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Swimming In Jordan Lake! Can There Be Sharks? (Examined!)

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the beautiful bluish water of the jordan lake

Jordan lake is located in the south of Durham County in North Carolina. The Neuse River of Durham is directly connected to Jordan lake. The bull sharks have been sighted in the Neuse river attacking bottlenose dolphins.

Because Jordan lake is directly connected to the Neuse River, there is a possibility of bull sharks attacking Jordan lake for two reasons. This shark can survive in fresh and saltwater by osmoregulation (shhh, they can even reproduce in freshwater). So anyone who wants to swim or fish in Jordan lake must take precautions. No other sharks can strike in Jordan lake unless they are good with fresh water.

However, I agree that no sharks have yet been sighted in this lake; at the same time, no one can deny the possibility. Moreover, bull sharks can top 11 feet in height and 130kg in weight, making it harder not to notice when they are near the site. Even though sharks do not consider humans prey, attacks are one in a million.

After all my research, we can assume that Jordan lake is one of the safest places; sharks are most prominent in water sources that are directly connected to the ocean and known for their salt water.

Besides sharks, you also need to beware of snakes as, according to a recent report, 37 snakes are recorded across North Carolina; 7 are poisonous and can be dangerous to humans and pets if provoked. Research also suggests that if you see a snake in Jordan lake, it’s not a cottonmouth but a harmless water snake.

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