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Why Are Enamel Mugs Good For Camping? (Solved)

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Why Are Enamel Mugs Good For Camping

Enamel mugs are good for camping because they are shatterproof, easy to clean, take less space, are long-lasting, look good, are lightweight, and can be put into a campfire.

Interestingly, enamel mugs have all the qualities that a camping man seeks.

That was our direct answer to your question but stick to this post if you like to dive into some fascinating details about using enamel mugs for camping.

Can I put enamel mugs in a camper?

Yes, you can put and use enamel mugs inside the camper which is another reason that makes enamel mugs good for camping.

If you drop it on the floor of your camper it won’t break easily until you go crazy. This is because its interior is made of steel while coated with enamel.

Even accidentally dropping on the concrete floor from a fair enough height, the quality enamel cups will just get some chips instead of breaking.

Also, it is because of this that enamel mugs win over ceramic mugs by increased sturdiness.

Is enamelware safe to eat and drink from

Yes, enamelware is safe to eat from because it does not react with any acids in food which makes it 100% food-safe despite that, the porcelain can expose the metal underneath and can chip but they’ll oxidize naturally and still be fine to eat without worrying about the risk of contamination.

Similarly, it is safe to drink from enamel cups as they are usually enamel over steel and not the other way around which makes it safe to sip coffee, tea, or water. Even though, you should not go with a bigger cooking pot as it may chip off in your dish.

But wait, you should not use vintage enamelware to cook or eat because there was a time in history when some toxic additives like cadmium and lead were used to cast the iron.

No matter what manufacturers say now but it is a fact that one’s trust is slaughtered it is hard to trust again.

To add, some people use and suggest that it is fine to cook on enamel cookware that is chipped but repaired with food-safe epoxy.

On the other hand, experts say that you should not use the cookware for cooking once it is repaired as it may still leak to contaminate food.

If you wonder about the non-toxic cookware that is even safe on open fire or campfire you can read our buying guide on the best camping cookware for open fire

Are our enamel mugs microwave safe?

No, enamel mugs are not safe in the microwave because they consist of different metallic components.

So you should think of an enamel mug as a metal mug, what will happen when microwave enamel or metal mug? It is quite clear that sparks will fly and at worst your microwave can come to end due to an electrical fire.

Hopefully, there are many ways to heat the enamel mugs or cookware instead of the microwave such as an electric stove, a camp stove, and a campfire are fine to heat it.

But make sure to check your mug every 15 to 20 seconds as they are known to heat quickly so it is best to ensure your food, water, coffee, etc don’t get too hot.

Are the enamel mugs dishwasher-safe?

Yes, enamel mugs are dishwater safe yet it is recommended to avoid dishwater whenever possible not because it will get damaged but using dishwater too often can reduce the shine and luster of enamel pieces.

This gives us a real time-saving benefit because there’s no need to scrub for hours but still some soaking can help mugs to clean fast.

Enamel mugs vs Ceramic mugs vs Metal mugs: Which is best for camping?

Let’s go through a quick table that will help you to decide which type of mug is best for your camping needs.

After the table I will share my opinion and which mug I love to have for different types of camping.

Enamel mugsCeramic mugsMetal mugs
Bright, shiny, and a variety of colorsDifferent styles and colorsPerfect for outdoor use
They don’t hold flavorsIt is the best choice for a coffee lover because it doesn’t hold or impart flavor It does not absorb flavors but sometimes can impart flavors into the coffee
They are very lightweightCheaper for tight budget peopleThey are lightweight
A small mug can hold heat well but not the big oneWell to hold a hot cup of coffeeWonderful for cold drinks
Long-lasting and shatterproof but can chip or crack without proper careLong-lasting but not shatterproofBest in durability

In short, if you are looking for a replacement for your ceramic mugs then enamel mugs are the best for camping however if you are looking for a very durable mug that can heat and cold the drink fast then a metal mug is good.

My favorite option will be ceramic mugs as they are the best for coffee drinks as they don’t retain or impart any flavor but as they are more fragile than enamel mugs so I would like to have enamel mugs for my destination camping.

But, I would choose metal mugs for wild/survival camping and ceramic mugs for backyard camping.

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