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Is Airpods Case Waterproof? (Explained)

In the arena of sounds, earbuds, headphones, and earphones offer their own set of unique features. Likewise, earbuds are known for their portability. In this genre, Apple Airpods provide quite an innovative approach: my favs are reading messages and the ability to use one Airpods at a time. The music experience is one of a kind.

But are airpods cases waterproof? Let’s look into it.

Are AirPods Cases Waterproof?

The default charging cases with any apple AirPods are neither waterproof nor sweatproof. They are water and sweat-resistant. Though the in-box case is relatively air-tight from the mouth, you’ll be fine if you accidentally leave your airpods inside the charging point in the rain.

However, the case would be different if you do so in snow and underwater. Let’s look at some famous airpods and how waterproof their cases are?.

Airpods pro case waterproofing

Sorry, but Apple confirms that airpods pro wireless and MagSafe charging cases aren’t sweated or water-resistant, so taking showers with you is a bad idea; forget the swimming pool.

Apple further advises that you should not attempt to charge your wet airpods in the case as it might damage its internals; it is a clear sign that the default cases don’t provide any water resistance if the water seeps inside.

Airpods 3 case waterproofing

The same goes for Airpods 3 cases; they are not waterproof or water-resistant. However, many people have found charging cases work completely fine even when left out in the rain overnight. So that’s a handy assurance.

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Airpods Cases: Waterproof vs. Water Resistant

The AirPods cases are not waterproof, but I think they offer water-resistant functionality even though it is not officially stated. By water resistance, I mean the charging case is air-tight due to the magnet holding the mouth of the case from the body, which water will find somewhat difficult to penetrate when the case is closed. Yet, eventually, it will if left out in heavy rain or high pressure.

So going on a hike or camping on mild, rainy days with your apple earbuds inside the box will be safe.

Best Waterproof Airpods Cases

Yes, there are airpods cases offered officially and by third-party that are waterproof and water-resistant. The catalyst waterproof case offered by Apple for airpods pro will protect your airpods up to 1 meter deep in water and provide drop protection up to 1.2 meters.

Apart from the official apple-catalyst collaborate case, there are dozens if not hundreds of waterproof airpods cases sold daily on Amazon.

Out of them, I feel like the Catalyst 330ft deep waterproof Airpods case deserves your attention.

These airpods are well suited for those who want to take them for scuba diving, snorkeling, underwater swimming, or any water sports that are performed not below 100 meters (330ft).

With five stars rating on Amazon, it well proved its IP68 rating. Frankly, I never trust the printed speculations, so I don’t know whether or not it will work in100 meter water, but definitely, it’s a more trusted option that can save us from the guilt of losing airpods due to moisture.

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