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Do Hollister Jackets Run Small? (With Table)

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Yes, most Hollister jackets run small, and there are few that run small than needed but it is because of what today’s youth is demanding so I would say they run true to size and according to their size chart.

As we all know Hollister brand is popular among the youth due to fulfilling what their fashion is demanding.

But as you know they run small, and there are the folks that don’t want to go too small for their own reason so for this, in this article I am providing a detailed table including Hollister jackets and if you needed a particular jacket to size up or not.

So keep reading if you want all that is needed.

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Why Hollister Jackets Run Small?

I’ve seen people discussing endlessly how extremely short Hollister clothing is, and few folks say that the Hollister thinks of their customers as ‘dwarf’ which I don’t think is true.

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Because Hollister is known to be in the market of young guys and girls and it’s a point to be aware that nowadays small jackets are really getting popular.

These short jackets are also known as cropped jackets which have their own taste of style and to be honest, if paired correctly you can look like a real style geek.

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Like high-waisted jeans with cropped or small jackets can really create a beauty between the pieces.

After doing my research, I found that all the Hollister jackets are longer at sleeves and shorter at body length which can be seen in any other cropped jackets.

But as we know not all persons are the same who like the shorter jackets, some want it to be a little bigger and some want to be even shorter.

For, that reason here I am providing you a table of all known Hollister jackets with their sleeves length, body length, and a general idea of whether they will fit perfectly on a general person’s body.

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Hollister Jackets That Run Small (Table):

The table includes:

  • Hollister jackets for guys & girls
  • Their sleeve and body legth
  • And, a general idea of whether they run small or fit perfectly.
Hollister Jackets (Guys/Girls)Sleeve LengthBody LengthDo they run small?
Guys Fleece Line Shell Jacket35.5″ (Size M)27″
(Size M)
True to Size. A 6’1″ guy can easily wear M size
Guys Fleece Lined Sport Hoodie36″
(Size M)
(Size M)
True to Size. Men around 6’1 can easily fit it size M
Guys Logo Hooded Full-Zip Windbreaker33.5″ (Size M) 28″ (Size M) True to Size
Guys Hooded Denim Jacket33.5″ (Size M) 27.5″ (Size M) True to Size
Guys Hooded Bomber Jacket36.5″ (Size M) 28″ (Size M) Sleeves are perfect runs small on the body so I would recommend going for a size up.
Guys Mock Neck Puffer Jacket37″ (Size M) 28.75″ (Size M) Fits Perfectly
Guys Must-Have Fleece-Lined Parka36″ (Size M) 32.75″ (Size M) Fits perfectly
Guys Faux-Fur Lined Parka35.5″32.75″Fits perfectly
Guys Fleece-Lined Anorak Pullover Jacket36″ (Size M) 30″ (Size M) It does not run small
Girls Stretch Denim Jacket33″
(SIze S)
(Size S)
Fits perfectly for a girl around 5’8″ wearing size s
Girls All-Weather Jacket34″
(SIze S)
(SIze S)
Fits perfectly for a girl around 5’9″ wearing size M
Girls Oversized Denim Jacket33.5″
(Size M)
(Size M)
A bit large as its name says but no need to size it down because it fits perfectly for the provided style.
Girls Nylon Rain Jacket33.5″
(Size S)
(Size S)
Fits perfectly. A girl around 5’9″ can easily fit size S.
Girls All-Weather Bomber Jacket34″ (Size S) 24.5″ (Size S) Good at sleeves but runs small in body length. If you’re around 5’9″, S will fit just nicely.
Girls Faux-Leather Biker Jacket32.5″
(Size S)
22″ (Size S) Fits perfectly according to the style provided. If you’re around 5’9″ can comfortably wear size S.
Girls Crop Hooded Cordury Jacket32.5″ (Size S)19.5″ (Size S) It runs short but I think it’s stylish
Girls Social Tourist Oversized Spliced Denim Jacket35″ (Size S) 30″ (Size S) It’s Oversized so obviously does not run small. If you’re around 5’5″, wearing Size S will fit perfectly
Girls Mesh-Lined Full-Zip Windbreaker34″ (Size S)27.75″ (Size S) It fits perfectly.
Girls Plaid Blazer34″ (Size S) 28.75″
(Size S)
Instead of running short, it runs large but it’s manageable
Girls Sherpa-Lined Puffer Jacket33″ (Size S) 26″ (Size S) Fit’s Perfectly
Girls Corduroy Mockneck Puffer Jacket34″23.23″True to Size

Can I Exchange The Unfit Hollister Jackets? (Procedure)

If you’re trying the Hollister jackets first and you don’t like the fit or how small it fit you then you can return it within 30 days of purchase.

To get as much detail as possible, I contacted Hollister customer care for both how to return the unfit jacket and why do they run small in the first place.

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You are free to read the transcript of my chat after the image.

Chatting with Hollister customer care to know why some jackets run small and how to return the unfit jacket
My Chat with Hollister Customer Care

My Chat With Hollister Customer Care

Melissa: Hi! thank you for contacting Hollister Co. My name is Melissa! How may I help you?
Michael: Hello Melissa!
Michael: I am Michael, have a short question

Melissa: Sure. what is it?
Michael: I want to buy a guy’s hooded bomber jacket, but I doubt a bit if it fits perfectly?
Can I return or exchange it fit it doesn’t go as expected?

Melissa: Yes, you may return it. If you want to return an item and want to get a refund to your original payment form, you need to return it within 30 days.
Michael: Means I can buy a larger size only after the return is processed.
Michael: And, also why do some jackets run small?, I think it’s due to style but want to hear from you

Melissa: We sometimes restock items based on their popularity. We usually restock 7-14 days so you just need to check the website. Unfortunately, we don’t have any specific information that we can provide on when an item will be back in stock. We usually advise liking the item by click the heart icon so you can easily check if it’s back in stock.
Michael: Ok thanks

Melissa: You’re welcome! Is there anything else that I can help you with?
Michael: But you haven’t answer why few run real small

Melissa: Because it depends on the style sometimes and the materials we used.
Michael: Thanks for clearing the minute doubt

Melissa: You’re welcome! Thank you for being the best part of the Hollister Co. Family, Please let us know if you need anything else. I hope I provide you perfect satisfaction with your concerns. Have a great night and keep safe!
Michael: Have a wonderful day and may you get all the beautiful days you deserved

Hollister Jackets Sizing Chart:

Men’s Jackets Sizing Chart (US Only)

Hollister Men’s Jackets Sizing Chart

Women’s Jackets Sizing Chart (US Only)


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