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Can You Swim In Alaska? (Best Time & Places) (Complete Guide!)

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Alaska is a famous state in the U.S. located in the arctic circle, where you can go on an adventure traveling through glaciers, mountains, oceans, and gorgeous landscapes. People can swim all around Alaska with their family and friends and find different forms of entertainment during their trip.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about swimming in Alaska, going from the safety rules for swimmers and average travel expenses to the best swimming spots and outdoor activities you can enjoy in this place.

Can Anyone Swim in Alaska?

Looking at the white snow melting from the mountains, creating a beautiful scenery in alaska; asking my heart to swim in it.

Yes, anyone can swim in Alaska by going to popular hot spots around this place, including beaches, lakes, or any other swimming spot available to the public.

Just make sure to stay in safe areas where people can swim freely without not worrying about harsh weather conditions, dangerous animals, or harsh environments.

Is Swimming in Alaska Dangerous?

No, swimming in Alaska is not dangerous since most places are safe. However, other external factors can make swimming riskier if you are not careful enough.

These factors include harsh weather conditions, dangerous animals or wildlife nearby, and the farmland close to swimming spots. You also need to avoid swimming where two or more waterways converge since this can create strong currents and drown almost any swimmer that dives into this place.

Weather Conditions in Alaska

Having harsh weather conditions can create fast currents above or underneath the water that can potentially drown any swimmer. This also includes strong winds, low temperatures, rainfall, and snowfall during a few times of the year.

That is why you need to check the weather conditions when making a trip to Alaska and avoid swimming under these circumstances.

Wildlife in Alaska

In the case of wildlife, you can find bears, sharks, Moses, and even dogs that can be hostile if you enter their territory or get close to them by accident.

You can avoid any problems by steering away from these areas, especially if they are remote locations with almost no one else around.

Farmland in Alaska

Having farmland near the lakes or any other swimming spot can be dangerous since this can cause pollution in the water due to the agricultural runoff coming from the chemicals in the soil.

You need to avoid swimming in places close to farms and choose suitable sites for bathing with clean water and no signs of contamination.

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When is the Best Time of the Year to Swim in Alaska?

The best time to swim in Alaska is during the summertime between May and September, when the temperatures are high, and the water is more pleasant to all swimmers.

You can enjoy a better swimming experience during this time of the year, avoid diving into cold, freezing waters, and stay swimming for many hours without worrying about hypothermia or any related problem.

What is the Water Temperature in Alaska?

The water temperature in Alaska is usually colder than in other states in the U.S., and depending on the weather, it can reach between 13°F and 67°F in popular cities like Anchorage.

Here is an overview of the water temperature in Anchorage, Alaska, during the whole year.

September 56°44°

However, in other cities like Juneau, the water temperature can be warmer, reaching 27°F and 79°F on average, making some places in Alaska a better option for swimming than others.

Can You Swim From Alaska to Russia?

Yes, you can swim from Alaska to Russia if you feel confident enough to take this challenge and have many years of swimming experience.

There have been several people who managed to accomplish this feat in the past, including Lynne Cox, who was the first person to do this in 1987 during the cold war.

If you want to swim from Alaska to Russia, this map might help you
If you want to swim from Alaska to Russia, this map might help you

If you’re going to take on this challenge, you need to travel 2.5 miles across the waters in the Bering Strait, starting from the island of Little Diomede until you reach another island called Big Diomede, located over the Russian border.

You also need to wear a wetsuit when you are swimming from Alaska to Russia to protect yourself against the low water temperatures and have a team of people that can help to help you if you have an accident.

Can You Swim In The Gulf Of Alaska?

Yes, you can swim in the Gulf of Alaska either from one of the beaches nearby or by going on a boat to a popular place in the sea where the two oceans are completely separated from each other and display different colors on each side.

However, despite how beautiful this place is, you need to be wary of the low temperatures and only try to swim for a short while in the water if the weather is less than 45°F cold.

Can You Practice Water Sports in Alaska?

Yes, you can practice many different water sports when visiting Alaska, including scuba diving, sailing, fishing, kayaking, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, and more.

All of these water sports are great for anyone who wants to explore the Alaska environment and have an incredible experience during their trip.

The only thing you need to do is choose the one you like the most and make sure you can follow all the safety protocols to avoid any accidents when you are swimming in the water.

Scuba Diving in Alaska

Scuba diving is great for people who want to dive into the ocean, watch the beautiful scenery, and discover all the sea life right underneath the open waters of Alaska.

You can do this by hiring a scuba diving instructor that will teach you everything you need to know and can guide you on a private tour across the best locations under the sea.

Sailing in Alaska

If you like to travel the sea, you can go sailing through the coastline around the different cities in Alaska, where you can watch the wildlife in real time and discover the most beautiful landscapes this place has to offer.

When sailing in Alaska, you can take a tour around popular hotspots that provide many forms of entertainment and gain access to exclusive areas that are only available by boat.

Kayaking in Alaska

Happy couple enjoys ocean kayaking bear glacier during their vacation trip to in Alaska, USA
Happy couple enjoys ocean kayaking bear glacier during their vacation trip to Alaska, USA.

You can also go kayaking through many rivers, lakes, and oceans in Alaska and watch bears, seals, whales, and other native animals from a safe distance.

Kayaking is perfect if you want to get in contact with the nature of this place and explore areas that are difficult to access in Alaska. You only need to book a private tour during your trip and decide which worthwhile visiting locations.

Can You Swim With Whales In Alaska?

Yes, you can swim with whales in Alaska by taking a private tour with professional instructors in the open sea and diving into the water with all the equipment you need, including a 7mm wetsuit, swimming goggles, snorkel, and fins.

During this private tour, you can find different types of whales, including killer whales which are more common in Alaska, and humpback whales which are the biggest ocean mammal in the entire world.

Can You Swim On Disney Alaska Cruises?

Yes, you can swim in Disney Alaska Cruises with no problem since it has many swimming pools onboard for kids and adults.

All these cruises, including Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Dream, have three different guest pools each, where anyone can swim and have fun with all their family and friends.

Each of these swimming pools is automatically heated to 75 degrees minimum, allowing people to enjoy a pleasant swimming experience and avoid feeling cold inside the pool.

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Best Swimming Spots in Alaska

There are many swimming spots you can go to when traveling to Alaska that can provide an excellent environment for swimmers and offer a unique experience in each of these locations.

These swimming spots can be classified into three categories: lakes, beaches, and oceans. You only need to pick your favorite destination based on your personal preferences and choose which activities you want to do when you get to Alaska.

Best Beaches in Alaska

Beaches are the most popular option for swimmers in Alaska since they offer easy access for everyone, good water conditions, and provide you with other fun outdoor activities you can do with your family and friends.

Here are the top beaches you can go to in Alaska to swim and have an incredible time.

  • Fossil Beach, Kodiak
  • Black Sand Beach – Barry Arm in Harriman Fjord
  • Kincaid Beach, Anchorage
  • Kasilof River Beach
  • Lowell Point, Seward

Best Lakes in Alaska

The lakes in Alaska offer people an incredible opportunity to enjoy one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the United States and swim in a safe place where you won’t have to deal with strong waves or underwater currents during your trip.

If you like this option, you can visit one of the following lakes that are very famous in Alaska.

  • Johnson Lake
  • Iliamna Lake
  • Kenai Lake
  • Skilak Lake
  • Twin Lakes

Ocean in Alaska

If you like a challenge, you can go open water swimming in the ocean of Alaska and participate in several events where you can race against other people and test your swimming skills in the sea.

You only need to join one of the Open Water Swimming groups in Alaska, follow the lessons provided by the professional instructor, and wear a wetsuit before diving into the water.

Is Swimming in Alaska Expensive?

Swimming in Alaska can be expensive or affordable depending on where you decide to stay and the benefits you receive during your accommodation.

If you want to save money, you can always go to a hotel that provides all the basic needs during your trip and only goes between $70 and $300 per day.

However, if you want to enjoy the premium experience and gain access to different activities and high-quality services from the get-go, you need to pick a resort and pay between $150 and $1,000 per day.

Other Outdoor Activities You Can Do in Alaska

There are many different outdoor activities you can do in Alaska besides swimming that will give you more entertainment during your trip and make this experience more exciting.

Here are some of the most popular outdoor activities you can do when visiting Alaska.

  • Snowboarding and skiing in the snow.
  • Hiking excursions in the mountains trails.
  • Visit national parks and nature centers.
  • Go on hunting expeditions and catch wildlife.
  • Bike rides across challenging trials.

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