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Swimming In The Mississippi River in 2023? (Best Places + Safety)

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The Mississippi River is the fourth-longest river worldwide, known for being a popular hotspot for outdoor activities in the United States. You can find many different swimming holes across the river and enjoy various water activities with your family and friends in this place.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about swimming in the Mississippi River, including how to get the best experience possible during your trip and enjoy everything the display has to offer.

Mississippi river location on the map along with surrounding places

Can Anyone Swim in the Mississippi River?

Yes, everyone can swim in the Mississippi River. However, the local authorities do not recommend beginners or people with no swimming experience to try this since the water in this place has strong currents that can drag people around and put them in a dangerous situation.

If you do not have too much swimming experience, you can still have fun at other popular swimming spots around this area that are safe for the public and offer a lot of entertainment to their visitors.

Is It Safe to Swim in the Mississippi River?

It is not safe to swim in the Mississippi river due to its dangerous underwater currents and all the rocks or trees you can crash into when you are swimming around this place.

This is why local authorities only recommend people to swim in the Mississippi River if they have enough swimming experience, know how to move around the water, and have someone close by that can help them if there is an accident.

If you are planning to swim in the Mississippi River, you should meet all these requirements before going into the water and always be cautious of any accidents when you are swimming in this place.

You can also take other safety precautions like wearing a life vest, avoiding drinking alcohol before swimming, and diving in safe places in the river, where there are no underwater obstacles like rocks or trees.

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Can You Practice Water Sports in the Mississippi River?

Yes, you can still practice many different water sports on the Mississippi River and gain access to everything you need, including necessary equipment, excellent swimming spots, and professional assistance.

You can also hire experts that can personally teach you how to practice these water sports in just a few minutes and help you get better results even if you have zero experience.

Best Places to Swim in the Mississippi River

Bridge on Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mississippi River is 2,350 miles long.
Bridge on Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana

There are many great places you can swim in the Mississippi River and have fun with your family or friends, including waterfalls, lakes, water parks, and other swimming spots.

You only need to pick the best swimming spot in the Mississippi River that meets all your requirements regarding the price, entertainment, and logistics, and choose which time of the year you are making the trip.

Waterfalls in the Mississippi River

The waterfalls in the Mississippi River are perfect for people who want to enjoy a pleasant outdoor swimming experience and wish to get in contact with the nature of this beautiful place.

Here are the top waterfalls you need to visit when you Travel to the Mississippi River and want to have an incredible time.

  • Cooper Falls
  • Seminary Falls
  • Dunns Falls
  • Owens Creek Falls
  • Rocky Falls
  • Clark Creek Falls

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Lakes in the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River also has many lakes available to the public that are great for practicing water sports, going swimming all day long, and taking tours to watch the incredible landscape inside a boat.

These Lakes also provide camping sites for their visitors and other convenient services to make your experience more enjoyable. Here are the top Lakes and you can go swimming in the Mississippi River.

  • Grenada Lake
  • Sardis Lake
  • Aberdeen Lake
  • Choctaw Lake
  • Clear Springs Lake

Water Parks in the Mississippi River

The water parks in the Mississippi River are a great option if you are trying to swim with a group of friends and need to find a safe environment where you can get all the entertainment you need in one place.

With the help of these water parks, you will have access to many different games, attractions, and water activities for everyone, including children, adults, and older people alike.

Here are the best water parks you can go to when you visit the Mississippi River and have fun during your trip.

  • Grand Paradise Water Park
  • Gulf Islands Water Park
  • Geyser Falls Water Park
  • Yogi on the Lake Water Park
  • Merit Water Park

Fishing in the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is a fantastic fishing spot for local anglers and fishers from all over the country since it has 260 different species of fish you can catch, and it is open to anyone who wants to practice this sport.

The best part is that you can go fishing almost anywhere in the Mississippi River and have a great day catching fish, whether you are a complete beginner or have previous experience as a fisherman.

Kayaking & Canoeing in the Mississippi River

People can also ride kayaks and canoes across the Mississippi River with or without experience and explore all the popular destinations available along the way.

This is great for anyone who wants to look at the Mississippi River up close, have an exciting adventure outdoors, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this place.

How Big is the Mississippi River?

The Mississippi River is 2,350 miles long, and it has a width that goes from 30 feet up to 11 miles, depending on which part of the river you are located.

This makes the Mississippi River the second-longest river in the United States, going from the Lake Itasca, moving through the country until it reaches its end at the Gulf of Mexico.

Because of its size, it holds 25% of all the fish in the country, including 260 species, and it is responsible for helping farmers produce 92% of the agricultural products in the United States.

Is There Any Pollution or Contamination in the Mississippi River?

Yes, the Mississippi River has been polluted by different groups of people over the last few years, including local farmers through agricultural runoff, companies dumping Industrial waste, people throwing plastic waste in the water, and more.

Because of this situation, the Mississippi River became the second most polluted river in the United States in 2012; however, this is not the case anymore.

Thanks to the local government and different environmental programs like UNEP, the contamination levels in the Mississippi River are reducing every year, trying to make its waters 100% clean for the public.

Are There any Accidents or Casualties on the Mississippi River?

Yes, there have been accidents in casualties in the Mississippi River over the last few years where people have been accidentally dragged by the current and in a few cases drowned after trying to swim across the River.

There are also accidents caused by people who fall into the water from boats or bridges and get swept away by the strong currents until they can’t stay swimming any longer. This is why you should avoid swimming in the Mississippi River and only swim in safe places nearby.

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Other Activities You Can Enjoy in the Mississippi River

There are many other activities you can enjoy in the Mississippi River besides swimming that can make your trip more exciting and entertaining.

Suppose you want to experience adventure during your trip. In that case, you can go hiking, hunting, or watching the wildlife around the Mississippi River with the help of a tour guide that will show you the way and help you avoid any dangerous areas.

You can also do agritourism on different farms, go camping with other people, participate in a geocaching competition, and more.

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