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Are Eureka Tents Good? (Must Read)

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Eureka tents are really good and worth buying because of the quality provided and the 60-day trial which allows you to send the tent back to the center if you don’t like it even after getting it dirty for 60 days.

However, Eureka stands out in its costly segment because of the quality, material, and comfort they provide in that range on the other hand some brands can still successfully compete with Eureka’s mid-range and budget tents.

That’s our one-way answer but keep reading if you want to go deep and know everything from the materials they use to the warranty they provide.

What are Eureka tents made from?

Most Eureka tent’s fabric is made of polyester taffeta, the poles are made of Aluminium; sometimes steel, and the frame is mostly made of fiberglass however some eureka tents are made from 7000 series aluminum or Eureka’s proprietary SQ or Tunnel frame.

However, the wall and floor fabric of a few special eureka tents feature permeable nylon and taffeta nylon respectively.

In the fabric industry, Polyester taffeta is considered a refined and luxurious version of polyester which comes from a plain weave of polyester fibers that makes the taffeta fibers very durable, lightweight, and wrinkle-free.

If you increase your budget and buy an expensive eureka tent, it will not be crazy to see Eureka’s Camp Comfort Sleep System which provides three layers of non-slip material on the floor to keep the campers in place even on sloped surfaces and many other addons which can facilitate the comfort.

Such tents also help campers to stop sleeping bags sliding off from the pad.

Are eureka tents made in china?

Yes, eureka tents are made in china!

Sorry but I don’t know the exact number, I think it is not a small number because I’ve seen Eureka’s manufacturer listings on, and the manufacturer of Eureka copper canyon LX also clarify it.

If you dig a little deep you’ll find that not just the cheapest Eureka tents are made in china but some above $400 ones are also made in China and they are worth buying.

I don’t know who said that all Chinese products are the worst. However, I am not denying the fact that some crappy gear is also made in China.

Despite that Eureka, is an American company which is owned by Johnson Outdoors Inc. headquartered in New York and Binghamton.

You can scroll down a bit to read the shortest history of Eureka’s tent if interested.

Are eureka tents waterproof?

Yes, Nearly all eureka tents have waterproofing which means the cheapest and most expensive have the waterproofing to fit the price. I am saying this because all their tents have at least a bathtub design or vertical sides or both.

Though they provide rainfly of up to 1800mm and still coat the fabrics of the tent with 2000mm on some of their expensive tents.

However, to the point, I know most of their tents above $140 come with a decent quality rainfly and it will become better and better when increasing the budget.

If I have to give an overall idea, then I would say that yes you’ll remain dry in the rain when combining the eureka tent with a good rainfly.

Can you wash a eureka tent?

Yes, you can wash any eureka tent as they’re easy to wash with mild soap and lukewarm water but never machine wash them or use detergent as it will damage the seams and protective layer of the Eureka tents.

Like other brands, you need to make sure that all the dirt, leaves, and branches, are swept out before packing your tent and leaving the campsite.

Eureka recommends three types of washing according to the scenario as follows:

  • Wipe the tent poles with soft, dry cloth especially if camping on the ocean side so that the salt water won’t corrode them.
  • Give your zippers a dip into the water and dry them off, especially when you’re camping on the beach or if your tent is placed on sandy areas. Doing this will help in the long run by keeping the zippers sliding smoothly and not becoming inoperable.
  • Never pack the Eureka tent before it is completely dry.
  • All the double-ditched areas and seams must be paper dry before putting them in the bag if you don’t want any mold and mildew to appear right in front of your eyes.

What is Eureka’s 60-Day Trial?

This is one of those things that I like most about Eureka tents.

With 60 days trial, you get 60 days to try the tent, and if in case you don’t like you return it to Eureka but you need to pay the shipping cost.

Honestly, this feature is enough to have confidence and clarity about their product and if you like any tent, just try it out for 60 get it dirty, and return it if you don’t wish to continue using it.

A Short History Of Eureka

Eureka is a brand that was established in 1895 as a small custom canvas shop that was known for designing home awnings.

Back then Eureka designed things like Conestoga wagon covers, American Flags, horse blankets, and without any doubt – tents.

Eureka got famous for its tents in the 1940s when world war 2 erupted which skyrocketed the demand for tents among armies.

In 1963, Eureka made history by successfully sheltering Everest Expedition participants from fierce 60+ mph winds and temperatures below -20 degrees Fahrenheit

Go to Eureka’s History page if you want to know a detailed timeline of the Eureka brand.


What does Eureka’s warranty covers?

Johnson Outdoors Gear, Inc. is the parent company of Eureka! products offer a limited warranty for all of its tents regardless of price.

The warranty speaks to the original purchaser that the products are free from defects in material and workmanship.

If the company after find inspection find that the defects are due to manufacturing or material defect they will replace or repair the tents on their side without any charge at your side.

However, Johnson Outdoors Gear, Inc is not responsible for the breakdown of material that happens naturally with extended use due to UV rays and exhausted zippers.

Also, the warranty doesn’t cover the defects caused by accident, abuse, animal attack, storm damage, misuse, alteration, or improper care.

How long does a Eureka tent last?

According to Eureka itself, the average life of their tent is 7-10 years if using it 2-3 times a year, whereas one time is considered as using it for 3-7 days in a row.

But it’s fact that the amount of care you show toward a tent will determine its longevity.

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