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How To Make Pizza On A Camp Stove

To make pizza at home is very simple and more simple than this in the USA or any other country is to eat the ready-made tasty pizza at the nearby dominos or pizza hut.

Can we make a simple pizza on a backpacking trip? Why not, if you know how to make pizza at home then why we can’t cook the same on a camp stove.

Let’s watch this simple video and learn how to make a simple pizza for a person on a camp stove easily.

This is the fundamental method of making pizza easily on a small portable camping stove.

Now when you know the fundamentals or you can call it a basic technique, you can use this technique and can experiment it with different ingredients to make your own flavor and style.

If you have created your own unique backpacking pizza then please let me know. If your recipe is vegetarian and not against the health I will make sure that your unique recipe will be available for every reader of

Thanks for your support.