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How To Make Camping Cot More Comfortable

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Everyone needs to have enough energy for making their activities done in a joyful manner and the same goes for adventurists. Sleep plays an important role in refreshing and recharging the body and mind.

So enjoying a full day of camping you need to have a good sleep which will help you to refresh & recharge your body for the next day. In this situation, there are many solutions but they defer for different types of sleepers.

Some feel comfortable sleeping on a sleeping bag while some feel comfortable sleeping on a cot. In this article, I will do my best to answer this question – how to make camping cot more comfortable?

Let’s directly jump to solutions.

how to make camping cot more comfortable

Tips for making a camping cot more comfortable

Make sure your cot isn’t making sound

You can’t skip this one if you want a good sleep. Would you like to have a cot making choo…choo sound while shifting your position? I don’t want this type of cot. Tell me your answer!

So before buying any camping cot make sure to assemble it, sleep on it, and see if it’s making any sound or not.

If you’re buying one from an online store like amazon and if it is not satisfying you then return it or replace it because the wanted noise can destroy your sleep pattern so badly.

Set up your cot in the right place

Search for a 180-degree plane surface; at least around 180 degrees. Because sleeping on plain & straight angled ground your blood will flow in a proper manner where sleeping on an uneven surface or on a slope can disturb your blood flow and hence can disturb your sleep.

That’s why set up your camping cot on a plain surface and if you have a habit of elevated head sleeping then you can use a soft pillow.

Use a soft sheet of cloth

No matter how expensive or comfortable a sleeping cot you have bought. It is always good to have soft cloth upon it. This will make your sleeping experience better.

Use a good pillow

Pillow is not much needed but it seems to feel like sleeping in heaven for those who are sleeping the first time without a pillow. So those who like to sleep on a pillow just don’t forget to have a compact pillow in your bag before leaving home.

Choose a cot according to your body size

Camping cots come in different sizes, so choose camping according to your body size. I recommend looking for a few inch-long cots than your body because it will provide you enough space for moving in a cot.

Have a simple cot

Having simple gears should be your priority when going outdoors. If your cot is very fancy then it becomes more complicated and hence takes more time on making it ready for sleep. This unnecessary waste of time will affect your sleeping time.

Camping cot inside the tent

If you are planning to set up your sleeping cot inside your tent then you need to take some care inside the tent-like:

  • Tent size vs cot size; you need to see if your cot can be fit properly inside your tent without damaging the tent or any other things inside your tent.
  • Pack minimal items to maintain enough space inside your tent
  • You can buy a dynamic tent which features the comfort of a bed with basic tent equipment.

Camping cot under stars

I like to sleep under stars during the summer camping. For sleeping comfortably without any fear of bugs and mosquito bites you can buy a mosquito net and some steps to keep mosquitoes away.

Benefits of camping cots

Many campers ask: what are some benefits of camping cots? Why should I buy them? So in this section, we are going to talk about some benefits of camping cots.

They’re portable

Camping cots are light in weight and easy to set up and maintain that’s why you can take them anywhere with you.

They’re cheap

Camping cots are very cheap and affordable to buy. They are available in high as well as low prices. But you need to have a look at its build quality and functionality before buying any cot.

They’re multifunctional

Camping cots are not only for camping they can be used for multipurpose. You can use a camping cot sleeping at a beach or you can use them on your terrace or backyard.

Good for a relaxed sleep

These cots will provide you more comfort than sleeping on hard and uneven ground. Whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper a cot will make sure that you’ll have a good sleeping time.

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