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Are Canada Goose Jackets Waterproof? (Explained)

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Canada Goose jackets are famous because of providing functionality and fashion in one piece and of course, the other reason for the popularity of Canada Goose is their marketing tactics.

But let’s see whether Canada Goose is functional enough or not to keep us dry in heavy rain.

Here’s How Waterproof Are Canada Goose Jackets?

Down Jackets

Canada Goose company is mostly known for their extremely warm goose down jackets and it is very common for users to wonder whether their downrange is waterproof enough to wear in rainy or at least wet conditions.

Sorry to say, but the majority of Canada goose-down jackets are not waterproof at all so there’s no way you can keep it dry for a longer time in the heavy rain.

But because of the down nature of losing its insulation when getting wet almost all CG’s down jackets are either water-resistant or treated with water repellent to protect the down from getting wet in snowy conditions and sudden rain.

But as said there are exceptions, CG’s jackets like Snow Mantra Goose Down Parka Glacial Haze, Summit Jacket, and Mountaineer Jacket, Skreslet Parka etc,. features ISO Peak 2L Hardshell tech fabric that is completely waterproof but for heavy rain in light pressure

As they are not waterproof, you should not wear a goose-down jacket intentionally in the rain unless you have a breathable shell or raincoat above it.

However, going with a down jacket that is water repellent provides better rain protection for a prolonged period as compared to water-resistant jackets.

Though, you can easily make a water-resistant down jackets water repellent by coating it with Greenland wax.

Yet keep in mind that you can spend more minutes in ongoing mild rain (not heavy) with a Canada goose water repellent down jacket than that is water-resistant.

Canada Goose Has A Section In All Jackets About Its Key Feature So Must Check If It’s Water Repellent Or Not.

Let’s look at some examples of CG’s down jackets that are water repellent or resistant and later we’ll discuss in detail the tech they are using.

Canda Goose Down JacketsWater Repellent, Resistant, or WaterproofTechnical Fabric Used
Snow Mantra Parka Glacial HazeWaterproofISO Peak 2L
Summit JacketWaterproofISO Peak 2L
Mountaineer JacketWaterproofISO Peak 2L
M’s/W’s PBI Hybridge Lite Tech Down HoodyWater RepellentFeather-Light 10D
M’s Hexode JacketWater-ResistantCordura Classic
W’s Cypress PufferWater RepellentRecycled Feather-Light Ripstop
M’s/W’s Convertible SNow Mantra For Angel ChenWater-ResistantArctic-Tech
W’s Metron JacketWater-ResistantCordura Classic
M’s Crofton Puffer Black LabelWater Resistant And RepellentRecycled Feather-Light Ripstop
M’s Standard Expedition Down ParkaHighly Water RepellentRecycled Organic Arctic-Tech And Recycled Feather-Light Ripstop
M’s/W’s Hybridge CW Down JacketWater Resistant And RepellentFeather-Light Flex And Dynamic Knit
M’s Hybridge Base Down HoodyNeither water-resistant nor repellent (this is what I am saying that not all CG’s down jacket are intended to protect from water so please check details before buying)Tensile Knit
W’s Ellison Down JacketWater-ResistantFeather-Light
M’s Hybride Down JacketWater-ResistantCordura Classic
W’s Abbott Down Hoody/JacketWater-ResistantFeather-Light

Shell Jackets

Ok, you want a rain jacket from Canada goose only, then you must check out their raincoats collection which an outdoor person commonly calls a shell jacket.

Their raincoats are completely waterproof because of using a special tech fabric known as Tri-durance. Let’s understand what this fabric does.

There is a reason why Canada goose is using tri-durance in all of their raincoats. It provides 100% protection from rain downpouring to sudden shovers or paddling across the lake.

This is possible by employing a three-layer system where the hardshell HS is a 4-way stretch and a softshell SS has a three-way stretch.

There are three-layer where the first two are completely intended to make this fabric completely waterproof and to make it more effective the outer layer is treated with a water repellent along with a laminated membrane so that most raindrops do not penetrate on the first hand by forming beads and then roll.

If your adventures are taking you into the harshest conditions you must pack a Canada goose raincoat that features Tir-Durance HS (hardshell) as it will provide the ultimate protection from the heavy rains at high volume.

Credit: | Explaining How Tri-Durance Hardshell Tech Fabric Works

This makes me assume that it must have a waterproof rating of between 16,000-20,000mm (though it is not officially mentioned on-site buy a jacket that is capable of occluding heavy rain must be in this range or more).

Further, all their shell jackets have vents so that you won’t heat up inside. However, all three layers have big enough pores for sweat to escape but not water droplets to come in.

Can You Ski In A Canada Goose Jacket? (My Chat With Customer Care)

Yes, you can ski in a Canada goose jacket but you need to make sure that you’re going with the right jacket according to your skiing needs.

Like please check out their TEI rating mentioned on each jacket available on because you don’t want to get a -25 degree celsius rated jacket in a ski park that only has -5 degree celsius temperature.

Because during skiing your whole is involved physically on some level and if you go with a wrong jacket then you may end up overheating and as you know excess sweat can make you feel cold which nobody wants.

You can go with a Canada Goose bomber jacket that is either water-resistant or repellent if you’re going to ski in clear weather but please get a shell jacket either from Canada Gosse or from other brands like Arc’teryx if the weather is like to turn harsh

Proof Of My Chat

Chat Transcript (Really Helpful)

  • Welcome to Canada Goose, I’m Claudia. How may I help you?Live Chat7:23 PM
  • Can I wear Canada Goose jackets for skiing? I am looking for an insulated jacket and shell jacket. Can I wear just the insulated jacket in good weather asking and will they be comfortable enough when skiing slopes or freestyle?7:25 PM
  • Are there enough functionality like snow skirt, heat vents, hand warmer, recco reflector, waterproof etc
  • We have different temperature ratings, I think in your case a bomber would be suitable. They are not waterproof but water resistant7:26 PM
  • Are you searching a men’s or a women’s product?Live Chat
  • Men’s
  • You can find a good selection following this link: PM
  • OK, will they provide enough ease of movement in shoulders, waist, and chest
  • Yes, they are versatile and comfortableLive Chat
  • Thanks for your help7:29 PM
  • You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Which Brand Provides Better Waterproof Jackets Than Canada Goose?

There’s not much competition because Canada Goose focuses on bringing fashion and functionality together which not many brands are doing at the extent of this brand.

However, if you’re just looking for a pure functional rain jacket or insulated jacket that is strongly waterproof then brands like the North Face, Patagonia, Helly Hansen, Spyder, Arcteryx, and Marmot offers better weather protection because of using more advanced tech fabric.

The Major benefit of the above brands in the range of jackets that are synthetically insulated because synthetic insulated jackets perform much better in rain as compared to down jackets.

And quite frankly they are much cheaper than the Canada Goose but again none of them offers as fashionable raincoats and waterproof down jackets as the Canada Goose.

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