dedicated to boiling and rehydrating, then Jetboil is a great option.

At last, if you ride in windy areas where you can listen to the sound of fast winds, you need a stove that can handle such conditions. So, in this case, SOTO WindMaster is made for you.

I hope I have helped you with choosing the best stove you need. Now I am excited to know which stove you currently use for motorcycle camping. Share your experience with the stoves you have, and your friends from outdoor favor will be pleased to read about the best experiences you ever had on your adventure ride.

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