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Can You Live Comfortably In A Yurt? (Direct Answer)

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Yes, no matter if it is the traditional Mongolian yurt or the modern yurt it is possible to live as comfortably as you live on the grid homes and hotels.

I agree that Mongolian yurts are not as advance as new age yurts but if you learn to use your eyes and mind well then nature has everything to give you a pretty comfortable experience in a yurt.

As I am not a Mongolian so I don’t know well about them but have read the experience of some tourists and according to them the experience of living in ger camps in Mongolia are very comfortable.

Let’s see how to make living in a yurt a comfortable and pleasing experience.

Tips To Make Yurt Comfortable

Can You Live Comfortably In A Yurt
Credit: Pxhere

There is not much to tell about it as everybody knows what to do but if you’re a beginner in yurt then here are some points that you can not of to make your yurt comfortable.

  • I can’t force harder on how insulation can make a huge difference in yurt life. If you don’t know what insulation means then it acts like resistance from the hot ground on hot days and cold ground on cold days.
  • Vent your yurt properly. If you don’t do this then you may live in suffocation as there is no proper airflow which is in my opinion is not comfortable
  • Buy some nice lightweight comfortable sofas and beds. Make sure they are portable.
  • You can also go for foldable sofas and beds or transformable ones which transform from sofa to bed. This is best for small yurts as it will create very comfortable spaciousness. They are also good because now you don’t waste your money on two separate things when you can get two in one.
  • Don’t fill your yurt with things that are not really required.
  • Keep your yurt clean and well maintained
  • Have some plants around your work area, meditation place, and wherever it is possible for them to get sunlight.
  • Plants add a great refreshing and mind-calming element not only to yurt but to anything.


For me living off the grid surrounded by nature is a more comfortable experience than living in the artificial noise.

After all the same situation can be miserable for one person and blissful for another as every experience of any human is self-created so I can not blame the situation that’s why it depends on you how well you feel.

But for the comfort of the body, I’ve already shared the ways that you can try.

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