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Do Marmot Jackets Run Small? (Very Helpful Guide)

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The majority of Marmot jackets run true to size, only some run small and a very few runs big.

The jackets that run small, are small & tight mostly in the shoulders, chest, and waist.

But if you size up some jackets that run small like Marmot men’s smokes run jacket then it will get bigger in sleeves than needed.

Still, most of the time the jackets that marmot offers fit perfectly and are just what works best in terms of fitting.

I’ve covered so many brands and their jackets fitting with a very big data set of which jackets run small, big, or are true to size.

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And today we will do the same with Marmot jackets along with a really big table consisting of most of the marmot jackets (men’s/women’s) and their fitting recommendation (get a size up or not).

If you’re a Patagonia or Arc’teryx user then you’ll be pleased to know that Marmot jackets run very close to them in terms of sizing.

So you can go for the same size with Marmot that you go with Patagonia and Arc’teryx.

Why Some Marmot Jackets Run Small?

To be clear, I do not know the exact reason. But, after observing marmot jackets that run small is – that they tend to go slimmer in shoulders and chest.

Another common reason for those jackets is the fitting type. To give you a broad understanding with a short description let me tell you the type of fit marmot offers in their jackets.

Marmot offers 4 fits tops: Athletic, semi, regular, and relaxed. Among these 4, jackets are only available in athletic and regular.

Let’s leave the other two and just discuss the jacket fits as it is what the article is about.

Athletic Fit:

Athletic fit features tailored or shaped shoulders and fitted hem. If you go with this fit then you need to be aware that this ain’t the needed room to add the layers without losing mobility.

Marmot Jackets Athletic Fit

In its own nature, it tends to be tighter in the whole body to give you a more slim and shaped fit.

As the name implies, it is recommended that only the person who has an athletic body can consider this fit. Any other person may find it a taut.

Regular Fit

The marmot jackets with this fit are less shaped or tailored and are much roomier than the athletic fit.

Regular Fit Marmot Jackets

This is what I would recommend to most people who want to buy a very comfortable and mobile jacket that does not resist the body’s movement even when adding layers like a thick fleece, heavy sweaters, sweatshirt, etc.

But keep in mind that not every marmot jacket with the relaxed fit is true to size because as you will see in the table mentioned in this post that still there are jackets like Minimalist Component 3-in-1 which runs smaller than what the size chart says and thus it is recommended to go a size up.

This is just an example there are more jackets in both men’s/women’s sections.

However, a very few regular fits also run big like Fordham, Mammoth Parka, etc where some of these are intended to run big which is good however, a very few are good with going a size down, even if you don’t it is not a problem because then the jacket can bear multiple layers both thin and thick.

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Which Marmot Jackets Run Small?

Let’s directly jump into the table to see which marmot jackets run small, big, or are true to size.

The table is created based on the other reviews and my intuition which makes it more accurate and can suggest to you whether you need to size up, down, or not at all needed.

Also, you need to know that how well a jacket fit also depends upon individual body types and frames, thus it is good that you check all the measurements in the size chart provided at the end of this article.

Men’s Jackets

Marmot Men’s JacketsCenter Back Length (In Inches)Do They Run Small?Style Number
Minimalist jacket28True to Size31230
Minimalist Component 3-in-1 jacket30.5Runs small, so always get a size up from the marmot size chart31530
Precip Eco jacket29For a single layer, go with your usual size, however, size up for more than one layer.41500
Alsek jacket27True to size11370
Rocklin ½ Zip jacket28True to size10150
Alsek hoody27True to size11360
Drop Line 1/2-Zip Fleece Jacket28True to size71100
Highlander down jacket27Fit is tight around the chest which might be a question mark for an athletic or muscular fit.
Go for a size up if you have a large waist.
Hype down jacket27True to size11330
Guides down hoody28.5True to size73060
Aros fleece jacketUnknownTrue to size33340
Mammoth parka32.5Runs big so get a size down if you want a perfect fit, otherwise, it is fine to go with your usual size.91490
Knife Edge jacket29.5True to size31610
Fordham down insulated jacket27Runs a bit big in sleeves, shoulders, and body length but the pockets are not that wide. I would not recommend to size down as it is there to provide roominess.73870
Gravity jacket28The jacket is taut so get a size up for good mobility.80190
Smokes Run jacketUnknownAwkward fitting means it runs small in L but in XL the sleeves ran too long and gave a very boxy fit10380
Rocklin Full Zip jacket28.25Ture to size, but a bit long which I don’t consider any big.10130
Bleeker Component 3-in-1 jacketShell: 31,
Liner: 27
Chest and shoulders run tight and sleeves are a little long. This is applicable if you’re around 5’6″, 210 lbs with around 44 chest or above.14080
KT Component 3-in-1 jacket31Runs a bit big which is ok as it will protect you from the snow and extra room for layering. For multiple layers get even size up.84200
Hovden jacket31True to size11090
Hype down hoody27Runs too big10870
Highlander down hoody27True to size but one with wide hips or a big stomach, will snug around that area.79400
Oslo Jacket33.5Runs big74670
Burdell jacket28True to size81700

Women’s Jacket

Women’s Marmot JacketsCenter Back LengthHow’s the fitting?Style Number
Montreaux coat39It fits perfectly, though it hit the knees which might be a choice for you, in reality, this long length helps us to protect ourselves from cold car seats.78090
Alsek jacket26True to size13090
Minimalist jacket27Get a size up to what the sizing chart says to not feel snug.36120
Montreal coat33It’s not an excellent fit! chest is tight, shoulders are narrow, and arms are too big. So what I’d say is, it runs small and big both at the same time.78570
PreCip Eco jacket27.5The jacket runs a real small so definitely consider sizing up if you desire to add layers and do not want your chest, waist, hips, and shoulders to feel too tight.46700
Highlander jacket26Fits perfectly. Consider sizing to accommodate heavy layers like thick sweaters.79370
Olden Polartec Power Stretch Pro hoody25Fits perfectly, those who have short arms may find the sleeves are a bit long13260
Long Avant Featherless hoody34.75True to size79330
Avant Featherless jacket24.5Fits nicely but runs small through the shoulder so size if you want layers, otherwise it’s fine.79340
Essential jacket33True to size12480
Refuge jacket27True to size12330
Huntley jacket28Those who have a larger chest would feel it tight but if you size up then it would be too big on shoulders. So if you’re similar to this case then you’ve to manage this type of fit.36140
Chelsea jacket38The jacket fits perfectly but the hood is really a tiny thing.76560
Strollbridge jacket33.5Runs a little small so get a size up, though keep in mind that the sleeves will also get bigger than your arms if you size up.78770
Guides Down Hoody26.5True to size79300
Prospect coat44.5I’d recommend sizing up because it is slightly too fitted.10750
Highlander hoody26True to size79360
Knife Edge jacket27.5True to size36080
Lea jacket32Fits perfectly35780
Kristina jacket34Fits perfectly78480
Minimalist jacket plus size31.5True to size and fits perfectly36200
Solaris jacket31Fits perfectly12470
Ithaca jacket25.25True to size78840
Wiley jacket25Fits well but I would recommend sizing up to get more mobility in the shoulder area when adding a layer. But, just with a shirt, no need to size up.89300
Hype down hoody27Runs big79310

Can I Return Unfit Marmot Jackets (Procedure):

Yes, the jackets that were purchased from, if not fitting well or not come as expected can be returned to the company via mail within 60 of purchase.

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But, the jackets which are notated with the price ending in .97, are not eligible for return or refund as they are the final sale items.

Furthermore, the jackets bought from the Marmot Flagship Store can not be returned via mail however they can be returned to the location where you’ve purchased them.

The return and refund will depend upon the jacket condition As Marmot states the jacket should be unworn, unwashed, and in a new condition with all the price tags.

You may ask now, instead of returning the small or big jacket can I exchange it for another. The answer is no but after returning the item and successfully getting a refund you can place a new order with a different size.

You will receive the refund to the method of purchase within 2-3 weeks of submitting the return form.

Marmot Jackets Size Chart:

The measurements mentioned in this section correspond to actual body measurements and not the garments which are I think another reason why most of the jackets that you have read in the table are fine even without sizing up or down.

Men’s Size Chart

All the measurements are in inches



Big & Tall

(For Tall People Only)

Women’s Size Chart



Plus Size



I hope this post will help you a lot in choosing a good marmot jacket in terms of what size fits you well.

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