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How To Wash Gildan Heavy Blend Sweatshirts? (Washing Instructions)

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When washing & drying instructions are followed, you may still see up to 1-2% shrinkage; however, pilling, dye bleeding, and wear and tear in Gildan heavy blend sweatshirts will not be much of a concern.

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On official 7+, Heavy Blend sweatshirts are listed; crewneck and hooded sweatshirts win the list with one or two Cadet collar sweatshirts.

If we want to get the proper washing instructions for Gildan heavy blend sweatshirts, then we need to know the materials used in them, color dyeing, etc.

Because all rich blend sweatshirts comprise 50% US cotton/ 50% polyester, the washing instructions remain the same.

Washing instructions for Gildan Heavy Blend Sweatshirts

For crewneck sweatshirts

  • Machine wash in Cold (Gentle cycle)
  • Bleach: If needed, use non-chlorine only
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not dry clean
  • Can iron on lowest setting or Perma press

For Hooded sweatshirts

  • Machine wash in Cold (Gentle cycle)
  • Bleach: If needed
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not dry clean
  • Can iron in the lowest setting or Perma press

Why follow washing instructions?

As per my research, various sources claim that Gildan Heavy Blend Sweatshirts are preshrunk, but after reading countless reviews and my insight, this genre of sweatshirt will see some shrinkage if machine washed in warm or hot water because the sweatshirts contain 50% cotton will tend to shrink. However, the remaining polyester content will reduce the shrinkage to a greater extent but still, it can not cease the nature of cotton.

Also, when washing in cold water, you may see the dye coming out, don’t worry because most of the Gildan sweatshirt wearers notice that the Gildan seems to use excess paint so that on the first couple of washing it can run out to make the colors more natural and durable. At the same time washing in warm or hot water can bleed the die badly; it also means that you should clean the sweatshirts with like color clothing so that the dye won’t transfer to other clothes.

Another central point to note is people saw the stitches piling on washing, so be gentle with washing your heavy blend sweatshirt and do not iron and always tumble dry in a low setting (or better, let it dry naturally on a rope) to reduce the chances of wear and tear in the fabric that results reduces the lifespan of Gildan heavy blend sweatshirts.

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