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How Do Supreme Hoodies Fit? (With Video)

Supreme hoodies are inconsistent in sizing because if you buy the original then it would not fit as same as their collab hoodies with other brands like Nike, Le Luxe, The North Face, Champion, and so on.

Also in originals, two different styles will fit differently but generally speaking the Supreme spring and summer hoodies tend to fit true to size because they are perfect in sleeves and body length.

However, the summer/thin hoodies run wider/roomier in sleeves more as compared to the body.

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For example, if you’re a 5’8 woman wearing cross box logo hoodies then you would find to go with M size for a perfect and roomier fit but if you want a more fitted look then obliviously size down to S.

For example, if you’re a guy around 6’1 and 150 lbs then M size box logo winter hoodie will feel smaller in width where you will find it better to go for L.

Though, not in sleeves as all variants come with lots of space.

And the winter supreme hoodies which tend to be thicker fit are perfect in length but they will feel snug around the chest area and waist as they tend to run small.

But one thing you need to be aware, is when you size up or down any supreme hoodie you may get a perfect fitted hoodie but you may also compromise with sleeves and body length.

Because with your usual size ‘M -to say’ you’ll have a good length in hoodies (not too big or short) but when you size it up to L or Xl then you’ll feel a tremendous increase in overall length.

Though nearly all supreme hoodies come with a waistband so there is no need to worry about body length as it can be managed by making it baggier around the tummy.

So What Size Should I Go For In Supreme Hoodies?

Coming from other users, it is quite clear that not all supreme hoodies fit the same.

For example, an M size wearer will find that the Motion logo Hoodie that had come a couple of seasons ago fit smaller and snug but the M size of Ice Arc Logo Hoodie which is more recent tends to fit much boxier and baggier.

So the best thing you can do is to go to the store and try different sizes yourselves.

But if you can’t do that then here are some general guidelines based on people’s opinions.

  • Go for you usual size if you don’t want to wear any layer other than a shirt and still be comfortable.
  • Gor for one size up if you’re planning to wear any thick layer underneath it because by just going one size up the supreme hoodies becomes a lot baggier and roomier. So even if you don’t wear the thicker layer, getting a size up will be great option for those who love a bagger fit.
  • Get a size down if you want a more fitted look but don’t do this with supreme winter hoodies instead going a size down with summer/thinner styles will get you a fit and still look roomier around the arms and chest but the sleeves length will also get reduced.
  • In most cases supreme is a style where getting a size down is not always the best choice.
  • So either go for your normal size or get a one size up but do not go for a small size.

Summing It Up…

Supreme hoodies are inconsistent in size so there is a good chance that the upcoming hoodies in next season will not fit the same as the previous hoodies.

Though, the historical data suggest that all supreme hoodies till now contain more space in sleeves than the body and most are true in length which can be further adjusted by folding up the waistband.

Their summer style runs true to size but the winter style tends to run small and tight.

But, what I’ve shared is not the exact fit that works every season but gave you a general idea of what the best bet you can make.