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Where Are Amp Tires Made? (4 Things To Know)

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If you want to know where are Amp tires made then don’t go to their website because I have searched a lot but haven’t found a grain. Though we have contacted Amp tire’s parent company and they are so wise to share this information.

Let’s See Where Are Amp Tires Made?

According to TWG, all Amp tires are produced in Thailand. But I wonder why they have chosen Thailand only. The answer is worth reading.

One of the prime ingredients in the making of tires is natural rubber. And, Thailand is the top producer and exporter of high-quality Natural rubber because of the favorable climatic condition.

Stats show that in 2020 Thailand has produced 4.37 million metric tons of natural rubber[1] and its exporting values 3.5 billion U.S dollars in 2020 accounts for 30.3 percent of worldwide natural rubber sales[2].

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Shockingly, The United States is the largest market for Thailand’s tire industry. Bangkok Post claims that Thailand exports more than 20 million tires per year. Now there’s no wonder why Amp tires (located in Ontario, California) choose Thailand as their manufacturing source – high-quality natural rubbers contribute to tire’s tear & fatigue crack resistance.

Who Are Amp Tires Made By?

The AMP tires is a brand of The Wheel Group (TWG) whose headquarters are located in Ontario, California. The TWG is established by Philip Young in 1969 to jump to distribution & manufacturing of Wheels, bumpers, tires, and other accessories with over 45 years of experience.

They provide these services using AMP tires, Mr. Lugnut, RHI, Body Armor 4×4, and Max Sensor.

Types Of Tires Amp Made?

AMP currently offers two types of tires for different categories of individuals.

M/T Tire

This range of AMP tires is designed to navigate your way in the most extreme conditions while giving better handling and grip for the on-road experience.

It has a 3-ply ‘A’ logo on the sides to provide great grip in rock, sand, mud, snow, and more. You can click here to know more about AMP Train Attack M/T tires. In a word, M/T is the best ‘OFF Road Tire by AMP’

A/T Tire

Under the A/T section, two types exist – Terrain Attack & Terrain PRO. This line is introduced for those travelers who want to enjoy a bit of everything. They are not heavily focused on Off-roading but nor discount it.

Among Terrain Attack (A/T A) & Terrain PRO (A/T P) go with the Pro version if you want the best dry & wet surface performance, best ride comfort, and best tread life along with occasional/moderate off-roading. A/T P offers 60,000 miles warranty while A/T A offers only 40,000 miles of tread life warranty.

Where Amp distribute tires?

While the main headquarter of AMP tires is located in Ontario, California, their distribution of tires is not limited to the US only. Here’s a list of all countries where you can buy AMP tires.

  • Philippines
  • Japan
  • Malyasia
  • Denmark
  • New Zealand
  • All over US

Visit the Dealers tab to get a list of every location where AMP tires can be bought along with the address and phone number.

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