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Where Is Aere Clothing Made? (USA & Denmark Brand)

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Where Is AÉRÉ Denmark Clothing Made?

First of all, I can not give you the exact country names where AÉRÉ clothing is made because the brand does not offer any transparency in its manufacturing process. However, after directing through several sources, including their website You can rest assured that they use 4 primary materials to make all of their products – silk, cotton, wool, and leather. There was no information available about where the leather is coming from although, they claim to use full-grain leather obtained from aniline calfskin.

Fortunately, I was able to find where the other three materials are coming from. And it is from a small family business in Italy. Though, the silver denim (high-quality cotton blend) that they use in their premium clothing comes from an exclusive producer in Japan.

And seeing the cost of their products that even for a small belt is over $200, I think that AÉRÉ clothing is for sure getting manufactured in Denmark or Italy itself. Denmark comes into the picture because the fonder and website are both danish. I could be wrong here but this is the best bet I can give. There’s a reason behind my certainty, as in the About us page of, the founder wrote, “All styles in the AÉRÉ collection are created, shaped, and constructed by hand in Atelier AÉRÉ before production.”

Who Owns Aere Clothing?

The AÉRÉ Clothing is created and owned by the Danish designer, Tine Bohm. The prime reason that I could find about the establishment of AÉRÉ is that Tine saw how fast fashion clothing led to overproduction of clothing and thus she want to come up with a more sustainable way to create clothes that stays on-trend.

Where Is Aere USA Clothing Made?

Now in this article, I didn’t talk about the US Aere website which is Now, don’t get confused because you can go and check that website yourself it is too misleading for me as no about us page is there, no owner info, nothing. So on what basis could I tell you where the products are made? Even I need some basic data to actually do my research and bring you the right info.

So here is my total assumption which could be totally wrong. After seeing the, I can see that it is a small business, and products are affordably priced, so as far as my knowledge and understanding of sourcing and manufacturing go, the Aere products are being manufactured in Asian countries like China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India. Because only, then they can sell clothes cheaply while maintaining quality and profits.

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