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Best Way To Stay Clean While Camping (2022)

The best way to stay to clean while camping. There’s no best way and if there is I will not tell you because you’re out for an outdoor adventure and you want to stay clean all the way along. Yes, it is possible to stay 100% clean but then you can’t really enjoy what camping or hiking is.

But it is always good to have a good hygienic cleanliness routine as it can protect you from germs, bacteria, and bugs that are outside to make you feel sick during camping.

That’s why I am going to cover everything in this post which will assure you’ll remain clear from that which is harmful to your body. You will attract some dirt and other natural stuff into your clothes and skin if you’re really involved in enjoying what you’re doing. But I will also tell you how to clean your clothes and skin during camping.

Before moving to how to stay clean while camping I think you should be aware of what you’re bringing with you. Bringing the right things will support your hygiene and bringing the wrong things can push in some real trouble. Let’s see what to bring and what not to bring.

best way to stay clean while camping

Things to bring for camping personal hygiene checklist

Biodegradable soap. You need something which can be used for multi-purposes like which is gentle for washing hands and effective for washing dishes and clothes. There are many options available. Buy one that suits you.

Toothbrush and toothpaste. Some campers do not bring this because the chemicals of toothpaste could affect wildlife. Yes, they are right but they don’t know there is something called biodegradable toothpaste. It is not harmful to the environment and will clean your teeth and smell of the food that you ate. This natural toothpaste is so good.

Unscented hand-sanitizer. Yes, you’re not shaking hands with anyone in the wild but a good alcohol-based hand-sanitizer will kill all the germs and bacterias that you’re hand gathers.

Microfiber towel. I always have this quick-drying microfiber towel because it saves my time waiting when the towel is totally dry to pack and move to the next location. A good option for those who camp at night and travel to the location in the daytime.

Unscented baby wipes. Good for clearing your face. I recommend packing enough wipes for the days you’re camping.

Trowel + Toilet paper. If you don’t want toilet paper you can use soft leaves available near you to clean for a natural feel. Remember to bring a trowel so that you don’t have to dig a big enough hole for pooping. Don’t forget to pack that hole completely with the soil you dug before for completing the leave no trace mission.

Period products. So that you can enjoy being outdoors without worrying about your periods.

What not to bring on a camping

Razor or any open sharp item

Non-biodegradable products and unnecessary disposable products.

Scented products (Deodorant, scented soap, perfumes). Because they can attract bears, raccoons, and other animals, and some bugs.

Mirror. Why you’re so bothered about how you’re looking at camping or hiking by the way you can see yourself in a river or lake. A mirror can easily break inside your bag and can damage you.

Guide to remain clean while camping

Kickstart your day with a clean pair of socks and underwear

Do not wear yesterday’s socks on the current day yet also not forget to wash that old pair of socks (best clothes washing method for camping is also covered in this post). Wear relatively clean underwear every day because that old sweat can irritate your groin skin.

How many should I pack? Let’s perform some child math here. Divide 2 with the number of days you’re camping. Like you’re camping for 8 days packs 4 pair of socks and 4 underwears. If you’re on a long trip then you can wear the same underwear on next day by flipping it to another side. The same goes for socks. But I recommend using the washing method that I am going to tell you soon. It will quickly dry the same socks for the next day.

Brushing teeth with leave no trace method

Clean teeth and an unscented mouth will give you a fresh start and will help you by not attracting bugs that love to live dirty. Fact – People like to be with that person whose mouth ain’t smellin’ bad.

  • Go 200-300ft away from water sources (lake, river, etc.) and your tent.
  • Brush your teeth normally using toothpaste.
  • Don’t spit now when you’re done pour little water in your mouth and move it around your mouth to dilute your toothpaste.
  • Now spit it around to ensure that liquid is not falling in one place. Spit its wide area.
  • Mission completed let’s move to the next point.

Change clothes by halfway

Yes, you can hike and camp on one pair of clothes (Shirt & Pant) for a full day. Nobody is forcing you. Especially I am not there with you to force you for changing clothes, hahaha. It is so relaxed and comfortable feeling when I replaced my sweaty and comparably dirty shirt-pant with a clean pair on half time or halfway of hiking and trip.

Try yourself and tell me how it feels replacing sweaty clothes with a new one in the middle of a hot day. If you already know this then don’t forget to comment.

It’s shower time

How to clean yourself while camping? Find a lake or river and give yourself a touch of lovely water. Swim if you know how to. And the flowing water will do its job of cleaning you. Don’t use any biodegradable soap here because it can harm aquatic life.

There is no need to use soap or shampoo because clean flowing water will taker all your dirt and smell with him.

If there is no natural water source you can use unscented baby wipes to clean your skin. Take one side to clean your face and neck and another side for your groin area and armpits. Baby wipes are a good excuse to escape from the water in winter. You must pack these wipes with you on your ziplock bag or anything special because they’re not biodegradable.

Foot scrub

Scrubbing foot in the river is a great way to end your day and it will give you refreshing vibes and some time to enjoy seeing the ultimate beauty of the infinite sky. Just put your foot into the river and scrub it with your hands so that no more dust is on your feet.

Separate sleeping clothes

Please don’t do the mistake of sleeping in the same clothes. I have a separate article on how to comfortably sleep in a tent? Just don’t wear the same clothes because it can ruin your whole sleeping experience. Have a dedicated pair of clothes for sleeping and you should keep these always inside your tent (Not a warning, just a precaution so that they don’t get dirty).

How to do laundry on camping?

Doing laundry in summer is a very easy task but what about winter. Let’s see both criterias.

  • Bring a collapsible bin with you. 30-60L is enough.
  • Fill half water in it. Add some biodegradable soap and stir it until the soap gets dissolved.
  • Put your clothes in this solution and let them soaked for 15-20 minutes.
  • Now scrub them to the point you think they’re clean
  • Squeeze out as much water you can from these clothes
  • Have a barrel or pot filled with clean water. Put the squeezed clothes in it for 10 minutes.
  • Squeeze it again and you are done with laundry
  • The best way to stay clean while camping is to do all your cleaning stuff far away from your tent and sources like the lake and river. That’s why go at least 200ft far away from your tent and river/lake. Dig enough wide & deep hole. Place all the remaining water inside that hole and pack it with the soil you dug.
  • Place these clothes either in tree branches or rock. If it is night or winter (Excluding snow) let them out for the whole night. If you’re doing this at day, make sure your clothes are directly under the sun so that they can dry quickly.

Sanitize your hands from time to time

Don’t forget to sanitize your hands after washing your hands with the biodegradable soap so that no bacterial is hiding on your hands. Also, sanitize your hands from time to time during camping. This means sanitizing hands before cutting and cooking food, after eating, and after pooping too.