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How Does Camping Fulfill Fitness Goal? Here are the Facts!

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If you’re reading this, then I am pretty sure that you already know what you want to achieve? What type of body do you want? and so on.

I don’t know what fitness goal you have but it may be related to shedding fat, building muscles, Improving endurance, or just wanting a body that’s not too bold or too lean, in other words, you may be looking for just a fit body.

Whatever goal you may have, one thing I can assure you, the camping will fulfill your fitness goal. But, you’ll decline if you only identify camping with sitting and shooting breeze inside the tent.

Let me be your friend and give you some cool and worth implementing tips. So that camping will not come your way to fitness. In fact, after reading this you’ll want to have another camping trip.

How does camping fulfill fitness goal: Yes, camping fulfill your fitness goal because camping itself requires your involvement which then leads to various other activities like setting up the tent, walking on uneven paths, managing your campsite, and things that require your attention. It is estimated that camping burns 165 calories per hour.

In direct and indirect ways camping fulfills fitness goals. But, if you just know one type of camping – that is tent camping or camping of lazy people. Then camping will refresh your body and your mind by connecting them to nature but it will not much help you on your fitness goal.

Still you need to follow the basics

As we’ve developed a fitness cycle in our daily life, we need to maintain the same cycle while camping. The cycle looks like this:


Is camping an exercise?

Yes and no. Why am I saying this? Because of your idea of camping. If for you, camping means watching movies or scrolling your phone while sitting inside the tent.

For sure that is not any kind of exercise. But if you know camping as aligning with nature and you just want yourself to sink in nature’s beauty. Then, my friend, camping is no less than doing a workout in your square room.

In fact, you will remain mentally and physically fresh. If you just want to about calories, it is estimated that camping can burn 165 calories per hour as camping includes intense activity like setting up the tent and maintaining your campsite.

And rigorous activities like walking on uneven paths (according to research, walking on uneven paths helps to increase mental clarity to an unbelievable height) and burning campfire.

Not only that, If you like to have a flavor of your daily workout while camping, then there is no problem doing your daily workout with some modifications. Stay with me to know more about this.

How do you exercise while camping?

To exercise while camping, you need to be a bit clever in finding the available ways provided by nature that you can use for your workout.

Now how is it possible to work out while camping without having a pull-up bar or dumbbell? Well, If you’re camping outdoors you’ll probably find a good tree whose branches you can use as a pull-up bar.

This is just a way of doing some really intense pull-ups. You can even go hardcore if you’re a bit creative and can find ways to do creative pull using tree hands.

This is just a way, let’s see some other things you can find to keep on track of your fitness goal while camping.

Fat burning camping workout
  • Fill your water bottles fully and put them inside your spare bag. If water bottles are not available then look for the material provide by the nature like stones, and fill your bag with it. Don’t go too hard, just make sure that the weight is appropriate for your workout. Use that bag to train your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.
  • Push-ups are very easy to do workouts while camping and can be done anywhere. What we need is just a plain surface and that’s it. Look for different surfaces to do different forms of push-ups.
  • If you’re camping then I think you might have some chairs, Use them to do train your shoulders. Just put your feet on the chair and your hand on the ground. Now do pushups, With each rep, make your angle a little closer to make it tenser.
  • Do the desired number of burpees outside your tent to train and strengthen the muscles of your legs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, chest, arms, and shoulders.
  • Do crunches, reverse crunches, planks, mountain climber exercise, dead bug, etc. to train your abs. All from crunches to dead bugs are bodyweight workouts so you don’t need to pack anything extra rather than your body. Don’t forget to bring your body (Just joking). You can find tutorials of all these abs workout on
  • Camping near the river, and you know how to swim. Then, what else do you need to burn calories? Research shows that swimming and running burn nearly the same amount of calories. Swimming for 30 minutes can burn up to 200 calories on average. If you want to burn more than according to, 30 minutes of butterfly swimming burns around 450 calories. So, is it not a good deal?
  • If you’re still not satisfied with your body weight then bring a resistance band with you to make things more intense.
  • How can we forget the most important thing – Stretching. As we stretching should be done before starting a workout and after completing the workout. While camping, what can be better than stretching under the stars. You should try stretching under the stars (and if possible have a shower or some dips in the river) before going to bed and see how comfortably you’ll sleep after a full day of camping. Don’t forget to share your experiences on this same blog post.

These are the ways that I currently know. If you have something in your mind and then please let me and others know.

Yes, you can exercise anywhere during camping until the government prohibited any area for camping.

Another thing you need to aware of potential risks like snakes and bears. If you’re interested you can check out ways to keep snakes and bears away while camping.

How can I exercise while I sleep?

Exercising while sleeping not only helps burning calories but it is one of the best ways to keep yourself warm inside the tent during winters. However, experts don’t recommend doing vigorous exercise within one hour of bedtime.

I completely agree with this. These are little workouts that you can do when the temperature is body freezing and you need to generate enough heat in your body. If you’re camping in summer then It is way better not to work out within an hour of bedtime.

Crunches are one of those exercises to stay warm while sleeping inside the tent during winter where you don’t even need to slip out from your sleeping bag in cold.

Why exercising outside is the best?

Camping on its own has tremendous benefits but as you’re reading this article you may be more interested in knowing the benefits of working out outdoors.

So, here are some benefits that might motivate you to try camping for at least once.

  • It reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.
  • Helps with insomnia.
  • Working out outdoor will not hide from the sun and thus the sunshine provides vitamin D. Sunlight also enhances energy generation in the muscles and oxidation of the tissues.
  • Exercising outdoors won’t cost you a penny. Just your body and free-of-cost tools provided by nature are enough.
  • It is the chance to try something new.
  • Your concentration will improve.
  • You may heal faster.
  • Exercising outdoors benefits the whole body and mind by bringing joy, clarity, and openness to life.

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