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How do Bape Sweatpants fit? (With US Size Chart)

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The type of design that Bape dared to craft deserves a million applause. I am a big fan of their shark hoodie and shark head sweatpants. Due to their appealing design, I already have covered bape hoodie sizing and today, in this quest, let’s confront how bape sweatpants fit in real life.

Let’s get started.

Bape Sweatpants Sizing/Fitting – Small, Big, or TTS?

As far as I know, the Bape Sweatpants run true to size, and the only possible reason I can think of is they have different size charts for different styles; some follow the exact measurements while others have different proportions. This allows them to create sweatpants that will sit great on both men’s and women’s legs.

So yes, my final recommendation is to follow size charts and get the sweatpants without sizing up or down, and you won’t regret it because they fit so well that you won’t even notice a bit off-the-mark size.

Another thing that could intrigue you is they provide different measurement sets for China, Japan, France, and Europe. Not even that, if you purchase from the official bape website, then in many sweatpants, you will see unavailability or limited stock of some sizes. So if you saw a great sweat and have the desired size listed, grab it because they’re fixed.

Another commonly asked is where to buy authentic Bape sweatpants or any clothing. I honestly think buying it directly from cause on websites like stockx, grailed, etc., you need to check for legitimacy thoroughly. I am not saying that you could not buy a good pair from third-party websites, but it would be your risk to take.

Styles That Bape Has For Sweatpants

During the time of writing this article on official, there are only three styles (which may increase in the future) of sweatpants available for women, and the fact is that they are all oversized which are as follows:

Women styles:

  1. Milo Monogram: Made up of 100% cotton, but the main highlight is its pattern that consists of apes, stars, and flowers on a white background.
  2. Ape Head One Point: Available in army green, grey, and brown. The main highlight is the classic fluffy ape head on the upper leg. Yup, it is also made up of 100% cotton.
  3. Classic Bape Sweatpants: Made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, it is the classic bape style sweatpants with a waistband, and “Bape” are written on the thigh.

Men Styles:

  1. X OVO Woodland Camo Shark: Three main highlights of these sweatpants are a very appealing shark hand, the OVO logo on the legs, and its reversible styles that allow you to wear them inside out. It also has ribbed cuffs – not a highlight but many folks like it, so I thought why not mention it.
  2. Ursus sweatpants, X Heron Preston Mx 1st Camo, and X Hugo Sweatpants are also some styles you may like to try, especially for a Bape lover.

Size Chart of Bape Sweatpants (US)

All measurements are in centimeters. But keep in mind that Bape provides a size guide for each sweatpants. The measurements of two different styles of oversized sweatpants can vary up to 4 cms, but as they are in cms, so if you follow the given size charts for men and women, you would get a great fit though they may not be the perfect fit.

For a great fit, you need to check the size guide of individual sweatpants and then size up, down, or go for true to size, as this article recommends.


Measurements are in Centimeters

SizeWaistHemHipBody Length


Measurements are in Centimeters

SizeWaistHemHipBody Length

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