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Why Are Running Shoes So Colorful? (Scientific Explanation)

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Don’t think that wearing some colorful shoes will make you run faster. If shoes are plain in color though technically well made then they will help you run efficiently. Reading this article will give you the precise role of shiny colors in our shoes.

Use of Colorful Running Shoes : Colorful shoes attract attention of road drivers from far away to prevent accidents

What if I say that it is our well-understood psychology by shoe companies; they know how to use colors to compel people to buy a particular type of shoe? However, it’s not just a marketing gimmick but also no one can deny that we are attracted to colors in a different way. Some colors bring peace and inspiration to run better while others act as an excuse for our slow run.

Keep psychology aside for a moment; the blend of colors that now running shoe company uses, contains one or more bright or reflective colors because you’re not the only person on the road, when you have pushed your limit the chances of accidents are there and these colorful shoes give a signal to bikers, motorcyclists, and other drivers on the road that someone is there, they may not notice you from distance but these punchy color will grab their attention even from far away.

And the reflective surfaces do the same in low light by making another person aware of your presence; anyway, colorful shoes are a way to attract attention to act as an aid to keep you safer.

Similarly, you may see many trail running shoes that are damn colorful and some may have reflective stripes to make the colors pump. This could be of immense help, for god sake if it ever happens, that you get lost or dizzied out. These shoes can easily be noticed on the day or night trails to call help.

So now it is clear that colors in shoes are not just for attracting customers but also a safety measure for road and trail running. The same goes for extended heels in running shoes, they are their for specific purpose.

What Color Running Shoes Are Popular

Brands make shoes in a gazillion of colors, but some selected are always pushed forward to customers’ eyes frequently. Why? Because colors affect human emotions. “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” says Pablo Picasso.

Here’s the list of 13 colors that top brands like Nike, Adidas, Hoka, Asics, Brooks, and New Balance used, and if you pick up the best-selling shoes of these companies then don’t be surprised to find one or many colors listed here as one of their key colors in majority best sellers.

Blending these colors in the right proportions will give you a shoe that is as colorful and vibrant as a rainbow, which not only attracts newbie runners like me but even the pro runners because “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” said Wassily Kandinsky holds pretty true even in today’s market.

Top 13 colors that running shoe brands uses to attract customers
Comment your favorite color shoe that is not listed here

Color Drives You To Replace Old Shoes

Don’t lie to me, would you not like to buy a new color of shoes instead of wearing two-years-old, color faded shoes? If finances are set, I would definitely like to buy a new pair of shoes because as running shoe gets older they start to fade colors and loses their vibrancy due to exposure to UV rays in direct sunlight and solar heat. Unless you’ve expert care you can keep shoes colorful for years which is quite not possible for a regular guy like me who is not overly obsessed with old pairs.

Human psychology has shown that if two pairs of shoes are put in front of you where one is vibrant and colorful while the other has dull colors yet that shoe is more practical and technical for a long runner. I can bet the majority of people will agree to compromise some technicality over colorful shoes because not only does it enhance their appearance but also colors trigger different human emotions which hold the potential to embark inspiration to run or even demotivation.

You will not believe but there are people who are so color sensitive that they would freak out over which type of cerulean shade will look better on the walls. These are people who spent the most amount of time selecting between two pairs of shoes even after they don’t look much different.

Running Shoes Are Not Just For Running

If you have decent pair of shoes. apart from running, you can use them for casual and party purposes by combining them with proper outfits. Doesn’t it look vague? I don’t know whether you will prefer it or not but I have attended a few marriages in my running shoes (don’t worry apart from running shoes, the overall outfit was causal) and no one looked me down because my shoes were in perfect match to the pant and shirt I wore.

The point is two pairs of running shoes can look fashionable with 6 different tops and bottoms if colors are combined properly. But, my shoes were not colorful they looked classic and simple and I don’t think that colorful running shoes may be appreciated in traditional or classic functions though they can end well at parties. I don’t know, you tell me do you prefer to wear running shoes for purposes other than an outdoor activity, and what will you prefer between colorful and spartan shoes?

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