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How To Be Safe When Camping Alone: 5 Safety Tips For Solo Campers

Camping alone uh! Great because the experience you can get by spending some time alone in peace and sound of nature can do tremendous good to you. All in health and spiritual growth. But when you/I camp alone there’s some fear that can arise in our heart where the mind can’t stop making some utter nonsense to polish that fear to the next level.

So here I am gonna share some tips on how to be safe when camping alone? Safe from both wildlife and your mind rubbish. Do you ever pay attention to how fear arises in you? It is the reaction to the situation. Man/Woman can even fear the sound of branches and trees (when even a little wind blows). That’s why please pay attention to what I am going to share with you because if you can do that then you’re ready to camp alone anywhere.

how to be safe when camping alone
Thanks Tim Foster for such a beautiful photo

Camp with your group first

It’s great if you already did camping with your family, friends, or with an experienced camper. But if you not then it’s my advice that do camping with your group first for some days before going to camp alone anywhere in the world.

Why is that necessary? Because group camping can teach you a lot on or in other words can prepare you to doing camping by yourself. By doing this your mind can achieve some competence and will feel safe as it know what camping really is by experiencing it.

When you camp with a professional or experienced one, you can get their knowledge, can learn their tactics and what mistakes not to make while camping.

Hello! You should not let your mind control you

If you really want to be safe when camping then your mind needs to very alert and aware. If you’re only alert then there’s high chance that you’ll react even to smallest movement of birds. That is why you need to be both aware and alert so that you clearly know what to do in a given situation.

Let’s assume you saw a snake or lion. Now tell me when you can handle this situation better, when you mind and body is in ease or when you’re thinking of your home in the forest. I am waiting for your comments. In my case when I face such a situation the first thing I do is to take some deep breaths so that I can think clearly on what to do to protect myself (to walk away or to fight).

Get ready before leaving home

Check all your gears (camp stove, torch, batteries, etc.) are working properly. Assemble/disassemble your tent once or twice in your garden or on your roof. It is damn necessary if you have just bought a new tent because doing this in-home will save a lot of time understanding how to set up your tent.

Don’t put extra weight on your shoulder and pack all healthy meals for camping. No meat and no fast food because you’re alone in the wild so you may not find anyone near you for taking care of you when you got ill. Also pack some meds for fever, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea.

It’s my blessing that you’ll not need any med in the wild and also in everyday life but it is good to pack a few because these things are like normal when changing climatic conditions and geography.

Do research on your camping location

A very crucial part of how to be safe on solo camping? Research all about your camping location. See if the place is safe to camp or not in terms of the presence of animals/insects that are reactive in nature like brown bears, cobras, etc.

If you’re planning to camp on national parks then read their rules, regulations, and guidelines. Like if you’re camping in Yellowstone National Park then look for all the things you need to know for Yellowstone camping,

Get there early

Get on your campsite at least 2 hours before the sunset so that you can find a good place to set up your tent.


Hope this post helps you to increase your safety when camping alone. If I had missed some other points then please share them in the comment box so that I can know and include them in this post.