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Do Carhartt Hoodies Run Big? (Which Hoodie Run Big?)

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Yes, the majority of Carhartt hoodies do run big but in most cases, that’s not a fault of the company because it is a workwear company whose intention is to provide very mobile and safe hoodies to outdoor workers.

And as you know having a lot of space in the hoodie is needed when it comes to aggressive physical activities like construction work.

But some Carhartt hoodies run too big to handle, which makes it ideal to get a size down.

However, some styles also do run small or at least a bit snug in the shoulder area to an extent where you love to get a size up.

Just scroll a bit and you’ll see tables for men and women Carhartt hoodies along with sizing advice – whether to get a size up or not.

So take a note of your favorite Carhartt hoodie and then use this article as a resource to get intuitive sizing advice based on real people’s experiences.

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Which Carhartt Hoodies Run Big or Small?


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Famous Carhartt Hoodies/SweatshirtStyleDo They Run Big, Small, or True To Size? (+Advice)
Loose Fit Midweight Graphic SweatshirtK288Run a size big. It is visible that the sleeves are spacious and the tummy area is baggier.
If you normally wear XL, L will be just fine. Though some will go for their typical size if they work in construction for a more mobile look.
Rain Defender Loose Fit Heavyweight Sweatshirt100615It runs true to size. Yes a bit long in the body that it forms a fold in the tummy area but that’s not a problem.
Though you can always size down if you don’t want an oversize fit but I don’t think it’s needed.
Loose Fit Midweight Sweatshirt K121It runs big and roomy in sleeves so the majority will love to get a size down than their normal sizing.
Rain Defender Loose Fit Midweight Thermal Lined Full-Zip Sweatshirt104078It will run true to size for tall people but the average person will love to get a size down.
Force Relaxed Fit Midweight Mock-Neck Sweatshirt104475Runs true to size.
No one needs to get a size down, though you can get a size up to wear thick layers underneath it.
Rain Defender Relaxed Fit Midweight Quilt-Lined Full-Zip Sweatshirt103312Honestly, I don’t think it runs that big because having a little bit of space around the body and in the shoulders is good for mobile action.
IMO, runs true to size, go for a size up if you’re fond of a more spacious feel.
Loose Fit Midweight Hooded Detroit Graphic Sweatshirt104747It runs big and baggier so go for a size smaller than your usual size if you don’t need an oversized and baggy look.
But as workwear, go for the usual size to get great mobility.
Rain Defender Loose Heavyweight Full-Zip SweatshirtIt runs loose in the midsection so you can go for a size down (e.g. from L to M) and it would still fit fine with good space.

For a tall person, 6’3″, 300 lbs to say go for usual size and it would fit great with enough room to layer in winter.


Women’s Carhartt Hoodies/SweatshirtStyleDo They Run Big, Small, or True To Size? (+Advice)
Relaxed Fit Midweight Logo Sleeve Graphic Sweatshirt102791True to size. Go for a size up for a baggier fit.
Relaxed Fit Midweight Sweatshirt102790True to size but if you have a broad shoulder get a size up because it feels a bit snug
Relaxed Fit Midweight Full-Zip Sweatshirt102788Fits true to size. Just follow the recommended size by Carhartt
Relaxed Fit Midweight Sweatshirt103591Fits true to size but you can order a size up for roomier fit and if have broad shoulders.
I would recommend sizing down for a more fitted look unless you have broad shoulders.
Relaxed Fit Heavyweight Long Sleeve Hooded Thermal Sweatshirt 104967It runs true to size however get a size up if you want to wear a sweater or fleece or just want a roomier fit otherwise go with the usual size and it would fit awesome.
Clarksburg Half-zip Sweatshirt103240Runs true to size but I recommend getting a size up if you’re thinking to layer it with like undershirts.
Clarksburg Sherpa-lined Hoodie102787Run true to size but you can still get a size smaller if you want a more fitted look.
Relaxed Fit Midweight Camo Graphic Sweatshirt105082Run true to size but a bit snug so you may like to get a size up for a loose fit

Types Of Fitting Carhartt Hoodie Has:

Carhartt offers only two types of fits in their hoodies right now.

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed fit tends to run more on a true to size side but there are instances where we have seen them running big or even small/snug in some Carhartt hoodie styles.

Loose Fit

Loose fit, this is something you need to be aware of in hoodies from this brand because most of the hoodies that fall under this fit tend to run bigger, baggier, and loose on sleeves.

Sometimes it’s just what the style demands so not many complaints but we’ve seen some styles (listed in the table) where people are recommending to get a size down for a true-to-size fit.

Or, stick with your usual size if you’re planning on wearing the same hoodie as an outer layer in winter to accommodate multiple-layer comfortably.

Size Availability

Carhartt offers a very versatile range of sizes in their hoodies which start from XS and end to XXL in both men and women categories.

Though, the only difference is this – the women one get a 1X, 2X, 3X plus sizes and men’s have special L to 4XL range for tall people only.

Carhartt Hoodie Size Chart:


All measurements are in inches.

SizeChestWaistHip (Seat)
Carhartt Men’s Size Chart


All measurements are in inches.

SizeBustWaistHip (Seat)
X-Small (0-2)332736
Small (4-6)352938
1X Plus44-4638¾ – 40¾46½ – 48½
2X Plus48-5042¾ – 44¾50½ – 52½
3X Plus52-5446¾ – 48¾54½ – 56½
Carhartt Women’s Hoodie Size Chart

Conclusion – Pro Sizing Tip

I hope you got the answer to your question – do Carhartt hoodies run big? Again, yes, most of the Carhartt hoodies run big because they are manufactured by taking working people in mind who do aggressive physical work.

And, that’s the most of Carhartt hoodies especially loose fit and some relaxed fit ones are intentionally made to run big so that construction people can have great mobility around the shoulder, forearms, chest, tummy, and waist area.

But some Carhartt hoodies run so big that even working people recommend getting a size down.

If you want to try a Carhartt hoodie and you’re not an outdoor worker then in nearly all the cases I would recommend getting a size down to reduce that excess space.

However, some styles run completely true to size (mostly in relaxed fit) that you do not need to get a size down.

Some styles run a bit snug, you may love to get a size up otherwise most relaxed fit Carhartt hoodies are just fine with your normal sizing.

If you’re directly jumped to the conclusion section then for your information, I’ve invested a good deal of time creating tables for men and women Carhartt hoodies along with sizing advice in this same article.

So, go to the Carhartt website and if you like any of their hoodies, must come back to this page and see if your chosen hoodie runs big, small, or true to size.

I hope that will help you a lot.

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