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Can I Swim With My Apple Watch 5? (Answered)

Apple Watch 6 offers 18 hours of battery life, always on the retina display, built-in compass, International Emergency Calling which automatically calls to the emergency services of the country you’re in if the watch senses that you fall hard and remains motionless for about a minute. But can you swim with Apple Watch 6? Let’s find out the answer right away!

Can I Swim With My Apple Watch Series 5?

Yes, you can swim with your Apple Watch 5 because it comes with water resistance technology that enables you to take your Apple watch series 5 up to 50 meters deep in a pool, lake, or ocean.

Though, you need to know that the Apple Watch 5 is not waterproof so please don’t take your watch for high-velocity water activities like scuba diving, water skiing, kayaking, etc. Or any activities that demand submission below shallow depth.

One more thing you must note is that not all the Bands available for Apple Watch 5 are waterproof for example, if you’re a swimmer then please don’t use or buy leather or stainless steel watch band.

But how long can you swim with your apple watch series 5, trust me it’s not what you think.

How Long Can I Swim With My Apple Watch 5?

Apple Watch 5 is certified by the ISO standard 22810:2010 to remain as it is when we put it into a water source as deep as 164 feet for about 30 minutes but wait I am not talking about swimming.

Because the water resistance of series 5 is tested in a lab where the static water pressure is applied to the depth mentioned. Now when you’re in a pool, ocean, or lake it’s a different game because your body is in constant movement and as the watch sits on your hand, the velocity and pressure it receives are higher than the lab test. And if you’re swimming in a river or bathing under a waterfall then the pressure coming to it is much higher.

Ok so, according to my intuition and opinion, you can swim as deep as 50 feet underwater with your Apple Watch 5 for a few minutes and 40-20 minutes when swimming only 10-30 meters deep respectively in shallow water (beach, pool, or lake).

And in the river, it is better to swim near the water surface for a very short time because the river waves and currents flow at a much higher pressure and intensity.

Can I Swim Laps With My Apple Watch 5?

Yes, you can swim in Laps with your Apple Watch 5. Just open the workout app in your watch and select the swimming. Now select the approximate pool length and set the time. Now start the workout and you can check how many laps you’ve completed.

However, your watch will automatically lock when you start the workout to prevent accidental touches. After you did the desired swimming laps, come out of the pool, dry the watch screen and spin the Digital Crown to unlock your watch, and throw the water out of your Apple Watch 5.

Please don’t forget to clean your series 5 watch with clean water & dry with a lint-free cloth if you swim or bathe in anything other than fresh water.

How Do I Swim With My Apple Watch 5?

To enjoy swimming with Apple Watch 5 and to keep track of Laps and swim-time here are a couple of things you should do.

  • First get a watch band other than leather or stainless steel as they are not waterproof.
  • Now follow these steps:
    • Open the workout app on Apple watch 5
    • Scroll down until you find swimming sections. Either you can choose Open water swim (for ocean, lake, and rivers) or pool swim.
    • Select the the length of Pool in yards.
    • And then tap the start button
    • You’re ready to swim and count your laps and time taken to complete the round.
  • One thing you must note that when you start the lap, the watch will automatically get locked to prevent accidental touches.
  • When you’re done swimming, spin the Digtal Crown 1-2 times to unlock the water. It will also push any water that seep into speakers during long period of swimming.
  • Afterwards, dry the watch screen and you’re ready to use your Apple Watch series 5 as usual.

Can I Swim In A Beach With My Apple Watch 5?

Yes if you’ll follow all the precautions and steps mentioned in this post then you can for sure Swim on any beach or sea without damaging the water-resistance layer of the Apple Watch 5.

You should clean your Watch Series 5 with fresh water if you swim in salt or soapy water because I’ve read somewhere that salt water can cause corrosion inside a watch over time.

Conclusion: Should I Swim With My Apple Watch 5?

Why not? If you’re an avid swimmer and finding a watch that can help you keep track of your regime or even if you swim occasionally, in both cases you can take your Apple Watch 5 for swimming.

Though one thing you should note is that Apple Watch 5 is not waterproof, it is water-resistant so it is intended to take for extreme water sports that involve high-velocity water or submission below shallow depth like sea driving.

And if the water-resistance layer is damaged, the Apple will not reseal it so please avoid all of these things:

  • Dropping watch
  • Taking it into a steam room or sauna
  • Exposing it to soap or soapy water
  • Taking it on high velocity water sport activities
  • By any means exposing it to detergents, acid & acidic food, detergents, perfumes, deodrands, insect repllents, lotions, oil, sunscreen, solvents, or hair dye.

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