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Can you Swim in Havasu Falls in 2023? (Must Read)

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Havasu Falls is one of the most beautiful places in Arizona, where anyone can go swimming and have fun with their family and friends. You can find different swimming spots around this place and enjoy an amazing adventure from start to finish.

In this article, you will discover all the details about swimming in Havasu Falls, from the rules and regulations you need to follow to the activities and entertainment available in this place.

Is it Safe to Swim in Havasu Falls?

The beautiful scenery of Havasu falls Arizona. The waters of havasu falls is blue green and mesmerizes the hear to the extent that I want to swim in it and inhale the beauty of it,
The beautiful Havasu falls, Arizona

Yes, it is safe to swim in Havasu Falls since the water has an average depth of 5 feet, and there is no contamination or pollution inside the water. You can even swim behind the waterfall with no problem and explore this area completely, as long as you are careful and do not take any unnecessary risks.

The only thing you need to look out for is the appearance of flash floods that happened a couple of times over the past few years.

During these flash floods, everyone needs to evacuate the area to prevent any accidents, and the tribe restricts the entrance of these areas until the conditions of the Havasu Falls become stable for everyone once again.

If you don’t want to deal with any potential flash floods during your visit, you need to avoid taking your trip during the Monsoon Season since it has rainy weather due to the occasional rainstorms that happen during this time.

Best time to Come & Swim in Havasu Falls?

The best time to swim in Havasu Falls is during the start of the spring or in late Autumn when the temperature and the conditions are great for both hiking and swimming.

However, you can visit Havasu Falls any time of the year and even choose to go during February and March, when there are not many people around, and it is easier to get your reservations.

During this time, the temperature is much cooler, which is perfect for hiking and helps you avoid being extremely tired during your trip. You can also see more wildlife running around this place, avoid sunburn, and have more safety during the flash floods.

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Can I Drink From Havasu Falls?

Yes, technically you can drink water from the Havasu Falls since it comes from a spring nearby, however, we do not recommend this option since many people bathe at this place, and the water quality may be lower than optimal.

Instead, we advise people to only drink water from the spring located on the campsite since is tested frequently to check its quality and verify if it is ok for human consumption.

You just need to use the spigot/faucet from the spring to fill up your water bottle or containers every time you visit Havasu Falls.

If you want to have enough water for your trip you should bring a five-liter bottle or bag with you to avoid going back and forth on multiple trips to the campsite.

Is Havasu Falls Open to the Public?

Right now, Havasu Falls is not open to the public due to the restrictions of the Covid-19, however, it will be available to the public once the lockdown is lifted.

When this happens, you will need to register through their official website and book your reservation in advance, choosing any available date on their calendar. You also need to have an official permit to enter Havasu Falls and enjoy everything this place has to offer.

How to Get a Permit for Havasu Falls?

Once you register on their official website, you need to fill in your information, and payment method before doing anything else.

Then, you need to wait for the opening permit day (February 1st) and be one of the first people to get it when they open to the public. However, due to the Covid-19, the new opening permit day will be on hold until they post an update on their website.

Every permit must be purchased through the official Havasu tribe website, and it is strictly prohibited to resell your permit to other people, whether it is individual spots or the whole group package.

How Much Does It Cost Traveling to Havasu Falls?

Two people are enjoying the hike in Havasu falls to the extent that even the one who saws this place virtually wants to vistit this place atleast once in their life.
This scene of Havasu falls looks damn attractive

The cost of this trip would depend on how many people you bring with you and any additional services you get to make your experience more enjoyable. Here are the latest prices for the Havasu Falls that have been published in 2019.

  • The price per weekday night is $100 for one person.
  • The price per weekend night is $125 for one person.
  • The price for a round trip in a helicopter is $170.
  • The estimated cost for the trip is $300-$375 per person if hiking.

All reservations for the campground will cover three nights and four days, and the prices come with all necessary permits, including taxes and fees.

How Warm is the Water at Havasu Falls?

The average temperature in Havasu Falls is around 70 degrees during the whole year, which makes this place a great choice for anyone who wants a pleasant swimming experience.

Here is a simple overview of the weather in Havasu Falls.

September 94°60°

If you don’t mind a little bit of heat during the day while you are swimming, you can visit the Havasu Falls during the summertime, but if you prefer to have cooler weather, you can go during the late autumn or in the winter season.

How to Prepare for Havasu Falls Swimming?

If you have already made your reservations on time and are about to make your trip, you need to prepare everything before swimming in the Havasu Falls.

For this trip, you will need to bring the basic gear, which includes hiking boots for reaching the Havasu Falls, water shoes when you walk near the swimming spots, and a water bottle where you can carry enough water during the day.

You will also need to bring your food and camping gear if you are going to stay in the campground with everyone else.

How to Reach the Havasu Falls?

After you have everything you need, you have to decide how you want to reach Havasu Falls, depending on the budget you have available for the trip.

Right now, there are three options you can choose from to reach the Havasu Falls, which include a helicopter ride, hiking, and traveling with a pack mule.

Using the helicopter takes around 15 minutes to get there just by paying $85 per person for a one-way trip.

If you want to save money, you can choose the hiking route, which is the most popular option for everyone, and if you are carrying too much gear, you can rent a pack mule by paying around $400 for a round trip.

Seeing Havasu Falls: Should I Hike?

The Havasu Falls hike is a 25 miles round trip that takes people between two nights and three days minimum to finish. This is perfect for people who want to challenge themselves and have an amazing adventure from start to finish.

However, if you are a beginner with zero experience this hike can be a little difficult for you, especially if you do not have good physical condition or endurance to help you during the trip.

Other Things to Do at Havasu Falls?

You can bring your camera and take pictures of the beautiful landscape of Havasu Falls, including its turquoise blue water, incredible waterfalls, and everything else you can find during your trip.

You can also go camping with other people when you get there, take tours around this place, and practice trekking when exploring different areas of the Havasu Falls.

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