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Do Levi Jackets Run Small? (List Of Jackets That Run Small)

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Yes, Levi’s jackets do run small but not all the jackets run small as there are the jackets that run big too.

That being said many Levi jackets are still true to size but I can’t deny that they are inconsistent in their sizing so you need to be aware of jackets fitting before buying them.

Levi jackets are known for their trucker and denim jackets which on the first eye look small and surprisingly young folks like to wear small jackets then a perfect fit.

Let’s find out which Levi’s jacket really runs small, so you can buy a size up and which Levi’s jackets run big so that you can buy a size down.

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Levi’s Jackets That Runs Small:

To refine your process of purchasing Levi’s jackets here I am providing you tables for men’s and women’s jackets with a brief of whether they run small or not.

The table is prepared after surveying Levi users using reviews and so on.

Levi’s Men’s Jackets That Run Small

Here’s the list of some famous men’s Levi’s jackets and a brief of whether they run small or are true to size.

Levi’s JacketsDo They Run Small?
M’s Battery Bomber JacketFits Perfectly
M’s Skate Mock Fleece Zip Runs short at body
M’s Denim Trucker JacketIt runs short. E.g. If you’re around 5’10, 160 lbs you should size up and go for size M if you want to wear layers but if not you can go with normal size.
M’s Sherpa Trucker JacketTrue to Size. But, go for a size up if you want to wear a sweatshirt or something like that under it.
M’s Brisbane Chore CoatTrue to size.
Men’s New Worker CoatFits well
M’ Woodside Utility ParkaFits perfectly but is slim. Go for a size up to get the benefit fit in cold temperatures by layerings.
M’s Vintage Fit Sherpa JacketRuns big, not small even for a guy whose chest is around 43″
M’s Fillmore Short Puffer JacketTrue to size
M’s Oversized Type II Trucker JacketRuns big as style says
M’s Mariana Windbreaker JacketTrue to size
M’s Mountain CoatRuns little big
M’s Loose Suede Bomber JacketRuns Big
M’s Type II Worn Trucker JacketRuns Small
Levi Men’s Jackets (Small, Big, or True To Size)

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Women’s Levi Jackets That Run Small:

Let’s see some of the famous Levi’s women’s jackets and whether they run small, big, or true to size.

Women’s Levi’s JacketsDo they run small?
Ex-Boyfriend Trucker JacketRuns small so do size up to get a comfortable fitting
Original Trucker JacketFits perfectly (However, few recommend to size up. Like from normal M to L, L to Xl, and so on)
Original Sherpa Trucker JacketRuns small so must size up
Lenora Trench CoatObviously, it does not run small
Henny Leather JacketTrue to size
Levi’s Wellthread® Adjustable Trucker JacketFit’s perfectly but you should size 1 up for baggy fit
Loose Utility Trucker JacketTrue to size
Original Sherpa Trucker Jacket- Light WashTrue to size
Lydia Reversible Puffer JacketRuns somewhat big
Pandora Packable JacketRuns a little big for extra room and ease of movement
Lydia Reversible VestTrue to size
Cocoon Bomber Trucker JacketRuns big so size down because sleeves holes can feel like a hole if that’s your taste it’s fine.
Heritage Corduroy Sherpa Trucker JacketRuns big which you can manage with layers in winter but size down it if you want a model look because the sleeves opening are wide. For example. If you’re around 5’10 then instead of going small you can go for extra small for the model look.
Rosa Fashion Down JacketRuns somewhat big
Diamond Quilt Puffer JacketRuns big as the style demand
Levi Women’s Jackets (Small, Big, or True To Size)

Type Of Jackets Fit That Levi Provides:

Levi’s Jackets Regular Fit: With this Levi’s fit you can expect a jacket with a shaped design to get the body look fit with slight space throughout the jacket.

This fit can easily accommodate a thin layering like your normal shirt or t-shirt but don’t expect to give you the comfort and ease of motion when adding a thick sweater or sweatshirt.

If you still want to add layering in the standard-fit then you’ll need to size up however they may be exceptions where a regular jacket can be worn with thick layerings without any problem.

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Levi’s Relaxed or Loose Jackets FIt: By seeing Levi’s jacket you can tell whether it is a relaxed or a regular fit. If the jacket is sitting loosely on the body with no shaping and cuttings then it is a relaxed fit.

With a relaxed fit, it is common to see jackets whose shoulders fit more down than a real shoulder.

Such jackets are good for winters for heavy layers like a thick sweater or hoody and remain relaxed as the name says.

Can You Return The Unfit Levi’s Jackets

Yes, if you find that your Levi’s jacket is running too small or big that you don’t like to wear then you can return that jacket to Levi within 60 days.

Point to be noted that the jacket should be unworn, unwashed, and all tags should be in place.

The jackets brought from can be returned either via mail or to Levi’s retail/outlet store. However, if the purchase is made from the store can only be returned at the store and not via mail.

You can know more about Levi’s return policy on their return page.

Levi’s Jackets Sizing Chart:

Men’s Jackets Sizing Chart

Measurements are in inches.

Levi’s Men’s Jackets Sizing Chart

Women’s Jacket’s Sizing Chart

Measurements are in inches.

Levi’s Women’s Jackets Sizing Chart

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