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Do Canada Goose Jackets Run Small? (With Table)

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Some Canada Goose Jackets do run small but the majority of their parkas, jackets, and coat runs big because they design jackets for extremely cold temperature which make them run big to allow heavy layering and more coverage.

Generally, a slim fit and fusion fit receives more complaints of a jacket being small or tight than the relaxed and regular fit.

Many men/women are attracted to this brand and want to know whether they run small or big so they can find a perfect size for themselves.

This is what we’re going to know in this article where I am going to provide you the list of many famous Canada Goose jackets (Men’s/Women’s) and whether they run small, big, or are true to size so that you can buy what you feel is made for you.

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Canada Goose Jackets That Run Small & Why It Is So?

One thing I want to make clear is that I don’t think all the Canada Goose Jackets are the fault of workmanship or material which make them run big or small

In fact, I think the brand has consciously chosen to make most of their jackets run big, most of the time in body length and hoody.

There are may two reasons for doing this, the first I can think of is to accommodate heavy layers comfortably and secondly which I think is more true is, to give their jackets a different look and style than the brands of the same niche.

Let’s find out which Canada Goose Men’s & Women’s jackets run small or big.

Men’s Canada Goose Jackets

There’s a chance you may not find your desired jacket on the table because either it is the same type or simply I forget to pay attention but one thing is for sure that after going through this table you may develop a little intuition of which jacket can fit you best.

Famous Men’s Canada Goose JacketDo They Run Small or Big?
Crofton Puffer Black LaberTrue to size
Crofton Down HoodyFits perfectly however the sleeves are a bit long which can be managed
Resolute shellRuns big which is expected with design
Crofton Down JacketTrue to size
Convertible Snow Mantra For Angel ChenIt runs big so please size down for everyday use however its main aim is extreme weather for which it’s made big.
Arxan Bomber JacketIt runs big
Mogan Rain JacketIt runs big
Hybridge Lite Tech Down HoodyFIts perfectly but get one size up if you have a belly
Jackson Down ShirtIt runs small
Dunham JacketIt runs small so get one size up.
Photojournalist jacketFits perfectly
Stanhope Jacket Fusion FitIt runs big
PBI Expedition Parka Fusion FitRuns Somewhat Big
Hybridge Fleece HoodyRuns big
Erickson Parka Runs big
Sheridon Parka Black LabelRuns little big
Kirkfield Bomber JacketRuns somewhat big
Hybridge CW Down Jacket Black LableRuns big
Langford ParkaRuns big

Women’s Canada Goose Jackets

Let’s check out the list of Women’s Canada Goose Jackets and their fitting.

Famous Women’s Canada Goose JacketDo They Run Big or Small?
Rossclair ParkaGet a size up to fit a thicker sweater otherwise fits perfectly
Standard Expedition ParkaBody length may feel big but in terms of fit and experience, it feels true to size
Cypress PufferIt Runs big in terms of room and body length but is absolutely perfect in sleeves. You may want to get a size down but I’d not suggest it as the roominess really feel comfy and needed.
Sherbrooke ParkaRuns big so go a size down if you’re shorter than 5’7″, XS will be fine.
Metron JacketIt runs big and roomier both in sleeves and body but it’s a coat style so let’s say if you’re around 5’10” then S will sit just above or on the knee.
Lorette ParkaRuns big but it’s what this Parka demands so I would say it is true to size so go with your normal sizing
Ellison Down Jacket Fusion FitPerfect in length but it is snug so get a size up if your body don’t feel great in tight clothes.
Hybridge Fleece JacketSize up if you’re between sizes
Simcoe Oversized Fleece HoodyNot that big
Ellesmere ParkaRuns big
Trillium Parka Fusion FitThe sleeves run big at XS, and Short at S so go for M if you normally wear S.
Elmwood ParkaRuns big at the body as the style demand. Don’t worry the parka won’t cross your knees if you’re around 5’2 or above.
Kenton Parka Black LabelRuns big
Aldridge Parka Black LabelRuns big. Ordering XS will be good if you’re around 5’3″.
Hybridge CW Down Bomber Black LabelTrue to size
Alliston JacketRuns a little big but don’t size down because you’ll not regret it. So, go with your normal sizing.
PBI Camp Down HoodyOrder a size up if you plan to wear thick sweaters or if you want to wear it under a jacket.
Hillhurst Down Pullover Black LabelRuns big in body length
Abbott HoodySize one up if you’re wide at the hip otherwise it is true to size
PBI Freestyle Vest HeritageGet one size up
Ellscott JacketTrue to size, however, few can feel it is a bit big and a little tight on the upper area
Salida Rain JacketFits perfectly
Fairhaven 1/4 zip sweaterRuns small
Shelburne ParkaRuns big
Expedition ParkaRuns big
Berkley Down CoatRuns a little big but fits perfectly so need to size down
Dore HoodyRuns small. For reference, if you’re around 5’9″, 125lbs, and normally wear small then go for medium with this one.

Does Canada Goose make plus size coats?

Yes, Canada Goose does make plus-size coats but unfortunately, not all of their coats are available in plus size.

As I said it is nowadays a little hard to find Canada Goose Coat in plus sizes (XL, 2XL. 3XL) but if you just spend some time opening all the coats available on their website you can find that there are still several coats in XL or 2XL but still most of the times the Plus size is not available for purchase.

The Coats available in plus size during the time of my research are given below.

Men’s Plus Size Canada Goose Coats

  • M’s Nomad Rain Coat (XL, 2XL)
  • M’s Crofton Puffer Black Label (XL)
  • M’s Crofton Down Jacket Black Label (XL, 2XL)
  • M’s The Standard Expedition Parka (XL, 2XL)
  • M’s X-Ray Chilliwack Bomber (XL)
  • M’s Science Research Jacket (XL, 2XL)
  • M’s Faber Bomber Jacket (XL)
  • M’s Hybridge Lite Tech Down Jacket (XL, 2XL, 3XL)
  • M’s Hybridge Down Coat (XL, 2XL)

Women’s Plus Size Canada Goose Jackets:

  • W’s Alliston Coat (XL, 2XL)
  • W’s Shelburne Parka (XL, 2XL)
  • W’s Sherbrooke Parka (XL. 2XL)
  • W’s Lorette Parka (XL)
  • W’s Roxboro coat black label (XL)
  • W’s Sherbrooke Parka
  • W’s Cypress Puffer (XL)
  • W’s Kenora Rain Jaket (XL)
  • W’s Belcarra Jacket (XL)
  • W’s Berkley Down Coat (XL)
  • W’s Rossclair Parka (XL)

Can I Return The Unfit Canada Goose Jacket (Procedure)

Any Canada Goose product that does fit you well or is defected or has not satisfied your expectations can be returned within 30 days of purchase.

However, you need to make sure that the jacket is unworn, unwashed, have all the original tags, and is in a resaleable ‘new-like condition.

To know more about the Canada Goose return policy please visit their return policy page.

Canada Goose Jackets Sizing Chart

Because Canada Goose offers jackets in 4 different sizing thus it’s better to create another post where with an explanation of the different types of fit: slim fit, fusion fit, regular fit, and relaxed fit, will also provide the sizing chart for men’s and women’s jackets.

Please read Canada Goose Jackets & Parkas fit & sizing chart

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