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Where Is Boden Made? (Clothing & Shoes)

All Boden Products are primarily made in China, India, Portugal, and Spain. However, a good percentage is made in other countries as mentioned in this article. Still, in the overall score, China takes the lead.

Boden is known for their British styles, classy design, quality fit, bright colors, attractive patterns, and great tailoring. But one thing that everyone wants to know is where they are getting their clothes and shoes manufactured.

This article brings you the findings and research based on the 2022 year data provided by the company itself along with pictures that I got from several stores. Yes, I know we have passed 2022, but this is the most recent info and if any changes are made, I’ll keep it in mind to update the article. Enjoy reading!

What Countries Manufactures Boden Clothes?

All Boden clothes are made in China, Cambodia, India, Mauritius, Morocco, the Philippines, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Vietnam.”

China takes dominance by having 30+ factories followed by Turkey (13+ factories), India (10 factories), Portugal (5 factories), Sri Lanka (4 Factories), Morocco (3 factories), Vietnam (3 factories), Philippines (2 factories), and Mauritius (2 factories). So in total 72+ third-party factories worldwide are producing Boden clothing. When I say clothing it includes tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, swimwear, outerwear, jumpers, and cardigans.

I have visited a few stores to gather visual proof of Boden manufacturing countries and this is what I found:

Boden Clothes are made in China, Turkey, Morocco, Portugal, China, India, and Bulgaria as printed on the tags of Boden clothes.

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Though, I found a Boden product that says “British Tweed by MOON” is made in Romania but this country is not listed in the 2022 data provided by Boden. So I assume that Romania happens to be in the manufacturing bucket of Boden before 2021, however, as of the 2022 report no styles manufactured in the year 2022 are made in Romania.

I found one Boden British Tweef cloth to made in Romania

Where Are Boden Shoes Made?

According to the 2022 year report, Boden has contracted 24 factories worldwide to manufacture footwear (shoes, boots, and other footwear). The majority of these factories are located in China (7 factories), Followed by India (5 factories), Spain (5 factories), Vietnam (3 factories), Portugal (2 factories), Brazil (1 Factory), and the United Kingdom (1 Factory).

So, it is quite clear that the majority of Boden Shoes are made in China, India, and Spain. Among all these countries, Spain is the only country with whom Boden has contracted just to manufacture shoes, and no other thing. The data provided by Boden is quite similar to my findings, here I am attaching a few pictures of Boden shoe tags and after looking at dozens I could say China and India take the lead followed by Spain.

Boden Shoes are primarily made in Spain, India, and China as printed on the tags of Boden Shoes

Who Owns Boden?

Boden is the trading name of J.P Boden & Co. Limited. Johnnie Boden owns the company. He founded the Boden in 1991 in London, England featuring a hand-drawn catalog of eight menswear styles, later on in 1992 womenswear was launched. At that time, a stylish catalog for stylish men was not a thing. After 30 years, Boden has become a global company with the same family vibes.

The company jumped into eCommerce in 1999 with its UK site. And, for around 8 years Boden was only selling in the United Kingdom, though, they decided to touch the United States market in 2002 by launching a website devoted to American customers. Slowly, the company expanded its global reach with the launch of a German site in 2007 and an Australian site in 2014.

However, it was Sophie (his wife) who pushed Johnnie to follow his dream in the first place. Thanks to Johnnie’s vision the company is seeing good growth, financially the company is seeing turnover of more than $470 million and growing. Let’s see what the future of the Boden holds as they have a compelling catalog for Men, Women, Girls, Boys, and Babies. Products range from T-shirts to jackets, skirts to swimwear to jeans, and a good range of styles in shoes.

Is Boden Made In China?

Yes, as you have read in Previous sections the majority of Boden shoes and clothing are made in China. In total Boden has contracted with 58 factories in china but they are not limited to clothes and shoes because some of those factories provide Bags, Homeware, Jewellery, socks, and other accessories to J.P Boden & Co. Limited.

Is Boden Made In the USA?

I have done enough research about Boden Manufacturing and have not found any made-in-USA Boden products. All Boden products (including clothes and footwear) are made in China, India, Portugal, Vietnam, Spain, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Mauritius, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Brazil, and Cambodia.

According to the recent report published by Boden about their suppliers in 2022, it is clear that apart from these countries Boden shoe is not manufactured in any other country which includes the United States. And it is highly unlikely that they will add the USA to the 2023 factory list, but if they do, I’ll make that you’ll know this.

Is Boden Made In the U.K

Yes, as the United Kingdom is the home of Boden and to honor it a good chunk of products are made in the U.K. Although, they don’t manufacture any clothes here belts, homeware, soft accessories, and bags are made here.

Countries Where Boden Sells

Boden has designated online stores for the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Rest of Europe, Australia, and the USA. If you don’t live in any of these countries then you need to opt for International shipping. As of writing this post, Boden is currently shipping in over 35 countries. And you can see whether your country is listed by heading over to the footer area as shown in the image.