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Are Yurts Cold In The Winter? (11+ Tips)

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Yes, yurts get cold in the winter because they don’t feature the walls like our home which can protect us from the cold breeze but in this modern age there are ways to make your yurt very cozy warm in the winter

That’s our one-way answer which I hope makes you confident enough to buy a yurt and enjoy the winter without any frustration but as we discuss some ways to cool down yurt in our article about are yurts hot in summer?

Like that, there are ways to make your yurt warm like your home so keep reading there are some very important things that you need to know for a happy yurt winter life.

Are Yurts Cold In The Winter

Are yurts good for cold weather?

If we speak directly then there are many types of yurts but for the sake of understanding nearly all yurt can be divide into Mongolian yurt and modern yurt.

If we talk about Mongolian yurt then it means you want to go natural and reject all the modern yurt ways. So in this case, as your yurt is very simple, you will feel cooler in cold weather than the new generation yurts.

But this does not mean that you can not stay warm in old yurts, they are living the simple life for too long so they create a warm space using the things that are available in nature.

On the other hand in modern yurts, you don’t need to learn all the Mongolian tricks because in the market you can find all the things that are required to warm the yurt.

So in a line: If you know how to use your brain you can make the yurt life amazing even in winter when you’re inhaling nose freezing air.

How to stay warm in a yurt in the winter?

Should we prepare ourselves in advance?

Yes, you should prepare yourself in advance by having the necessary winter clothes in your wardrobe and above all, you should prepare your yurt at the time of setting it up.

For yurt, places do matter especially when making it your permanent home. You should choose the place which is rich in trees with a good volume of leaves which falls in the winter period.

Such places are good for the shade in summer and will allow the sun’s cozy heat of winter to come in your yurt.

To get the complete benefit of the sun in winter you should set up the globe-like glass structure in the middle of the yurt’s dome.

This also makes the yurt more energy efficient because now you don’t need extra lights in days to keep the place illumine.

Tips to Warm the Interior of the yurt

Let’s dive into the list of task that you can perform to warm the yurt.

  1. Insulate the yurt from all the possible places like the roof is must, floor. walls, windows, etc.
  2. Buy insulated window covers
  3. Make your yurt above the insulated platform which is known as SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel System) or insulated blocks these are usually manufactured in a puzzle-like structure with 4×8 sheets of 6″ thick panels.
  4. Buy a good stove for your yurt
  5. For your bed, you can buy a portable heater
  6. Do not open windows at night because these the time when the air gets more cooler
  7. Eliminate or seal potential heat leaks
  8. Use ceiling fan only then when you’re generating heat with systems like stove and heaters. Because a ceiling fan then pushes the hot air that is generated and trying to escape back to you.
  9. A ceiling fan in winter is not a good idea if you’re not using any stove-like thing that heats the air.
  10. Buy good blankets made up of materials such as wool, cotton, fleece, linen, down, and silk.
  11. You can also opt for electric blankets but do not use them all night. You can read our guide on the best electric blankets for camping.
  12. But the truth is we don’t care about whether our yurt is hot or cool we only care about the comfort and the temperature of our body.
  13. For this, you need to wear some good winter clothes and drink lukewarm water only (not boiled) as it will raise the temperature of your body.
  14. Whenever you feel cold, just do a few minute workouts (whichever type suits you) and see what will happen.

Can winter reduce the lifespan of the yurt?

No, there are no cases available which suggest that winter can damage the fabric and the frame of the yurt.

However, the UV rays can damage the yurt but it is more of a possibility in summer because at this time the sun is at its peak in terms of temperature on earth.

Also in winter the atmosphere and position are such that it blocks some of the UV rays.

If you are not going for cheap quality materials and investing in durable fabric then you don’t have to worry about your yurt whether it is hot summer or cold winter.


So yes, yurts get cold in the winter but it is completely possible to seal your yurt so that it doesn’t lose the heat and thus doesn’t get cold.

If you’re living in the yurt and have experience the winter then you’re most welcome to share your experience and any tips are much appreciated.

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