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Do Moncler Jackets Run Small? (With US Sizing Chart)

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Yes, almost all the Moncler Jackets run small so always get a size up especially if you’re a person who loves outdoor adventure or is likely to layer it. By going one size up, the body’s movements shall not get blocked.

However, if your Moncler jacket is really warm and insulated properly then you may not need to size up because now there’s ain’t much layering needed.

And you’ll be pleased to know that “If you’re like me, who like to wear just a shirt underneath the jackets”, you can go with your normal sizing.

But an outdoor active person must size up.

That’s the direct answer to your question but you can continue to read the article if you want to know some examples of Moncler jackets that run small and one or two that can be fit perfectly.

In this article, we’re also going to explain the Moncler Jackets sizing system and the sizing chart for men’s and women’s (in inches).

Which Moncler Jackets Run Small?

Moncler Jackets
Do They Run Small or True To Size?
M’s Coutard Short Down JacketRuns small so size up if you’re likely to wear layers if not it’s fine.
M’s Maury Short Down Jacket Runs small! Size up.
M’s Lemoine Short Down Jacket Fits perfectly but will feel tight in layers
M’s Grimblat Short Down Jacket True to size
M’s Nicaise Long Down JacketRuns long on length still go up for layers
M’s Bounard Motorcycle JacketRuns small
M’s Star BlazerPerfect fit
M’s Kalalau Long ParkaRuns big
W’s Brunelle JacketRuns small
W’s Maire Short Down JacketRuns small
Khole Long Down JacketsTrue to size
W’s Alpiste Lightweight Down JacketRuns really small
W’s are ParkaRuns small

Can I Return My Unfit Moncler Jacket?

Yes, you can return any Moncler jacket that is not fitting properly within 15 days of the parcel being received either by contacting the Moncler through their online form or by visiting a Moncler Boutique.

To know more about the return process of the Moncler jackets, I contacted Moncler Customer Support, and here is what they have to say:

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Email Transcript (Moncler Clarifying The Return Process)

Dear Client,

Thank you for contacting Moncler and for your interest in our Brand.
You can request a return for any item purchased on the Moncler Online Store within 20 days of the delivery date.

Returned items must comply with our Return Policy:

  • They must be returned unworn, undamaged and unused, with all tags attached and the original packaging included
  • If you wish to return a pair of shoes, please return them inside their original box
  • The package can only be shipped from the same country it was delivered to
  • The purchase was done online or from a boutique on
  • Less than 20 days have passed since the courier delivered the order

If all the above conditions are met, then:

• Simply click the return button after you have received the package and if you are not registered, fill in the online Return Form.

• Replace the shipping label on the box with pre-paid return label UPS

• Contact UPS to arrange the pick-up or leave the parcel at a designated drop-off location.

We normally verify and process returns within 3 business days from when they are received. The refund will be issued upon return acceptance, and you will receive a confirmation email.

For further information on the conditions for exercising your right to return, please see the Legal Area.
We look forward to welcoming you to our online store and we remain at your disposal for any further information you may need.

Best regards,
Client Service Moncler
+1 888 320 9162
Mon – Fri
9 am to 6 pm EST

Types Of Fits Moncler Provides For Jackets

As far as my research goes, the Moncler jacket offers only two types of fits for their jackets in both men and women sections.

These are:

Regular Fit: With this fit, Moncler features a regular fit across the shoulders and a straight cut through the body. The jackets with this fit might feel tighter in your bigger areas.


Relaxed fit: The Moncler designed this fit to allow more mobility and a roomier feeling but still do not think of this as the ultimate solution for layering under your usual size. Even though it is a loose fit, but still runs smaller.

You’ll see the jacket with this fitting, sitting relaxed across the shoulders, and fall loosely on the body.

Moncler Jackets Sizing (Explained)

I’ve covered many jackets sizing in this series like Canada Goose, Patagonia, North Face, and many more but I’ve not come across a sizing chart that uses a number system like Moncler.

Alike any other person, on the first eye I also got a bit confused and wonder why Moncler can’t give a straight size chart instead of going in a different direction.

But, after paying some attention I got to know how their sizing system works.

Let me explain to you:

Moncler uses the number system which starts from 00 and goes up to 7. These numbers meant different things in France, Italy, and United States. But here I’ll discuss the US version because I am not familiar with the other two countries.

In the USA, the Moncler numbers mean:

  • 00 – Extra-Extra Small
  • 0 – Extra Small
  • 1 – Small
  • 2 – Medium
  • 3 – Medium/Large
  • 4 – Large
  • 5 – Large/Extra Large
  • 6 – Extra Large
  • 7 – Extra Extra Large

If you wonder what measurements of chest, hip, waist, and bust fall into these numbers, then please scroll down to see the Moncler jackets sizing chart for Men and Women.

However, the measurements are given in centimeters on the Moncler website which I just converted into inches (Haha, they aren’t my discovery)

Where Is The Size On A Moncler jacket?

Moncler, in all of their jackets, sewing the size tag to the left side seam, which is up near the collar. Moncler is sewing this way since the mid-2000s so nothing new to be surprised about.

Though the brand isn’t consistent on which direction the size number should face, so do not worry if on one jacket, it is facing right and on the other is left.

Moncler Jackets Men’s Sizing Chart (US Only):

Measurements are in inches

Moncler SizeUnited StatesChest SizeWaistHip

Moncler Jackets Women’s Sizing Chart:

Measurements are in inches

Moncler SizeBustWaistHip

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