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Where Are Ryka Shoes Made? (With Shoe Tags)

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Sheri Poe found Ryka in 1987, with a single intention – to make shoes only for women. Sheri Poe believes Ryka offers shoes for women’s unique foot shape, build, and muscle movement. It is based on the fact that many brands make shoes for all genders, but if we look closely, no brand gives absolute attention to shoes based on a particular gender’s body type and leg movement. In that regard, Ryka was the first brand that started and continues to run as a woman-specific footwear brand.

Let’s see where your feminine Ryka shoe is coming from.

Ryka Shoes: Manufacturing Locations Revealed

After looking at over 20 random Ryka shoe, all says ‘Made In China.’. Tried to come across at least one U.S made Ryka shoe but unfortunately, I didn’t come across any. As you can see in the following images that all popular styles like Sky Walking, Devotion Plus 2, and Devotion XT all are manufactured in China.

Although the headquarters are located in Irvine, California, so essentially it is a U.S. brand, but what does it matter if we can’t buy any USA-made shoe? Here I could be wrong because Ryka has not published any transparency report about its supply chain, but Ryka officially confirms that they make shoes in various parts of Asia, mostly in China, and stores in their warehouses in the U.S.

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Countries Where Ryka Shoes Sells

Right now, Ryka shoes selling only for American women, yes you can get them shipped to other countries via Amazon international shipping but when it will come to services like a return or refund, you may need to face difficulties and unwanted delays which is not at all worth it in my opinion.

So if you’re living outside the U.S. then by all means I wish that Ryka starts to expand its market and make its shoes available for women all around the world.

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