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Where Is Cider Clothing Made? (

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Cider Shop strives to create affordable everyday wear with sustainability in mind. That’s not some unique vision as many fast fashion brands are working toward this route. Though, it is better than just pouring clothes.

In that regard, it becomes an absolute necessity to know where cider clothes are produced.

As you know does not publish any annual or CSR reports so I contacted the company through my VA, with his mail just to make sure that I get an unbiased answer. Firstly, I didn’t expect this company to get a response within 24 hours, which they did, so it’s a plus point.

Here I am quoting the exact words from Léa (Cider Customer Care):

We’re based in HK but have local operations in the U.S. too, and we ship globally 🙂
We ship from China or US/UK/DE warehouse to global. Our pieces are produced by our partner factories in China.

So what it implies is that all Cider clothing and other products listed on are made in China. However, they do ship globally from their warehouses located in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Denmark.

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So yup, No cider clothes are manufactured in the United States of America.

Where Is Shop Cider From? (Location!)

ShopCider is located in Hong Kong with headquarters in Los Angeles. The complete physical address of Cider Holding Limited is 245-251 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong.

Originally was founded in May 2020 by Michael Chen Wang (source). Currently, there are three investors of Cider Holding Limited: Greenoaks, DST Global, and Andreessen Horowitz. So basically, this is a Chinese eCommerce platform that is seeing some good growth in its early stage investors like DTC global are investing $130 million in this DTC brand.

Conclusion: Is ShopCider Made in China?

Yes, is located in China and its clothing is also manufactured in the partner’s factories located in China.

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