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Can I Swim With My Apple Watch SE? (Answered)

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The Apple watch SE works on MES metrics that stand for Move, Exercise, and Stand to calculate all the ways you move throughout the day. More of a surprise, the SE also comes with an inbuilt heart rate sensor and cellular network so that you don’t have to bring your phone everywhere you go.

There are many other features that Apple Watch Series SE offers at a buyable price but are they good enough to swim with? Let’s check it out?

Is The Apple Watch SE Waterproof & Can I Swim With It?

Technically, Apple Watch SE is not waterproof but it is water-resistant which means you can take it with you for swimming in as deep as 50 meters. However, this watch is not made for prolonged swimming if submerged below the shallow depth.

Apple is clear in its statement that the water-resistance of this model is not guaranteed when taken into high-velocity water activities like scuba diving, kayaking, taking bath under a waterfall, waterskiing, etc.

The reason behind my surety is the certification of ISO standard 22810:2010 that the apple watch SE has. ISO is a nongovernmental organization that comprises standards bodies from more than 160 countries.

They gave the 50 meters rating to the watch after submerging it in the sated depth, applying static pressure for a short amount of time. Because the test is done under 22810 is not aggressive so it is technically not waterproof.

How Long Can Apple Watch Series SE Stay Underwater?

If we go by the standard then you can take the Apple Watch SE underwater for 30 minutes if the water depth is under 5 meters. Though you can go up to 50 meters the time you can be there without risking the watch will be much shorter (in IMO few minutes only.)

Because swimming involves constant body movement and as the watch is sitting on the hand, the pressure thrown to it will not be static. That is why it is ideal to swim near the surface for a long time but as the depth increases you should be more aware of your watch’s safety.

Can The Apple Watch SE Go In The Ocean?

Yes, because according to apple, Swimming in the sea or ocean is considered a shallow-water activity so you can rest assured that you’ll not risk the watch’s water resistance membrane if you swim on the surface for a long time but don’t take it for sea diving coz as the ocean depth increases pressure will increase too.

Can I Swim In A Pool With Apple Watch SE?

Yes, you can swim in a pool with Apple Watch SE because not only it is water-resistant for up to 50 meters but it also has many great features that’ll be of higher help. Like it has an inbuilt hear sensor by which you can detect your heart rate at any time.

Two great feature I like the most is the automatic heart notifications that’ll tell you if you have an irregular heart rhythm and fall detection that is optimized for a swimming workout app, this will detect if you’ve taken a hard fell and will immediately send a signal to emergency services.

How do I make my Apple Watch waterproof?

Sorry to say but you can’t make your apple watch waterproof because it comes with a water-resistant membrane and if you do anything silly to make it waterproof & in that process if that membrane or layer got affected then your warranty is lost and Apple cannot reseal this for you.

Is Apple Watch Waterproof Without Water Lock?

First of all apple watch is water-resistant, not waterproof so there’s no question of being waterproof or not when the water lock is configured or not.

But if you configure the water lock then there are very few chances of pool or ocean water to seep into speakers and internals. And once you are done swimming or bathing, just unlock the water mode and the Apple Watch is designed to throw all the water out.

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