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Do Hollister Hoodies Run Small? (Clear Answer)

Without any doubt, Hollister is a company that has a great sense of fashion.

But, let’s see whether Hollister hoodies run small, big, or true to size.

Here’s How Small Hollister Hoodies Run?

Because this brand is centered toward teens so, from that perspective, most Hollister hoodies run true to size, however, there are instances where several hoodies from this brand tend to run small either from the sleeves, body, or sometimes from both.

Also, some hoodies like Girl’s Oversized Full-zip hoodie and Guy’s Logo Graphic hoodie run big and longer in sleeves and body.

So, after analyzing, most are true to size, some run big but not to the extent where you sizing down is needed.

And a few run small and a bit tight where it’s a good idea to get a size up especially those broad shoulders. Such hoodies are the slime fit like Girl’s Slim-Fit Cropped Hoodie.

For example, in this video, the Hollister hoodie that he is wearing runs big and baggier 1st one, 2nd fits awesome) so getting a size down will not be a bad idea.

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Are Hollister Hoodies Teen Size?

Yes, Hollister hoodies are teen size and the brand itself is more inclined to make clothing for teens.

So clothes are specially designed for the age of 14 to through 18.

That could be a good reason that adults or mid-age people find the hoodies from this brand running small and tight or sometimes loose.

Which Hollister Hoodies Run Small?

Some Hollister HoodiesHow Do They Fit?
M’s Short-Sleeve HoodieTure to size but can feel a bit snug
M’s Oversized HoodieTrue to size
M’s Oversized Full-zip HoodieTrue to size
M’s Embroidered Logo HoodieRuns a bit baggy
M’s Embroidered Logo Full-zip Hoodie Ture to size. Perfect fit
M’s Terry HoodieTrue to size
M’s Sherpa-lined Full-zip HoodieRuns big
M’s Faux Fur-lined Full-zip HoodieRuns big
M’s Logo Graphics HoodieRuns big in sleeves and slightly baggies around the waist and tummy.
M’s Full-zip Icon HoodieTrue to size
M’s Applique Logo HoodieRuns big
W’s Gilly Hicks Crop Sherpa Sleep HoodieIt runs small and tighter in the bust
W’s Slim Crop Full-zip HoodieRuns true to size but feel a bit snug so considering a size up will not ruin the length
W’s Crop Oversized HoodieRuns big and roomier. However a good crop

How Do Hollister Hoodies Fit? (Tight or Loose)

Technically it does not depend on Hollister hoodies because your body type matters.

If you type a broad men/women then you’ll find most hoodies from this brand running tight or a bit snug in shoulder, waist, or bust.

But if you’re a slim one then most of the hoodies will feel just fine in the fitting. Of course, there are some excursions.

Hollister Hoodies Size Chart


All measurements are in inches

Hollister Men’s Hoodies Size Chart


All measurements are in inches

Hollister Women’s Hoodie Size Chart