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Are Bomber Jackets Warm? (Doubts Cleared)

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Yes, bomber jackets are warm because they are invented to keep the air force warm in high altitudes. But there are many tweaks made since then which means nowadays not all bomber jackets types are equally warm.

In short, the current bomber jackets are warm enough and ideal to wear in cool fall to cold spring days and also can be worn with layers at the beginning of winter season but I would not go in extremely cold temperatures in my bomber jacket.

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Let me solve your problem by exactly telling how warm a bomber jacket can be.

Let’s directly jump into it.

How Warm Are Bomber Jackets?

It depends on its type.

If your bomber jacket is thin then it will keep you warm enough in spring and fall but if your bomber jacket is heavy and quilted/padded filled with material like wool or 100% polyester then it will definitely keep you warm in temperatures of 14-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

As told in this article a bomber jacket is a style and not fabric so the warmth is mostly dependent on what materials and how well a jacket is constructed because according to my research any jacket can be a bomber jacket if it has a certain style.

Though there are leather bomber jackets too which is the first designed for the military because back then it is believed that leather is the only material that can withstand cold when flying at high speed and in high altitudes.

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As told there are other materials are also available like wool, silk, satin, suede, polyester, and nylon but still, people love to buy leather bomber jackets and those who love, you’ll be glad to know that real leather bomber jacket can also keep you warm in temperatures around 40-50 degrees.

As explained in this article that leather is not warm enough on its own but if your bomber jacket has leather with linings made of wool filled with polyester fibers then it can definitely withstand that cold because as leather bomber goes thicker and thicker it exhibits good wind-blocking properties.

As you around 80% of cold comes through the wind chill.

Are Bomber Jackets Really Good For Winter?

Ok, what you read above is more theoretical than practical which in a nutshell in saying that a thicker fabric bomber jacket is warmer than thin bomber jackets. Also, the amount of insulation such jackets can provide depends on the fabric used in them.

Like if it is a polyester-made bomber jacket then it will be insulated you much better than nylon-made jackets.

So, that’s all theory now here I am going to provide you a table of bomber jackets and the amount of warmth real people have experienced.

Warmest Bomber Jackets (Men’s/Women’s):

Famous Bomber JacketHow Warm Are They?
Zeagoo Bomber Jacket (W’s)Not much warm but warm enough for spring and fall
Levi’s Mixed Varsity Bomber Jacket (W’s)Warm enough mild winter. For fall and spring, it’s very warm.
Carhartt Crawford Bomber Jacket (W’s)Without layer, it is not warm enough for under 60 degrees Fahrenheit
H.M Padded Bomber Jacket (W’s)Warm enough for winter
Skechers Go Walk Bomber Jacket (W’s)Good for fall but not winter
Alpha MA-1 Bomber Jacket (M’s)Warm enough for temperatures ranging 14-50 degrees Fahrenheit
B3 Bomber Jacket – Real Leather & Shearling (M’s)Warm enough in temperature around -5 degree celsius
Sandbank Slim Fit Softshell Flight Bomber Jacket Coat (M’s)Warm enough for the start of winter and the entire fall and spring.
Amazon Essentials Lightweight Bomber Jacket (M’s)It is good for the spring and fall but better switch to a winter coat by November

Are Bomber Jackets Good For Snow?

The classical bomber jackets like MA-1 and B3 are warm enough in snow but because if they are made up of leather then please stay away because leather is not all good in the snow because it will absorb moisture, water, and sweat which will make you cold.

If you’re looking for jackets to wear in the snow then better say bye to a bomber jacket and go for technical jackets that are filled with synthetic insulation and feature a weather protective layer like Gore-Tex so that you can remain toasty warm in the snow.

Can You Wear A Bomber Jacket For Skiing?

No, you should not wear a bomber jacket for skiing because modern bomber jackets are considered more casual than technical thus they are good for camping and hiking but not skiing.

The major reason behind saying this is that they don’t have the ski jackets feature like heat vents, recco reflector, goggle pockets, best insulation, and weather protection.

Also, they are technical garments that provide you the ease of movement or mobility when skiing or snowboarding.

However, you can consider a bomber as a middle or base layer to get extra warmth.

Any Alternative To Bomber Jackets For Freezing Winter?

As I previously said the bomber jackets don’t need an alternative when you want to stay warm in fall, spring, or starting of winter.

Some other styles like MA-1 can keep you warm at around 20 degrees Fahrenheit but still, I would not recommend anyone to wear a bomber jacket at freezing temperature due to a variety of reasons.

The first and foremost are when you want a bomber jacket to be incredibly warm you may need to compromise with body movement as they tend to do more heavier and bulkier.

That’s why for freezing temperature instead of bomber jackets you should go for more technical jackets that can provide better warmth to weight ratio, meaning the same amount of warmth as bomber jackets in less weight.

Some alternatives that you can obviously consider are Patagonia Nano Puff, The North Face Gotham III down jacket, Columbia Grand Trek down jacket, and Arc’teryx Proton LT


I hope you got your answer that bomber jackets are generally warm in nature but the amount of warmth they provide depends on the fabric used and the thickness of that jacket.

Like 100% polyester or wool bomber jackets are warmer and stay warmer when wet compared to leather-made bomber jackets.

Bomber jackets are absolutely worth the money if you want a jacket that can keep you warm in fall to spring and the beginning days of winter but don’t expect anything higher unless they have insulated linings or filling in it.

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