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How To Make Sleeping In A Tent More Comfortable? (7 Tips)

How to make sleeping in a tent more comfortable is no doubt a good question? But can your tent become as comfortable as a luxury hotel is a question of doubt? As you’re my friend – I will not lie to you and do my best to solve your problem.

Whatever you do to make your tent more comfortable, it will not become as cozy, as luxurious as a hotel. But if you succeed in turning your tent into a comfortable luxury hotel, you’re not on an adventure trip; you just created your comfortable hotel to spend your free time in.

What you will read here is – having the top comfortable sleep without missing the thrill of sleeping outdoors in a jungle, hill, or ground surrounded by beautiful nature.

Making sleeping in a tent more comfortable: Simple but most potent steps.

Now let’s go into tent organization ideas for sleeping more comfortably.

Whether camping on the ground or the top, these are some simple but powerful steps for sleeping comfortably.

Set your tent in the right place

This is the first step you must make because every other step I will tell you will become meaningless if you don’t do this properly.

How to make tent camping comfortable? The answer is simple: Spend some time looking for a reasonably plain surface after reaching your camping destination. Remove all the rocks and things that make the surface uneven and uncomfortable.

Sleeping bag

A good sleeping bag becomes more critical for comfortable sleep. Here are some essential rules for finding the best sleeping bag you need for a good sleep.

  • Temperature rating: Every sleeping bag has a temperature rating that tells users which temperature the bag is suitable. If you’re camping in the winter or a cold region, you should purchase a sleeping bag compatible with this temperature.
  • Shape: The sleeping bags come in four forms.
    • Mummy: This bag’s shape provides more insulation and comes in the form of a mummy.
    • Double-wide: This sleeping bag is suitable for two persons.
    • Rectangular: In this shape, you get more space, and rectangular sleeping bags are more comfortable the mummy bags.
    • Semi-rectangular: Semi rectangular sleeping bag is a combined form of both mummy and a rectangular bag. This shape will provide good insulation and more space for your legs.
  • Insulation: There are two types of insulation – down and synthetic. Down insulation is usually more comfortable and provides more insulation than synthetic bags. However, current invocations provide excellent artificial insulation, though they are still not that great compared to down. Still, they are on the way towards it. The down insulation sleeping bag is more expensive than a synthetic one.

A good sleeping pad makes a huge difference.

The sleeping pad is unnecessary, but it will make a massive difference in providing more comfort during sleep.

What a tent sleeping pad does is – It creates a comfortable gap between you and the rugged ground and gives your sleeping bag a softer surface to sleep on.

Here are the different types of sleeping pads:


This shape suits those who want to carry their sleeping pad outside the backpack. The closed-cell sleeping pad is inexpensive, lightweight, firm, and provides serious insulation. But these are not the most comfortable.

Air pad

Air pads provide the highest level of comfort and are very compact. These are easy to inflate, and nearly all come with built-in insulation to keep you warm. You can buy an air pad with a hand pump or blow them up yourself.

This style of sleeping pad is the most expensive and makes little noise while moving them around.


This style is a combination of both closed-cell and air pad. Self-inflating sleeping pads are the least expensive and provide the most warmth. The fabric used in these pads is more vital than any other style, but you need to take more care because it can be easily punctured.


When you listen to the sound of the outdoors from your tv, it seems to be low, but when you go on an outdoor adventure like camping, then, in reality, there is a lot of noise going on.

I don’t need earplugs because I love to listen to these sounds, and by the way, I fall asleep quickly on listening to them, but if you keep worrying about every bird that sings, every cracking branch, then you’ll want an earplug to slow down these sounds to sleep comfortably.


Pillow is not something that you think of before going camping. But bringing a pillow with you will make you happy. An excellent inflatable pillow or packable foam is perfect for keeping things simple and compact.

Sleeping routine for camping

Let’s see the simplest but most effective sleeping routing of all time.

Sleep at the same time every day

Going to bed every day on time will program your brain to switch off quickly. If you sleep not in time, randomly sleeping every day at no decided time will cause you lousy sleep, late sleep, or even no sleep because your body cannot understand which is the right time to switch off.

If you can’t go to sleep every day at the same time, then at least wake up every day at the same time. If you wake up at the same time, it tells your body that this much time you have to rest and recharge, and due to this organized time, your body tries to switch off at a time so that it can switch on at the time with total energy.

Pre bed routine will help your system to shut down on time

Here are some healthy pre-bed routine tips for a good sleep on camping.

  • If you’re feeling hungry, only eat some light meals like oats, fruits, or juice an hour or more before going to bed.
  • Do some squats, burpees, and push-ups for 15-20 minutes (you can do more).
  • Brush your teeth and wash your face with cold or lukewarm water for 30 minutes before entering your sleeping bag.
  • Go to the bathroom twice – once before eating and one after half an hour.
  • For at least 21 minutes, sit down and close your eyes. Pay attention to your breath.
  • Now you’re relaxed and completely ready for comfortable sleep.

Start doing these things every day before going to bed. This will set up a circadian clock in your body, which will remind your body every day at the same time – that it’s to sleep.

Click here to know more about the current biological system and the Circadian clock to the light-dark cycle.

Maintaining a proper temperature ensures sound sleep.

No one is untouched either by the sweaty frustration or shivering temperature. It is done through the body’s mechanism of maintaining proper body core temperature. According to Sleep Foundation Organisation, most doctors recommend keeping the thermostat between 15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius (60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit) for comfortable sleep. This may vary by some degree from person to person.

That’s why you must set up a proper thermostat in your tent to get the most comfortable sleep. If I spill all the tips here, this article will go slightly off the topic and be too long. You can read our keeping tent cool and keeping tent warm guide covering all nuances.

Final words

I am 100% sure if you do all the things and steps I told you in this article you will have the most comfortable sleep in a tent camping. The sleep routine I shared is for everyone whether they go camping. If they follow it, they will get a perfect relaxed sleep which will completely recharge them for the next day.

If you have more tips on making sleeping in a tent comfortable, please share them with us. It is always lovely to have you on this website.