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Do Adidas Hoodies Run Big? (Which Run Big, Small & True To Size)

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Yes, Adidas hoodies do run big in sleeves, and the majority of loose and regular fit hoodies tend to run baggier in the tummy and waist area. Among the two, the loose fit is more spacious in sleeves and longer compared to the regular one.

But the majority of Adidas hoodies are not that oversized to consider them running big as having a little space is needed to accommodate layerings.

So, In my opinion, most of them run true to size but among them, some are tighter in sleeves and body to an extent where it will be good to get a size up than down.

Also, some hoodies are shorter in length as mentioned in the table provided.

Let’s check out some bestseller Adidas hoodies that run small, big, or are true to size.

I insist you go through that table as it will give you a clear insight of all Adidas hoodies fitting that are not even listed in the table.

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Which Adidas Hoodies Run Big? (Table)


Adidas Hoodies Mens’ (Top Seller)How Do They Fit? (Small, Big, or Ture To Size)Product Code
Essentials Fleece 3-Stripes Full-Zip HoodieTrue to size, though you can consider sizing up if you’re broadGK9051
Trae Young X Icee HoodieTrue to size, just a bit large in sleeves but because of ribbed cubs it doesn’t seem like that.H64915
Adicolor Essentials Trefoil HoodieFits good but it runs long on sleeves so getting a size down will not ruin the overall fit.H34652
Essentials Fleece Big Logo HoodieA bit oversized but that’s not a big issueGK9220
Jeremy Scott Full-zip HoodieIt runs small so get a size upH55893
Camo Graphic HoodieFits true to sizeH13475
Adidas Sport Shark Sweater HoodieIt runs big so must get one size up for a perfect fitH06719
Aeroready Designed To Move Sport Motion Logo HoodieTrue to sizeH28797
Graphics Originals Attribute Pack HoodieSleeves run a bit smaller otherwise a good fitH18401
D.O.N X Bel-Air Athletics HoodieIt runs big and baggierGV1993


Adidas Women’s Hoodies (Best Seller)How Do They Fit?Product code
Essentials Fleece 3-Stripes Full-Zip HoodieIt runs small on the sleeve and if you size up you’ll get a perfect length and fit. For reference, Ame is 5’9″ 150 lbs and she sizes up from her usual L to XL. GM5567
Adicolor Essentials Fleece HoodieTrue to size but it’s slim so for one size up if you want it to be slouchyH34725
Loungewear Essentials Logo Fleece HoodieIt runs small and too tight so must get a size up if you want a roomier feel.GL0653
Adidas Sportswear Future Icons 3-stripes Hooded Track JacketTrue to size but slightly oversizedH51143
Adicolor Classics Crop HoodieIt is a cropped look so it runs quite a big on sleeves but short on the body.
Also, it is pretty loose overall.
Hmm! BTW sizing down is not needed but if you handle a little more cropped look then you can eliminate that extra room in sleeves.

However, H34615 a looser version of it must deserve sizing down because that is not big but it’s huge.
Graphic HoodieIt is not longer in body length but it is so with sleeves and one thing is quite clear that it runs roomier a lot in sleeves and a bit in the body.

So IMO, it runs big, and considering sizing down will give you a perfect fitted look.
Adidas Sportswear Colorblock Full-zip JacketRuns true to size, though it is slightly roomier, that’s nice for ease of movement and relaxed comfort.
No need to size one down or up.
Ugh! It’s a cropped look.
Essentials Logo Hoodie (Gender Neutral)It runs big and baggier in the tummy area so if you’re someone who seeks a perfect fitted look with some need spaciousness then must consider getting one size down.
Otherwise, it’s not too baggy but slim women may feel it is too big.
Though taller guys/gals may find it running short.
Brand Love Slanted Logo Relaxed HoodieIt is true to size. Though snug on sleeves but roomier in the body.
Those with broad shoulders must get a one-two size up.

How Do Adidas Hoodies Fit? (User’s Perspective)

For hoodies Adidas offers 3 types of fitting:

Slim Fit

In terms of practical experience, the slim fit of Adidas hoodies fits the form.

Meaning, there will be not much space, not baggy at all and if you go with your usual sizing then such hoodies will feel a bit snug because their main duty is to highlight your body.

In common, most Adidas hoodie wearers find the slim fit to be on the tighter side and nearly all will feel running a bit short.

So getting a size up in this fit will be a money saver for those who want the slim fit look and yet a comfortable wearing experience.

Regular Fit

Regular fit hoodies are generally spacious and provide a form-fit look to a very minimal extent.

This type of is something that most people will love to have in fall/winter times when you need to wear a sweatshirt underneath without losing mobility.

Not necessarily the case with other brands but it is most commonly seen in Adidas (especially hoodies)

In most cases, this fit would not demand sizing down or up unless you love to wear baggy hoodies will go for an upsize.

IMO, sizing down is only needed when you love to remove the unwanted space around the waist and sleeves or want a shorter size.

Loose Fit

Hmm. this is something you need to know.

Any loose-fit Adidas hoodie tends to lean on a run big side, sometimes not a little big but huge.

So you may consider getting a one-two size down and you will not get a perfect fit.

Although, it depends more on personal preference.

Can You Return Unfit Adidas Hoodies?

Adidas Hoodie Size Chart

Now Adidas have their sizing chart for both Men and Women.

Click here for women’s | Click here for Men’s


All measurements are in inches

XS32 1/2 – 34″27 1/2 – 29″32 – 33 1/2″
S34 1/2 – 36″29 1/2 – 31 1/2″34 – 36″
M36 1/2 – 39″32 – 34 1/2″36 1/2 – 39″
L39 1/2 – 42 1/2″35 – 38″39 1/2 – 42″
XL43 – 46 1/2″38 1/2 – 42″42 1/2 – 45 1/2″
2XL47 – 51″42 1/2 – 47″46 – 49″
3XL51 1/2 – 56″47 1/2 – 52″
49 1/2 – 53″
Source: Adidas Sizing Chart Men’s


All measurements are in inches


2XS28.5 – 29.5”22 – 23.5”31.5 – 33”
XS (0-2)30 – 32”24 – 26”33.5 – 35.5”
S (4-6)32.5 – 34.5”26.5 – 28.5”36 – 38″
M (8-10)35 – 37”29 – 31”38.5 – 40.5”
L (12-14)37.5 – 40”31.5 – 33.5”41 – 43”
XL (16-18)40.5 – 43”34 – 37”43.5 – 46”
2XL (20)43.5 – 46.5”37.5 – 41”46.5 – 49”
Source: Adidas Sizing Chart Women’s

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