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Can You Swim With Apple Watch 6? (Clearly Explained)

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Apple Watch 6 is the only watch that is capable of measuring one’s blood oxygen level, no prior series can do this though ECG (Electrodiagram) is there from series 4. Who knows what the Apple watch future holds, but with all these health initiatives in Apple Watch Series 6, is it worth any reputation during our lovely sport – swimming.

Let’s check out how waterproof is the Apple Watch 6 is for swimming in the lake, pool, ocean, or even in a fast-flowing river.

Can I Swim With My Apple Watch 6?

Yes, you can swim with your gorgeous Apple Watch 6 because they have a water resistance rating under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means you can swim up to 50 meters deep which is 164.042 feet to be precise.

However, if we look at it technically then it would be better that you don’t take your Apple watch 6 below 100-120 feet during swimming because according to the ISO standard 22810 published in 2010 says that ‘a watch that has given the rating of 165 feet are good for everyday use & you can take it with you for the shower but not for a prolonged period of swimming or snorkeling.

Can I Swim With My Apple Watch 6
Credit: Apple

As apple in their terms and conditions mentions clearly that this series watch should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing, or other activities that involved high-velocity water or submission below shallow depth (point to be noted).

Also, not all the Bands available for Apple Watch 6 are waterproof. For example, leather and stainless steel bands should not be exposed to liquids.

How Long Can I Swim With My Apple Watch 6?

Now, the length of your ‘swim-time’ will determine the life span of the Apple Watch Series 6 water resistance. Noticed – it is water-resistant not waterproof.

For this first, we need to understand how the water-resistant of an apple watch 6 is tested. During the making period, the watches were tested in laboratory conditions where the static water pressure is applied at the 50 meters depth for a short period. And don’t forget to note – the test is only done once and without changing the pressure a bit.

Now when you swim, are you static or dynamic? You are not at all static so the myth busted on the first hand. Furthermore, you’ll constantly use your hands to make your way through water which will throw un-constant pressure on your watch. So now you know you can swim at 50 meters deep but for a shorter time (maybe a few minutes).

That’s why to minimize the risk of your expensive Apple Watch 6 being damaged it is a good idea to swim only up to 20-30 meters deep if you’re going to swim for 10-20 minutes in a normal pool or an ocean with normal currents (I am not a watch expert so these are only my intuitive numbers.)

How Do I Swim With My Apple Watch 6?

That’s not a headache! Your Apple Watch 6 comes with a workout app where swimming has a specific section. Just option that follows these steps.

  • Open workout app and scroll to open water swim (for ocean and lake) or pool swim (for laps in a pool).
  • Tap to start or go to more button (…) to set distance, calorie, and time goal.
  • If you’re doing this for pool swim then you may like to turn the Digital Crown on to set the pool length so that the Apple Watch 6 can measure the pool length accurately.
  • Tap the start and either wait for 3 seconds countdown to finish or tap the screen to jump into the swimming workout.

Do I Need To Lock Apple Watch 6 Before Swimming?

Yes, you need to lock the apple watch 6 before swimming it will lock itself automatically when you start the swimming workout. And if you don’t start the swimming app on the watch while swimming it is recommended to do so that your watch gets locked to prevent accidental taps due to water.

You need to unlock the watch again if you want to use it as normal. To do that:

  • First, pause the workout by pressing the Digital Crown and the Side button at the same time.
  • If your screen is wet, use cloth to dry it up to prevent accidental taps.
  • Turn the Digital crown to unlock the screen and after clear any water remains from the watch.
  • Now, if you’re ready to swim again, simply swipe right & tap the lock button.

Again, you should always lock the Apple Watch 6 before starting your next swimming round.

Can I Swim In The Ocean With My Apple Watch 6?

Yes, you can swim in the ocean with your Apple Watch 6 up to 50 meters deep for a shorter time and anything below 20 meters for a longer time. Though the ocean water should be shallow at the depth you desire below 50 meters.

Also, Apple recommends cleaning their Series 6 watch with fresh water and drying it with a lint-free cloth if it comes in contact with anything other than fresh water.

Can I Swim In The River With My Apple Watch 6?

It is ok to swim with the Apple Watch 6 in the river but this time you should be more conscious of your watch because the series 6 is designed to stay as it is in shallow water activities. But in my life, I haven’t come across a shallow river. The currents always sound beautifully yet speedy. This means the water pressure will not be static at any given moment.

So it would be better to not go deep into rivers and only swim for a short period and close to the surface.

Can I Swim In A Pool With My Apple Watch 6?

Yes, as explained above in very depth that you can swim in any normal pool with your Apple watch 6 for up to 50 meters deep if you swim for a shorter time frame and up to 20 meters if you swim for a prolonged period. And please make sure that you always lock your Apple watch before jumping into the pool to prevent accidental touches by the method described in previous sections.

Though, for lakes, you can treat your Apple Watch 6 as you treat it in a swimming pool.

Will Apple Repair The Water Resistance Of My Series 6 Watch?

According to Apple itself, water resistance is not a permanent condition and can diminish over time. And if they do, the Apple Watch can’t be rechecked or resealed for water resistance. So you should avoid the following things to make sure the water-resistance sealing will not get damaged.

  • Dropping Apple watch 6 or other drop-like impacts.
  • Exposing Apple watch 6 to soap or soapy like water that is more common while bathing or showering.
  • Exposing Apple watch 6 to high velocity water that is common while water skiing or other extreme water sports.
  • Expsoing Apple watch 6 to detergents, solvents, perfumes, acids or acidic food, lotions, sunscreen, oil, insect repellent, or hair dye.
  • Wearing Apple watch 6 in steam room or sauna.



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