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How To Wash Clothes By Hand While Camping

Bringing extra pairs of clothes on camping trips is really a nice option to escape from washing dirty clothes. But it is not the case for most people due to several reasons, two of them are camping duration and storage capacity.

Most people like me do not want to carry extra pounds when we have the option to wash the clothes and get them ready for the next day. But above all washing dirty clothes is part of staying clean during camping. So here we are to discuss the 4 easy methods of washing clothes by hand while camping.

Using collapsible bucket

Washing clothes by hand is not rocket science. For this method, you need to pack three things before leaving home: Two collapsible buckets, biodegradable detergent, and water.

Now, I think you already figured it out, but if not let me throw some words.

  • Pour the water in both buckets according to the number of clothes you’re going to wash.
  • Now boil some water and mix it with the water so that the bucket’s water is warm enough to remove the stains and dirt easily.
  • After that add some detergent in one of the buckets and stir it until the detergent dissolves completely.
  • Now put all your dirty clothes in that bucket and start washing them with your hands. If the stain is tough use a brush to scrub it out.
  • After you are satisfied with the washing put these clothes into the second bucket to rinse.
  • Again use your hands a little to rinse the clothes completely.

Using trash bag

The trash bag method is a bit similar to the bucket’s method. Only a minuscule difference but don’t worry you still have to use your hand. For this method, you need 3 things: 2 trash bags, biodegradable soap, and water.

Let’s jump into it.

  • Take two trash bags and fill them with water to the height where your clothes are completely submerged.
  • Boil some water in a kettle and mix it with the trash bag’s water to make it warm but not hot.
  • Now add some detergent in one of the trash bags according to the water and the number of clothes you’re going to wash.
  • Now put all your dirty clothes in that trash bag and close the opening of the bag using your hand.
  • Now it’s time to do some workout. Grab the mouth of the trash bag in such a way that it is almost airtight.
  • Start shaking the bag vigorously until you’re completely satisfied with your shaking.
  • Now transfer the clothes to the second trash bag which is filled with warm water. Grab its mouth with your hands and again start shaking it until you think the clothes are now completely rinsed.

Using Storage bin

To wash clothes in a storage bin using hands is the most convenient way because you’re utilizing something that you already have. If you don’t have a clear storage bin then it is good to have one as it has many benefits. Apart from the storage bin you also need some water and biodegradable soap or detergent.

You may have already guessed it but if not then process of washing and rinsing using storage bins goes like this:

  • Take two storage bins and clean them completely using warm water before using them for washing clothes.
  • Fill both bins with regular water and then add some hot water so that the water in the storage bin is warm. There’s no need to fill water all the way up, just fill the water to the level where your clothes are completely submerged.
  • Before putting clothes in the storage bin add some detergent in one of the buckets and stir the water to dissolve it completely.
  • Now put all your clothes in that storage bin and start handwashing them (you can use a brush to remove stains) until the clothes are clean.
  • Transfer all these clothes to another storage bin (which is filled with warm water) and hand rinse them.

Using campfire

This method is only for them where campfires are not prohibited. Do you know in India, villages still have a large group that uses fire ash to clean utensils and sometimes clothes too. You may be thinking that’s idiotic. But trust me it’s not. just follow these steps if you like to allot a campfire for washing clothes.

  • First-time users of campfire ash may find it difficult but with practice, you will succeed.
  • When the woods have turned into ashes separate it from the campfire using a steel plate or something else, the idea is not to do it with your bare hands because the ash might still be hot and spray some water over ashes to fasten the cooling process.
  • Now put the ash in a bowl and add mix it with some warm water to turn the dry ash into a paste. If it’s not smooth like soap then add some drops of oil in it to convert the normal paste into a smooth soap-like paste.
  • Apply this paste on stains and leave it there for few minutes.
  • Now take a brush and scrub the place where the stain is.
  • Now rinse the cloth with warm water.
  • Congrats you have succeeded in washing clothes using campfire ash.