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Where Are BKT Tires Made?

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BKT (Balkrishna Industries Limited) Tires are made in India. To cater to their growing demand, the company has increased its production plants (both in terms of size and quantity) over the years. In addition, BKT has also diversified and intensified its processes and operations. 

BKT aims to become the leading tire producer for the off-highway niche. Hence, BKT tires are capable of carrying almost anything not belonging to roads, including trailers and tractors. BKT is also the official tire supplier for Monster Jam, which further emphasizes its authority in the off-road niche. 

Keep reading this article to find more interesting facts related to BKT tires and manufacturing.

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BKT Tire Pricing:

Since BKT is an Indian company, it offers tires at relatively low prices. This is because the labor costs in India are on the lower side, which means that BKT can produce tires at low costs. Even though BKT’s tires might not be the cheapest you have ever seen, they do offer excellent value for money. 

BKT Tire Options:

With BKT, you can enjoy tremendous variety in tires. It is safe to say that the company offers pretty much everything that its target market might require. 

From radial tires to bias tires, BKT offers everything for every ‘arena’. Whether you prefer go-carts or large trucks, use a trailer or tractor for farm work, or drive a golfing cart, BKT has you covered. The variety and range that the company offers are almost incredible. 

Below are some of the most popular BKT tires in various categories. However, it is advised to not buy any tire that has been discontinued as it has extinct from the production line for a reason.

2WD Bias Tractor Tires:

  • Commander (F)
  • Commander 3 Rib 
  • TF 8181
  • TF 9090
  • Commander Twin Rib 
  • Rib F3
  • Steer Farm 
  • Power Rib F2 
  • Pro Rib 2FM
  • Industrial Rib F3 
  • Multi Rib
  • BK 823

Bias ATV Tires:

  • Bogmax
  • AT 171
  • W 207 
  • AT 111 HD 
  • AT 108
  • AT 109 
  • AT 110 
  • AT 111 
  • AT 112
  • AT 119 

Compact Loader Bias Tires:

  • Trac Master
  • Snow-Ride A 
  • MP 570
  • MP 590 
  • MP 600 
  • AT 603 
  • Con Star

BKT Tires – Features and Technology:

As far as BKT tires go, it is not easy to understand their features and technologies. Indeed, it is safe to say that the company’s tires contain some tech. 

However, one has to ask some major questions. For instance, considering the massive tire variety that BKT offers, are the tires as sophisticated and advanced as buyers expect them to be? Add to it the fact that even the price is on the lower side. All of this makes you wonder if BKT will be able to offer premium quality tires that are equipped with the latest tech. 

With regards to features, you, once again, have to focus on the humungous variety that BKT offers. Since there is so much to choose from, you will likely find something that fits the bill for you (as long as you are not looking for the conventional kinds of tires)

BKT Tire Durability:

The fact that India is the manufacturing hub for BKT tires might make some people feel that the tires will be low quality. Indian tire manufacturers, much like their Chinese counterparts, tend to not have the best reputation in terms of quality. Having said that, these doubts about Indian tires are often baseless. It is unwise to judge a product as being of poor quality just by learning about its place of manufacturing. 

Great products (and poor ones, for that matter) are manufactured throughout the world. As far as BKT tires go, the quality lurks somewhere in the middle – they do not brag the best quality, but they are not extremely poor either. This is fair, considering the price that these tires are available for. 

BKT Tire Warranty:

Closely linked with tire durability and quality is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Warranties offer a bit of cushion in case things go south, and can therefore provide peace of mind to a buyer. Much like insurance, the presence of warranty just feels ‘good’. 

Unfortunately, BKT does not offer a great deal of detail or information regarding its warranty program. For this reason, it might not be wrong to assume that the tires are not accompanied by any warranty at all. Even if some warranty is offered, it is unlikely to be very extensive, since BKT does not use its warranty program as part of its marketing content. 

Final Word:

Owing to the massive options and choices available, tire shopping can often prove exhausting. However, for those looking for unconventional tires, BKT makes the entire purchase process considerably simpler. So, for those looking for something ‘off-road’, BKT, with its wide range and competitive prices, is certainly a brand that is worth considering. 

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