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Are Tents Allowed On Carolina Beach? (Rules To Follow)

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Yes, you’re allowed to bring your tents to Carolina Beach, NC. But you need to follow all the rules given below, if you don’t, you may get fined or asked to leave Carolina Beach.

  • You’re welcome to set up your tent or canopy on the Carolina beach after the sunrise only and please remove all the tents and canopies when you leave the sand.
  • However, you need make reseravations and can not leave them on the beach after expiration of registration period. You can click here to go to carolina beach registration portal.
  • Tent campers or any type of campers must be within the gates before Beach Park closing time to access their campsite.
  • You can not leave your tent unattended between the sunset and sunrise.
  • If your tent found unattended during these hours then you’ll be fine $40/day and the tent or canopy will be disposed and removed by the Town.
  • Please do not walk or drive on the dunes, meaning stay away from them at all times and do not remove any vegation from the dunes.
  • You can not camp overnight and have campfires along the beach strand within the corporate limits.
  • Don not leave or burn the trash on the beach at any cost. Either dispose the liter from the park or discard in the public receptacles.
  • If you found any sea turtle then please not harash, harm, capture,or collect them (live or dead hatchlings or adult sea turtles) as they are under the protection of endangered species act, let em’ go because if you found doing this then you’ll be procecuted under civil or criminal laws.

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Can You Grill On Carolina Beach?

Yes, you can grill on the Carolina beach but only when you have a registered campsite because each campsite in Carolina beach features a grill/fire ring and a picnic table.

Are There Any Charges To Set Up Tent In Carolina Beach?

No, because it is our right to enjoy our state’s beaches you don’t pay any money to set up your tent and for a day camping. But there are fines and punishments if you don’t follow any of the rules mentioned in the previous section of this article.

If you have questions about the beach rules please contact the town hall at (910) 458-2999. And you can make your reservation for a campsite or facility at Carolina beach either online or via call at 1-877-722-6762



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