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Where Are Asics Shoes Made? (6 Countries Revealed)

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All Asics shoes are made in Vietnam. Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Cambodia, and Indonesia. So if your shoe has a ‘Made in *’ tag for any mentioned country then rest assured it is genuine (while checking other factors like design, logo, and place of purchase). Otherwise, it is fake.

This also means that any Chinese-made Asics shoes are total crap and have no authenticity because Asics does not have a single factory there.

In terms of Asics’ priority for shoes, Vietnam takes the lead by manufacturing the highest volume of shoes and the only reason for that is Asics have partnered with 13 factories which is the highest compared to any other country listed in this article. If you want to know why & how Asics selected these 6 countries to manufacture their shoes then this quote by Asics is more than enough:

We select countries and regions where our products can be manufactured, based on the analysis of human rights risks and risks related to sectors and regions.


That’s our precise answer, keep reading if you want to know the name of factories, quality control of oversea Asics shoe manufacturers, countries where Asics legally sells its shoes, and much more.

Do Asics Sells Directly From Suppliers/Manufacturers

No, Asics does not sell directly from the supplier. The manufacturers first produce the shoes as per Asics criteria and then supply them to all the distribution centers as Asics tells them to do.

I suspect there are more than 11 distribution centers as it is not completely disclosed but in reports, they have mentioned Asics Byhalia Distribution Center Of Mississippi America is one of the main centers yet not mentioned on the distributor’s page.

However, from the available data, it is clear that the supplier sent their final stock to distributors in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia & Oceania, and the Americas. And from the distribution center, it gets distributed to Asics-owned shops, certified retailers & e-com sites worldwide for customers like us to buy.

Yes, you heard it right Asics is a multinational company that sells shoes worldwide, though have no significant presence in the Caribbean region,

Asics Shoes Manufacturing (Country-Wise Data)

In the official factory list published by Asics in 2022 under corporate responsibility & transparency, they have only 25 factories worldwide divided into 6 countries just to manufacture footwear. Let’s see which country takes the highest share and why Asics may have chosen it.

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Remember this list applies to Asics footwear only and not their other genres like Apparel and Accessories.


As we all know the Asics were officially founded in Kobe, Japan. Surprisingly Japan only has two out of 25 factories to manufacture shoes. Though supply yield can vary yet japan doesn’t account for the majority of Asics footwear that we wear.

I don’t know why but it could be of many reasons that are mentioned later in the post which may result in just 2 factories. Here are the details:

Factory Name (Japan)AddressTier
Sanin ASICS industry corporation2900, Wataricho, Sakaiminato, Tottori Prefecture1
Shiotani Industry Inc.250-5, Ebisu, Shikama, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture1


Vietnam is the leading shoe manufacturer not only for Asics but even for another big player like Brooks and Hoka. Vietnam exports over a billion pairs of shoes of many kinds around the world and it has become the 2nd largest shoe exporter after china which leaves no room to doubt why Asics have chosen it as manufacturing in Vietnam is cheaper yet provides good to great quality products.

The leading manufacturing hub; Vietnam has 13 factories that produce and supply shoes to ASICS.

Here are the details for Asics shoe manufacturers in Vietnam: Out of 11, 8 are tier one factories, and 5 are tier 2 factories that are the primary suppliers to Tier 1 factories.

Factory Name (Vietnam)AddressTier
Alena Viet Nam Footwear Ltd.Dinh Lien commune, Yen Dinh district, Thanh Hoa city, Thanh Hoa, 4400001
Beesco Vina Co., LtdChon Thanh Industrial Park, Chon Thanh District, Binh Phuoc Province1
Bai Hong Company Ltd.Nguyen Giap Industrial park, Nguyen Giap village, Tu Ky district1
Chinli Plastic Industrial Co., LtdBlock H7, Viet Huong Industrial Park, No.13 National Rd., Thuan An Ward, Binh Duong Province2
Freewell Co., LtdLot G1-G10, D1-D10 Street N4,N3,N2,D2-D3, Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park, Tan Phu Town, Dong Phu dist, Binh Phuoc province1
Jia Kuan shun Co., Ltd.Block A3.1, D1 Street, Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Zone, An Hoa Commune, Trang Bang Town, Tay Ninh Province2
Ka Yuan (Vietnam) Bubber Factory LtdD10/89Q, National Highway 1A, Tan Tao Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City2
Li Quan Footwear Co., Ltd.Lam Cau Village, An Hiep Commune, Quynh Phu district1
Pou Yuen Vietnam Company Ltd.D10/89Q National Highway 1A, TanTao Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City1
Shyang Shin Ind. Co. Ltd. Vietnam CO,LTD.No.8 Doc Lap Ave Song Than Industrial Area 1, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province1
Shyang Ta Co., LtdLot A8 Chon Thanh I Indu strial Zone,Thanh Tam commune2
Shyang Ying Company Ltd.B1-B12 and E1-E12 lot,A2-A5 lot, Dong Xoai II Industrial Park, Tien Thanh Ward, Dong Xoai City, Binh Phuoc Province.1
Try On RubberJ-3-Cn.My Phuoc Industrial Park.Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province2


After Vietnam, it is Indonesia where most Asics shoes are manufactured. Indonesia has two, tier 1 factories and three, tier 2 factories. In total Asics have 5 factories in Indonesia designated for shoes. This country is the 5th largest shoe exporter in the world and produces over 660 million pairs per year. Other brands like Hey Dude also chose Indonesia as one of the major shoe manufacturers.

Economically ASICS benefits from low wages and good quality work of Indonesian manufacturing to yield higher profits. Here are the details:

Factory Name (Indonesia)AddressTier
PT. Beesco IndonesiaJL. Raya Karawang Cikampek KM.87,7 Tamelang, Purwasari, Karawang, Jawa Barat1
PT. Ka Yuen IndonesiaJl. Raya Serang Km. 71 Desa Tambak Kec2
PT P.A Rubber Indonesia JayaJln Industri III/7B Kawasan Modern Cikande, Desa Nambo Ilir Kecamatan Kibin, Serang, Banten2
PT. Pou Chen IndonesiaKampung Gardu RT.06/Rw.01 Tambak Kibin1
PT. Unicorn UtamaJl. Raya Banjaran Km 16.5, Kab Bandung, West Java2


Brazil is the third prominent manufacturer of Asics shoes with 3 factories and all are tier 1. Why Brazil? Because Brazil is one of the main producers of shoes creating 900 million pairs of shoes for domestic and international exports. Even though the labor cost is low and has high availability; as per Statista, there are more than 269K jobs in the Brazilian footwear industry.

Here are details of Asics shoe manufacturers in Brazil that the company has officially contracted with.

Factory Name (Brazil)AddressTier
Grupo Dass – ItaberabaItaberaba – State of Bahia, 46880-0001
Paquetá Calçados IpiráBA-052, S/N – Industrial, Ipirá – BA, 44600-0001
COCALQUIAvenida José Gonçalves Pinheiro, 155, Edmilson Correira de Vasconcelos,Quixeramobim, Ceará, 63800-0001

Argentina & Cambodia

Argentina and Cambodia take the least share in terms of the number of factories that Asics have there to manufacture its shoes. Both factories together have only 2 factories (1 each). And here are the details for the same.

Factory Name (Argentina)AddressTier
Grupo Dass – El DoradoAlberto Bejar Barrios, Eldorado, Misiones1
Factory Name (Cambodia)AddressTier
Wing Star Shoes, Co. Ltd.National Road No.3, Phum Ang Sukhunthea, Khum Moharussei, Srok Korng Pisei, Ket Kampong Speu1

How Asics Ensure The Quality Of Overseas Factories

The first question arises after knowing that Vietnam and Indonesia are responsible for most Asics shoe production and not it’s home Japan. While the headquarters are in Japan what is the guarantee that the shoe we are going to get is of good quality?

As per Asics Sustainability Report 2020, they select factories and suppliers who meet all criteria and commit to continuous improvement. Once the partnership is established, Asics once a year pays notice and semi-noticed site audits the physical manufacturing facility which helps them track manufacturer sustainability performance. Even the company has 17 criteria and the facility that passes will be awarded from A to E rating.

Just for developing enhanced shoes, the company invests heavily in R&D at Asics Institute of Sports Science to make sure that the shoes are designed for long comfortable running. To make sure the shoes supplied by manufacturers match the performance, experts are working closely with factories, labor unions, and industry groups to make improvements.

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