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Wrangler Jeans: 6 Common Questions | Answered

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I bought a wrangler jean to answer your most common questions about wrangler jeans.

How To Date Wrangler Jeans?

To date wrangler jeans we need to change our terminology a bit because I bought jeans from the company and there was no clear indication of when it has manufactured though a precise date of packaging is printed as seen in the image.

Image shows the easy way to date wrangler jeans
As you can see on the image my Wrangler jeans date to August 2021 (08/2021)

So based on this fact the date of packaging refers to when a pair of jeans is packed and sealed for distribution and selling which starts just after manufacturing any jeans. Because packaging starts as soon as the jean is produced and tested we can say that month of packaging is about the same as the manufacturing month through the date can vary depending on which time your jean quality has been inspected by the quality control team of any manufacturing hub. And you may be surprised to hear that though Wrangler is a U.S based company, most of its jeans are made overseas.

Different Styles Of Wrangler Jeans

Trust me the styles that wrangler jeans offer in the United States are more than in any other country. And most possibly you won’t get the same style of jeans in your country. For example, I want to buy Cowboy Cut jeans from Wrangler, but their Indian store does not have one. And as I am currently in India so I can’t bother about importing one. That’s why I went with their Vegas-style which is surprisingly not available in Wrangler’s US store. So you know the caveat now that the company offers styles depending on the region you’re living in.

Though, I am mentioning some of the most famous wrangler style jeans compiled from a few other countries including the US. And the most famous Leg styles for Wrangler jeans are Bootcut, Tapered, Straight, and Fit Over Boot.

Popular Wrangler Styles In WorldCountry Availability
Wrangler Cowboy CutUS
Wrangler Rugged WearUS
Wrangler Rooted CollectionUS
Wrangler Retro®US
Wrangler ICONS™US
Wrangler Flame Resistant FRUS
Wrangler Five Star Premium DenimUS
Rock 47US
Wrangler Casey JonesUS
Wrangler 20XUS
Wrangler® x Fender®US
Wrancher Dress JeanUS
RIGGS WorkwearUS
Premium PerformanceUS
George StraitUS
Comfort Solutions SeriesUS
Texas/Texas SlimFR/UK/DK/IE/IT

What Company Owns Wrangler Jeans?

Today Wrangler is owned by Kontoor Brands Inc. which is a child company of the VF Corporation that was first intended to run as VF’s Jeanswear Organisation on 23 May 2019 but later on end up having a different name “Kontoor Brands, Inc.” that not only owns Wrangler® but also Lee® and Rock & Republic® brands, and the VF Outlet™ business.

Material Used In Wrangler Jeans & Sustainability?

As we all know the primary content in all denim jeans is cotton and so follows the wrangler jeans. Nearly all wrangler jeans that I have looked at so far and the one that I have is predominantly cotton denim. Though technically it says poly-cotton elastane jeans but polyester and elastane content is much lower compared the cotton.

Now, to know the sustainability of these jeans we need to look at how they source their material. As per Wrangler, by 2030 they are planning to source 100% sustainable cotton in all their apparel including jeans. What is sustainable cotton?

It is organic cotton developed in sub-tropical countries such as India, China, Turkey, and parts of the USA without using chemical treatments such as fertilizers and pesticides and these are plants that are grown naturally without any genetic modification.

2023 is close by so let’s see whether the company can fulfill the big vows it has made to its customers. Furthermore, to reduce the impact on the planet they are working towards biodegradable and compostable jeans so that natural materials can return to mother earth.

How Can You Tell If Wrangler Jeans Are Vintage?

I don’t have any vintage wrangler jeans and the company has not mentioned any tip to check whether it is vintage like Levi’s which can be checked via Levi tag numbers. Though, if your vintage jeans are from the Official store then rest assured you’ll get the vintage jeans.


As you can see in the above images the embodiment on back pockets in most of the wrangler vintage jeans is of ‘V’ characteristics and not of their signature style ‘W’. So if you see the V-like shape on the back pockets of any wrangler jeans then rest assured it is a real one. Yes, there are exceptions like Wrangler Reborm Vintage 13MWZ Jean and Women’s Wrangler X Fender Rockstar Studded Vintage Jeans where the embodiment is still ‘W’ yet they are vintage because the style is inspired by the 70s. This page contains all the vintage wrangler jeans

However, if you’re looking to buy vintage jeans that date back to the 70s, 80s, or 90s then they are not officially listed in the wrangler online store but in case someone claims to sell one then must look for the ‘Blue Bell’ icon on the logo, embodiment, or tags. If you don’t find one then the person who’s selling the so-called dated vintage jean is not real. Then, you can consider buying official vintage jeans sold by a wrangler on their websites and stores that are not dated to the 70s but the style is inspired by that era.

What Is Wrangler Jeans Slogan?

Wrangler jeans have one main slogan “For The Ride Of Life” and a tagline ‘Real. Comfortable. ‘

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